5 years 3 months

5 years 3 months

5 year 3 months

Well I started this month out “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” As Willie Nelson sings we seem to always be on the road. But this trip was to North Carolina to go see my niece for her Happy 1st Birthday…. We arrived and My guess she is my 2nd mum since she is my sissy mum … Heather is the greatest she is my mummy best friend and they have way too much fun together. But it is ok… they make me laugh too! We had Daisy Birthday and I got to play in her ball pit where I hid most of the time and played with my game so the little kids couldn’t find me. I don’t want to run over them bc I am so big . They cry to easy and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Sissy took me for a ride on the 4 wheeler , it was fun but I had more fun watching them drive really fast and fly thru the ditch and in the air!!! It was GREAT !! Hanging out with my Brother and my sissy make me very happy just wish I didn’t have to sit in the car so long to see them.

We got home and finally I can play with my TOYS!!! Like everything was in the package from Christmas b/c we had Christmas, drove my Sissy Kaytlynn and nephew Ollie home and then got home spent a few days and off to Sissy Joys so finally I can stay home!!!

Mummy had to go back to Texas but I got lucky and got to stay home for a week with daddy ! We just chilled or I did daddy was tired but it didn’t stop me from playing like a wild boy. I love to chase “Father Ted” our iRobot around the house if you put a blanket over him it looks like a ghost floating thru the house and I lay in the floor and giggle and watch it go all over the place. I enjoy turning the lights off and on and since mummy was gone I got to do it a lot. I was running up and down the stairs and making messes . Daddy let’s me play with my games too so again , it was great! Yes I miss mummy but didn’t miss the following directions !!! I was glad when she came home tho I enjoy the food she makes me and love my mummy cuddles.

I am saying my name now when you ask me my name. Doesn’t sound like what mummy says but it sounds like Liam to me! I also will say mama and dada like talking about them now. I’m making a lot more meaning for sounds thanks to my therapy in Texas with Shay! My Auntie Mary and Auntie Vicki told us they are going to be moving … I am very upset they are my TOY aunts and they spend time with me and love me. My family in Ireland have been sending me yummy goodies.. I love the care packages from Stephen,Teresa, Zoe, Lubos, Jeremy and Heidi.. They sure love to spoil me although since a few of the boxes came in when Mummy and I were on the road someone in our house that accepted the packages thought it would be ok for them to steal my buttons!!! Not to sure how I feel about that since that is the main thing I LIKE and they are the milk chocolate and the BEST!!! Daddy got off work and we headed to Arkansas for my nephew Ollie 1st birthday I got to see my cousins, I just wanted to hug on them… Not sure they knew what to do with me. I enjoyed the cake and was really glad when the party was over so I could get my quiet space back I wasn’t too social for all of it but my sister did allow me to help Ollie open gifts which was fun.

Mummy finally got me into my friend Gavins pediatrician he is super!!!! I really liked him and all the nurses. They allowed both Mummy and Daddy to go in since it was my first appointment I enjoyed climbing up the steps and creeping across the pad and making daddy get me down to do it again and again. The doctor was came in and was so nice. Mummy has been trying to get me into places for over 7 months with referrals from my Texas doctors with very little luck… WELL this guy means business I left there and within 24 hours mummy has be a cardio appt, ENT, Vision with a a kids eye doctor sure hope it is better than the other one because that was NOT cool they put junk in my eyes and I couldn’t see for like hours!! It was terrible. I have been seeing a speech therapist (Miss Emily) to help me learn how to use the device Miss Shay was working with me on. She is the appointment Miss Shay helped me get into. I really really like her and can’t wait to get a new device to talk with. I enjoy learning how to use it.
I am on the list to get into the Vanderbilt Children’s OT program and speech they also want to do a swallow study to see how my muscles are working… all of this is way over my head and if I can play as they do whatever I am ok with that. I got to see Gavin after our appointment so that made the trip even better. So nice to have a friend with Kleefstra. No judgement just friends. And mummy and her mummy and daddy have become friends and I love seeing mummy have friends she is way to talkative for daddy and me we need her to have friends to spare us a little… (sorry mummy)

It snows a lot around here although it is just enough to go outside and let it hit me in the head but I love it when it is falling more than walking or touching it.

I still love my Santa I am driving daddy and mummy crazy with the Santa stuff after Christmas but who cares its a toy and I love it and the movie is soooo good. Don’t worry guys I will find something else to drive you crazy with soon enough… then you will probably want Santa back and I will say NOPE you wanted something new you got it.

Life in Tennessee is actually pretty quiet and nice but I miss our family and friends in Texas … Mummy gets to go back some for work stuff here and there but we don’t… I have to stay with Daddy and play games (poor me right) lol…

Love all of you and thank you so much for following us and loving me…