5 years 5 Months

5 years 5 months

Today mummy and I went to the eye doctor. They have fish... big fish , little fish colorful fish!!!!!The lady was so nice I love her duck she had on her name tag like my daddy’s it had a light on it she used for me to follow with my eyes! They had a tv that was a long way way they turned off and on and she put these rock things in front of my eyes and watched me.
Then she put drops in my eyes!!!!ugh!!!! Ugh !!!! Ugh!!!! I had to go back to the fish and sit for a few she told mummy I had to wait for the drop to work. Whatever that means ! Mummy let me play my game so that made me happy !

Afterwards mummy bought me a new Cookie Monster he plays peekaboo! I love Cookie Monster .

I love helping daddy get ready for work. I got his deodorant and take it to him and help him with his medications and his patch for his arm. Then I help him find his shoes and backpack bc he can’t seem to ever find his stuff.

Mummy wanted to go to Noah Ark! Not quite sure how that would be possible but she made it happen. That boat was so big we walked for hours it seemed !!! I made daddy put me on his shoulders and carry me. There were crates of animals everywhere and they had a neat area where they had food growing and places like bedrooms. It was very nice! I got to go to the little zoo afterwards and see the kangaroos I like to hop like them.

Mummy got me a new shirt and I picked out an ostrich it was a funny looking bird! We went to eat bbq and I ate almost all of mummy’s food it was soooo good and I worked up an appetite with all that walking ! I was so glad to go and do something I normally don’t ever get to leave home anymore if we aren’t doing things for our old home in Texas and it’s sold so now I’m just stuck at home. We got home late but it was ok I even kept mummy up till after 2 being silly!!!

I went to see Miss Emily for speech she is teaching me my device to talk I love her sooo much!!! I even hugged her when it was time to go!

Mummy brought me to my new therapist Lindsay for OT she is sweet I was wanting to look around but I loved the big swing it made me laugh. And we played with little present boxes that had surprises inside . She made me play with play dough and help clean it up. Wasn’t too sure but I helped . It feels weird!!!! When we left had me a little fit and then we went to the doctor to have them see if I could hear. I think I did well they stuck a lot of things in my ears and I heard things and made faces and looked . Had to go see the ENT today also! The ENT took my ear tube out and the wax apparently that was keeping it trapped!!! Let me say that was sooooooo gross!!! But cool. I can definitely hear different now.

So ready to go eat! I’m hungry my belly is growling!!! Daddy took us for Indian down the road!!!! Yay! Chicken pakoras and Nan my favorite!!!!!!!! They brought out a plate on fire it was sooo cool I said hot!!

Finally home what a long day can I sleep already?

I started OT/PT at high hopes I love it here so nice to have some fun things to do outside of things I already do.

My life is busy but I know mummy just wants to be have a quality of life although having her to feed and dress me is kind of nice. I love to be silly and make it hard to get my clothes on.

Had to go for my ECHO and 12 Lead EKG check up on my heart mummy was excited because the cardiologist said my heart was big and beautiful and she saw no reason for us to do yearly check ups ! She said if we ever needed her she would always be there!!! Yay one more doctor down.... what was cool is when we left they caught mummy and said here this is for you! It was a blue box and said send a friend . We got home and I opened and the lady gave me a neat stuffed animal. No doctor has ever given me a stuffed toy before! And what stinks is that’s the doctor I don’t have to see anymore .... go figure they gave me a red bracelet too. Guess I have those to remember how awesome Dr Kavannagh-Hughes was . Loved her but glad I don’t have to go back . More play time , more time to chillax . Mummy best friends my aunties came to visit for “she will “ a lady’s get together ! I was sad I couldn’t go because the ladies love me. I make everyone smile ! Hard to have a bad day with me around. Shelsea came and stayed the night with savannah and I enjoyed seeing them. Makes mummy smile and happy to see her friends.

We left for Texas haven’t been there in a long time everyone said I was sooo big now. Guess I am bigger I can get things mummy tried to put up easier bc I can finally reach. She can’t put things high enough now. I can climb and I am smart !!! Saw Auntie Tina and played with Maci on the way there ! Love my cousins!!! We went and got BBQ from uncle Tim when we got to town it was really good but his brisket is always really good. I didn’t want to share with mummy but she didn’t care ! Better than fast food for sure. Don’t feed me that stuff yuck ! We went to Centex and saw David and John I got to play with them and mummy took me to the park and there were these nice boys there and they actually played with me and asked mummy questions about me not talking but they didn’t care they loved playing and showing me things regardless if I couldn’t talk to them. Their mummy was so nice and loved learning about me! Mummy almost cried watching me play but I let her know it was ok and I was having a blast !!! I learned to climb up the side of the slide !!! I am trying new things but just on my time! I took Buc-ees and he was sliding too!!! We went to the state farm office and I was all the girls best friend it was so fun. Auntie Monica brought me a big bean bag chair and grandpa brought me a teddy bear and some planes for me to play with.

I got to see grandma and uncle Steven and uncle David and show them how awesome I was at Minecraft. Grandma got me some new books for daddy to read with me. And of course chocolate buttons my favorite !! I show everyone how smart I am and how I can find anything on Alexa /iPad . I was playing Minecraft and daddy tried to call me on the Alexa but I hung up on him bc I wanted to play my game! He kept calling back and I laughed ! I’m silly!!!

We stayed at Beckie’s house I love it there!!! It’s quiet and love the yard ! I can find bugs and throw rocks into the water ! I got to go to the park in round rock and play on my favorite slide and see Denise!! Was excited for her to cut my hair!!! I love her!!!!! She gives me combs and I help her .
We stayed at a Auntie Monica’s and I got to sit and watch things with uncle Adam on the iPad! I saw Red but missed Axle! He likes to chase and lick me but he was asleep!

I miss family and Texas but love our new house too. I get tired a lot tho bc of all my therapy but I love my therapist I just want to get my device so I can tell everyone what I think and what I want! Mummy does good at guessing but sometimes I wish I could just express what I want easier !!

Busy March ..... Until April

Love Liam