5 years 11 months

5 years 11 months

We went to Texas I am getting to go back to Napa!!! I’m so excited !!! I think. We stayed at the lake but I told you that before I started into this month.. why it can’t just run together but oh well mummy wants it to be monthly. So we finished our time there and headed out it was late my auntie Becky and Uncle Bryan said we could go to their new house at the coast and we had 5 days until therapy so off we went! I was tired and slept most of the trip and when we got there I went to bed with no questions for sure!!!! Mummy fell asleep before me but she doesn’t think she did ! Mummy had to get up for work so I took over the bed and slept in for her!

Mummy finally got a little stir crazy and took me to the beach to play i fed all my goldfish to the birds I love how they come right up to me and eat them! I’d rather feed them than eat them bc it’s fun ! We ran up and down the beach and then I played with Caden and Chris ! I had a blast!!!!!

We got back and ate chicken I enjoyed a biscuit too! Love biscuits!
Time to leave our relaxing few days and headed to Austin to our final place to chill while I work on therapy for the next three week! Haven’t decided how I feel about it but a little excited I love my classrooms!!! I got my hair cut with my awesome Denise and she washed mummy hair in the fire truck wash thing I thought that was funny!! She braided it really cool.

I love Denise I was so tired I fell asleep with her cutting my hair! This week has been crazy!! I am so tired! I have worked on vowels, T’s, D’s and made more sentences ! I have vibrated on a plate, lifted weights, pulled things to me , balanced on small beams, blocks, learned on iPad how to write letters with a crayon for iPad, swang and listened to lots of music! What a week!!! I am ready to honestly do nothing alllll weekend!!!!

Mummy has been working so hard and getting me to therapies and working some more!

She’s pretty tired! But she is super mum and I know she can do anything bc I watch her tackle the world no matter how tired she is! Been a long week… think she’s just as tired as me!

We went up for mummy to do payroll …. My only normal this trip other than the Lakehouses which I feel so comfortable in. Sheri, Kevin, Shane and Allison were one of the oldest houses mummy took care of when we lived there and they are sooo sweet to let us stay at their home . Mummy has some amazing friends that have allowed us to stay in their homes on our trips for me to get help. I love Miss Beckie and Tony house! We didn’t get to see them this time bc we had to stay away from people to keep me from any possible sickness .

It’s been kind of wild staying places different than up in my safe spots but it’s all good I just kick mummy and make her give me the whole bed as I snore. My nose started running my last day this last week and mummy kind of freaked out. I mean geez …. Texas allergies suck! I can’t stop sneezing. But with whatever all the adults are freaking over it finally got to mummy and she started freaking! We went and stayed at one of my favorite lakehouses way out it was Mr. Scott and Miss Cindy’s house and I stayed indoors all weekend and my doctor called in Sudafed bc H-E-B wouldn’t let mummy get thru the drive thru said she had to come in but she didn’t want to expose me to public bc of therapy! Mummy was very frustrated bc they wouldn’t make exception. They WILL NOT for any reason give OTC medicine thru drive thru!!!!! Doesn’t matter apparently people with Covid have to go inside too!!!! Glad mummy was smart enough to just get it called in as a script! She said it cost the same but she didn’t have to risk my therapy! And we also went to Atkins Pharmacy that place was way nicer and the pharmacist talked to us thru the drive thru and gave us some drops to help with the allergies and a nose spray to help things not go thru my nose …. He was super nice and willing to help keep me safe in this crazy ……. Crazy….time! Geez I miss eating out and going inside places !!! She’s had me cooped up so when I get to go in somewhere I’m very excited ! Therapy is nice I get to see people. She said just two more weeks and we can go to the park. Two more weeks you can go eat at ginger and spice. Longest two weeks of my life I’m starving here!!! But anyway back to my point !!!! I am allergic to TEXAS! And it’s home but I honestly agree with mummy ready to go back to Tennessee where I don’t have to take Zyrtec and Sudafed! Although I do love the nasal wash! But I’m clear and 24 hours indoors helped tremendously!!! Allergies officially are horrible!!!!

But week two is about to begin! Pray my allergies stay away and I finish this week strong….

Finally finished and I feel like I can take on the world although I’m not ready to tell my friends and my classroom/gym goodbye! I love to learn so much. I’m going to miss grandma and uncle Steven. Going to miss Grandpa and all my teachers Miss Shay … she believes in me and she is helping me so much . Will miss her. Will miss Miss Nikki and helping her set up and working with her on everything. Going to miss miss Kaitynn and Jenn even if she went on vacay and left me behind! Nikki and I got this Miss Jenn. Missing miss Wendy!!! Oh and Kelsy… and everyon… miss Sarah and Chandlor And olivia … she was my new beautiful red head friend ! And Ruby she and I played together she always talked to me and was excited to play. And sweet Brooke we had glasses and red hair alike. I honestly loved my time and dread the drive but glad I get to go to Buccees! We stopped I got a new Buccee and I made a nice hissing bc it looked like a snake to me but mummy said it was a head rest! I don’t care I’ll say snake mummy!!! I love Buccee! We got home and sissy and bubba walker were there and Daisy!!! They have moved in with pups and all! Oh wow has my life and house changed! It’s loud, messy and crazy. I scream and daisy and I run play and have a blast!!!!!!!!! It’s nice having someone to play with.

Until this month BIRTHDAY Month!!!!

Love Liam