5 Years 7 Months

5 years 7 months

We had to go for my Great uncle and cousins funeral! Not so sure what that is but a lot of people where there crying and I decided I’d look for bugs! Then I walked around giving hugs to try to make people smile! I love making people smile! We went back to my other cousins house and she had made dinner for us to eat before we had to head back! Daddy & Mummy had lots of chores before they both had to work! My sister and aunt came over and I got to play with my cousins while we gave my sister a cake for her birthday. I played outside and hugged my cousins a lot! I even copied them and walked on the wall balancing all by myself! It was so much fun! We played with the dogs ! And ran and I went up and down the stairs on our bums!!! We played with these dolls and had a blast!! Then it was …Back home ... fast trip. Been learning in therapy how to deal with feeling different things. And now I love sitting snd playing in the grass.
My cousins came to Tennessee and it was a lot of fun playing with them! I love a Taylor we put her in my talker and I keep saying hug Taylor bc she likes to hug me !! Taylor always says Cheese when mummy takes pictures I think it’s funny so now I am saying cheese too!!! My cousins didn’t come back to see me! I was sad. I’ve asked for Taylor all week but mummy said it’s like when we travel and it’s hard to visit people on trips especially when you aren’t by yourself. Mummy said I get to go back to Austin soon and see Miss Shay! I’m so excited for speech with her!!!! Kelsey, Sarah, Rachael, Shay and Jenn got shirts and took pictures together for my wall! Can’t wait to see them!!!!!! Mummy said Santa was gone and Napa center doesn’t have him there anymore… Don’t know why he’s still everywhere here! I love Santa! But it’s good I am so excited to get to go. Mummy said she was staying somewhere with animals so that will be cool too. Anyway that’s a month away... getting ahead of myself... what about now! Well been a little bored! I’ve been doing well in therapy! Super sad Miss Lindsay is leaving she is my OT at Vandy, although she makes me touch shaving cream maybe the next one won’t make me do that!!!! But I love Lindsay! She always lets me make things for my mummy. I like to glue and make things I just don’t want to touch the glue! I hate things on my hands!! Why is that weird! Hands aren’t supposed to be nasty! I eat with my hands! Unless mummy feeds me ! But regardless, I still love my thumb even tho mummy always says thumb out, so why would I want that stuff on my hands come on!!!!!! Emily has been working with me on the speech device and helping daddy and mummy on programming it . There were icons she had been helping to take off and make more for me to use. I think I do well using the big words! Daddy talking about farting all I said was divorce to mummy! Elizabeth and Shelby are soo much fun! I get to ride this big trike and I’m getting really good at peddling. I love the big tire with poles I can jump and jump and jump and they always jump with me. I get to play with farm animals and use my talker to tell what they are. I love playing in the big playscape we fill the balls from the ball pit in a bucket and I run to the top. I don’t get them out always but when I do there is a place to make them go thru these pipes to the bottom! It’s fun to do especially when mummy is hiding snd I get her with one… I love going up and down the ramp. I creep up it and bear crawl and run back down. I even go backward im so silly. I still don’t like the slide but love watching the other kids do it! I love the little trampoline and love running around!!!! They are so much fun! They have these mats and I can jump from one to the other now. Im getting better at everything . I can pull my pants almost all the way up and I’m learning how to put my shirt on. I am taking clothes off better struggle a little with jeans . But making small steps to doing for myself. Not to say I’m happy about that bc it’s way easier for mummy to do it. I love my therapist but I like to go home and rest afterwards too…sometimes when I go we go outside and I got to play with other kids there was a sweet girl that was talking to me wish I could have said something back to her. I got to play in the playground stuff and it was sooo much fun. it’s been pretty outside so we’ve been able to go out look for bugs and mummy and I have been picking strawberries there are sooo many of them. I helped daddy build a bookcase for the office . It looked good. I help a lot! I have my own drill but it doesn’t work as well as daddy’s so I typically will borrow his so I can help better . We went up to the mountains it was my daddy and mummy anniversary. Daddy wanted to see mountains so we went off roading or mummy calls it muddin’ whatever it was soo much fun. At first I wasn’t sure about them sticking a helmet on my head but other kids were doing it so I left it! They didn’t make me wear goggles bc I had my own stylish frames! Thank goodness bc daddy and mummy looked ridiculous! The mud was a lot of fun it was flying everywhere we went to the top of Roan mountain . The mountains are beautiful! I enjoyed looking around. Daddy was going crazy all over the place but he was having fun. I just held his arm and mummy’s and knew it would be fine. I even cheesed and smiled! Stuck my tongue out at mummy but then I figured hmmm mud flying might should keep that in my mouth for now! When we got to the end I really was sad it was over! I kept pointing at all of them as they were taking them down to wash. The people there played with me and Monie the owner beautiful daughter let me play with their dog although I fell on my bum I got back up and went back for more after a few fake tears ! Nobody gave me sympathy so figured it wasn’t working so off to play again. Monie invited me to go to his other park for daddy to take me zip lining. And they all let me jump and play. Logan and Noah were probably exhausted after my jumping… We got me a super awesome shirt to wear too. God puts awesome people in our lives !!!!
So as my story for this month ends stay tuned for next month (as my grandpop would’ve quoted from (Paul Harvey) ….. stay tune for The rest of the story………..

Love Liam




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