5 years 12 months

5 years 12 months

Yes I’m going to be 6 !!! Daisy and I run run run and scream a lot! Daisy is way messier than me tho!

She steals my food and is very demanding when she wants me to play! She does feed me too tho! She goes from eating my food to feeding me food!!! 22 month olds are exhausting !! I just like to chill out mind my own business and well she pokes me, she pulls and even pulled me off the chair into the floor. She’s like “oh my “with her cute little face. I’m like run and hide! But then it’s also fun to chase her and I’ll be honest since I need to tell the truth I’ve pushed her down after hugging her bc I’m like I love you but ok go on. I got in trouble and she cried . She cries sometimes for doing her own stuff but I get in trouble and that doesn’t make it a lot of fun. But sometimes I deserve it.

I hide in mummy office some so I can make sure I don’t get in trouble but I like to wonder around and play too. It is nice to have someone to play with. I had to go to the doctor this month and get a check up. Then I went to the big doctor at this neat children’s hospital they put stuff on my head snd wrapped me like a zombie…mummy I was chill and let them run their test and I played Minecraft and fought zombies . Mummy said I have another appt next month bc that test showed something in my brain they want to see closer. No telling in my brain I have lots of things in there…. Zombies, Mario, blippi, Spider-Man. I mean no telling what they will find in there. But whatever as long as it doesn’t hurt so far everything has been easy and just silly.

I got a lion for being so courageous!!! He roars rrrrraaaaa!!! I started speech and Shelby is back for OT but I do it in the morning that has me a little confused so I haven’t been so into it yet. Elizabeth is my buddy! Sure love her! I’ve been off this month don’t know why I just feel a little emotional. Elizabeth is so understanding with me feeling moody. Mummy is worried about me but I mean maybe it’s just growing pains in my head and body . Sometimes kids are just cranky!!! Daisy gets to be cranky why can’t I . I can’t always be happy and silly! I try!

I had a nice birthday party my friend Gavin and his family came it was a lot of fun. My Auntie Tina, and cousins Maddie Chase and Maci came and my auntie Vickie and Auntie Mary! Gavin has Kleefstra too! We played and have a lot of the same personalities so we get each other. His brother and sister played with me a lot it was a lot of fun. They stayed all day and played with me.

It’s been a lot of adjusting to have someone always to play with. But I’m getting use to it. Like having my brother and sister around even if I frustrate them but hey I’m 6 I’m supposed to aggravate my siblings right.

Daddy has been letting me drive the little car to the end of the driveway I put in park and say go that way daddy love you. I love my new trampoline and love throwing the ball out so mummy has to go get it. I can make baskets I am good !!! This month has been a little different but life is about different as I’m learning.

New things I can do… I can now completely undress myself. Sad I showed mummy I could do that bc now she won’t help me. I still can’t dress myself socks are so confusing unless you are pulling them off. I am trying to pull pants up and down. Got the down part but getting them over my bum isn’t all that easy. I’m still practicing my name with soap crayons and the stylus from Napa.

I do my shake plate and I also am doing my music therapy. I have OT/ Speech on Monday and Tuesday I am doing feeding and potty training. Potty training is not going to be fun! Hate hate hate it!!!!! Feeding mummy trying to help me with my therapist at vandy to eat independently with utensils . It’s hard to be honest!!! I am still doing high and low and show you the difference I can show you big and little .

Napa really helps me with strength so I can get some of these things. My arms just don’t always do what I want them to do. I can get into bath by myself now and have learned how to turn the water off mummy still has to get me a towel to wrap around bc I seem to get it around me.

I got a new Spider-Man decal and light and cool jacket from my friend Felix in New York and Spider-Man shoes and outfit plus some cool Spider-Man punching bag and ball…I woke up and noticed I have a Spider-Man bed set ! Spidertastic birthday!!! I love Spider-Man right now. I am sleeping in my bed most nights but do go get into bed with mummy sometimes before get up time. Daddy works and I don’t want her to be lonely so I go in there to give her a few kicks and take over the big bed! Hey just helping her get up and be on time for work!

That’s about all of my new and all of my crazy last month being 5 going into 6 month. Until next month.

Mummy said to pray for me for the next test!

Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎊🎈🎁 to me Love you all Liam