5 years 6 months

I got to go to the park in round rock and play on my favorite slide and see Denise!! Was excited for her to cut my hair!!! I love her!!!!! She gives me combs and I help her .

We went to eat with Uncle Traye , Aunt Mary and Bree!! I love tortillas !!! And beans!!!! After we ate we went outside and uncle Traye for some reason makes me squeak. I don’t know why. I can’t do it? Mummy can’t do it but when he touches my nose or tummy I squeak! He has some magic touch he makes me make weird noises! I thought it was soooo funny! He also throws me around and it’s a lot of fun. I love my Uncle and Auntie and cousins

I went to Auntie Dawn’s and uncle Matt’s and they had kids there too I had a blast running up the stairs and going down on my bum with them. I laughed and have had the best time playing with kids, playing at the park and just playing!!! I got to be a kid!!!!!
We headed back home with all my news stuffed toys, books and filled mummy car up and on the road again. Of course we stopped at Buccees to get mummy new friend Catherine some fudge and me another Buccee! I shook the Buccee outside hand it was funny! We stopped in Arkansas it was super late and mummy was tired i saw my cousins and And my night owl sister and was able to rest and play some!!! Mummy said she just needed a little nap and we’d get back on the road! Sure enough she took a power nap and back at it. We got to Tennessee and decided we’d stop at the animal safari on our way home! Great idea mummy I had a blast! I laughed and laughed! The Buffalo dumped food everywhere and drool down mummy car, the llamas were always at the window and the ostriches too!! They are odd! The camel stole my whole bucket of food like soooo rude!!!! And my favorite and mummy favorite was the giraffe she saved a whole bucket for them! They are sooo tall and friendly and don’t steal the whole bucket !!! I got a cool shirt and we got my niece and nephew a stuffed toy!! Mummy of course got a magnet! We didn’t do the petting zoo mummy wanted to get home before daddy left for work and I had a big basket with guess what !!!!??? My favorite Easter bunny and his ears were on! I am not going to break this one or eat him I just hug and kiss him and eat the chocolate buttons ! I Keep him in a bag so he stays safe!!! Back to life! Ugh! Who ever wants holiday or breaks to end! I like therapy but it’s exhausting.
Back to therapy and I finally got my speech device! Was so excited!! I think. Mummy got frustrated with it bc she couldn’t figure it out. Daddy spent a lot of time playing with it and I just watched for some of it. But realized he wasn’t going to share so I went and found other things to do. After he did some things I got it and was able to say some things! It’s a little different from the one I use at therapy but I always have different things there. This one is mine. We went on another small trip and we stopped to see my mummy friend Kathryn, mummy said she has been friends with her for a very long time! I called her grandma and she said she would be my grandma! I got to run around and see their chickens, and Canadian geese. It was fun and her granddaughter came by and she was so pretty blonde hair blue eyes, I truly enjoyed watching her hold the chicken and jump on her trampoline. I didn’t want to do it but it was fun watching her!!! The baby chicks were soooo cute and the ducks but they said we couldn’t touch those bc they were too fast and would get away and not eat and could die! That is a fast duck!!!!!! After that we left and headed down to the beach for a wedding, (my cousin was getting married). I enjoyed waking up and seeing a big beach from my bed!!!! So pretty!!!!! My sissy and bubba were there, and my aunt teen teen, uncle Vaugh , grandma (great aunt ) Mimi , but I called her grandma too! She said she would be my grandma since mine was in heaven. My grandma was her sister my mum said. I was using my talker to tell everyone things and My mum, aunt teen teen. Walker. Joy joy all put pictures in it for me. I thought that was fun and I love to ask for hugs over and over !!!. I am telling everyone my name, address and phone number! I played hard with Daisy today and my cousin Zelle. It was nice to see family, everyone is having so much fun laughing , cooking, eating oh we are eating I am soo full!!! But it’s been a blast . We went and played in the sand, went to eat BBQ and mummy made cheesy chicken. Spaghetti!!! My cousin Brian was there and him and Teen teen were telling stories from when they were kids mummy was laughing so hard.
Grown ups love telling stories !!!

Daisy is funny and loves to push buttons and talk with me! She’s a little bossy tho! But she is little so I let her push me around! It helps she’s sooo cute! We played in the sand and went to the zoo! I got to feed a giraffe! The animals were sooo cool there we were able to feed a lot of them! Daisy loved it too!! On our way home from the wedding we stopped back at grandma Kathryn’s and she had sewed all my patches on my cape!!! I played with all the toys in her living room and ate a lot of honey dew melon. Mummy had to do payroll while we were there but I didn’t care I got to play and it’s fun with all new toys. We got home like of late. The next morning Shay my speech therapist from Texas called and helped daddy & mummy to set up the device now I’m using a different screen . But she said it was like what I used at her place.
It’s fine but now my bubba ,sissy and Daisy aren’t in there and my teen teen! Got home late Monday and was very tired mummy was exhausted too! Tuesday Mummy had to work and daddy too . I have speech on Tuesday in Nashville and mummy gets really stressed when daddy works bc she has to figure out where to park! It’s horrible having to walk all over a parking garage but I love Lindsay! When we leave I like to sit in the parking garage and make it hard on mummy bc I think she should carry me. She just says come on... I’m like you come on! Pick me up already she’s like nope you’re too big so come on Liam! Getting big does have a lot of downsides let me tel you! They want you to dress yourself, change yourself, walk!! Really!! What happened to helping a kid out! Mummy has been trying to get me to use forks and such for my food I’m trying but it’s easier for her to feed me. Maybe not for her but it doesn’t seem like it’s hard for her . Had PT/OT Thursday daddy took me? Mummy had to take the truck and the 4 runner to have the maintenance done and so daddy and I went off to do therapy. I am finally playing with play dough and have been learning how to use scissors and cut paper. I love making things and gluing it !
Friday we had to leave to go to a funeral mummy uncle (my great Uncle) and my cousin passed away and they were doing the services for them . So long drive after mummy got off and we got in very late went to the couch and covered up! Mummy was like upstairs Liam bed time. She didn’t have to tell me twice! Santa and I hit the bed!!!! Until next month Love y’all!!!!

Love Liam