5 Years 4 Months

5 years 4 months

February is here… it is still cold around here but daddy and mummy don’t make me get out much unless it is snowing and mummy makes me at least look at it but I normally run right back in. I have been a little fussy but one of my tubes fell out and the other one is clogged and hanging and bothering me. Waiting for my ENT appointment. Mummy has been in classes some so I have decided to bug her as she studies b/c if I bug her she might just might give me my game like daddy but not always unfortunately she will allow me to play with toys and watch a movie sometimes or COLOR ugh but I want the game.. 😞 I am getting really good at Minecraft and getting around! I love to laugh at the people that come up to me in the game I normally seem to get rid of the good and bad ones . I got a new Nintendo switch for Christmas and it is neat I have to use two hands so I am trying to get used to it. I love Mario odyssey! Daddy and mummy said it will help me with coordination.
I am still saying my name I love to say it bc it makes mummy all excited and daddy to. I can say dada but it’s funnier to call him uh.
It has been snowing ALOT here!!!!! It’s so neat I love going outside to walk in it and we have been taking the basket mummy puts my clean clothes in and I sit and slide down the front yard hill!!!! I laugh a lot when daddy pushes me down the hill but when I go the wrong way and I fall out I don’t like to touch the snow it’s cold geez he has gloves , me I have little hands and it’s cold!!!! But when daddy went sliding in it now that was sooooo funny I laughed so hard . I like to watch the video of me going too. As the days go by the snow gets thicker you can no longer see the ground it’s all white even the road but there is this big tractor that comes by and it clears the road of ice and snow! The big tractor makes a big pile by our drive way and daddy had a hard time getting the truck out of the driveway. Mummy laughed! So did I ! He finally got out and got off to work and we went back inside and got warm!!! When daddy was off he built baby snowmen ⛄️ for me , I loved it. The snow makes me think about Santa . I really love Santa and still make them watch Santa movies . I don’t care if it’s Christmas or if the tree is up I just like the movie ! My swimming pool has a lot of snow on it and is frozen. Hope it thaws and is ok for me to enjoy it this summer. My trampoline doesn’t bounce it’s also frozen and full of snow. But everything looks neat and it’s nice to be able to see something new. I’ve enjoyed my new house!

Thanks to Ms. Shay in Austin at Napa Center I get to see Ms Emily on Mondays for Speech and she ordered me a talking. Device kind of like I used with Ms. Shay! I can’t wait to get it. I am going to talk and talk and talk . Can’t wait to be able to tell everyone what I want!
Speech is my favorite and I love Ms.Emily she is teaching me my device and how to use it when mine arrives, just want mine , super impatient ! guess I’m ready to TALK!! Tell them HEY game now man!!! Bc pointing gets me nowhere. Stacking pillows , toys and numerous items that never get me that high ... gets me nowhere!!!! Although I know they understand and know what I want but still NO! But if it’s words maybe they will actually listen because I said it!!

I’ve been sleeping in my bed more but I still go to have morning hugs and cuddles from mummy and daddy in the morning. Auntie Mary and Auntie Vicki are moving snd mummy helped clean some so I got to spend time with them. And then mummy had them over for dinner and they brought me another cool car! I love the cars they bring I like to watch them fly thru the house! I’m going to miss them!

Had a dentist appointment today first time. It was nice she massaged my teeth with a tooth cleaner! The dentist counted my teeth and I was soo good. I have no cavities and they said me and mummy do a great job brushing. I knew me grinding didn’t make a difference!! Geez mummy see dentist said it was perfect !!!
This month has been full of staying home unless it’s for appts but it’s been nice to rest a little and enjoy being home.

Love all of you!!! Can’t wait to see what next month has to offer! Hopefully a speech device for me to talk with. I know mummy said I have a lot of doctor appt this month hopefully they are not hard or scary!