5 Years 8 Months

5 Year 8 month Wakey wakey they say!!! Let’s go have fun they say…. Him mummy and daddy fun means I’m going to pee my pants I mean really!!!! So off we go out of my nice comfort zone and back into the green mountains to Tennessee!!!! The first thing I got a shirt!!! Well that’s cool!!!! Thanks Monie!!! I was laughing and enjoying watching people swing and fly above me!!! But little did I know I was going to fly too. Over to Megan she was the one putting stuff on us to do things so we were safe ! Safe from what I ask in my head since I can’t just say what the heck! So daddy and I walk over to the swing! I watched others do it and loved it so I mean heck I love to swing let’s go dad! Until my turn then I’m like hmmm this isn’t on the play ground and if I say all done mummy can’t take me off but I’m here now no turning back! They didn’t take us as high as the others but OH GOOD GOD save me. We dropped when daddy pulled the cord and I thought my eyes were going to pop out of the back of my head!!!! The swinging wasn’t bad afterwards but I was ALL. DONE!!! After I got off that life was great so I thought!!!! Onto the big military truck!!!! That was awesome!!!! My sissy drives big Marine trucks!!! We get to the top and get off Eli helped me off! Then we wait in a little line and I’m like what in the world ! Well little did I know the flying people were flying from there!!! Buckle up with daddy and mummy beside and nothing but big open amazing sky’s and fly fly!!! Mummy went faster than us! It was actually so cool I could see sooo much ! We had two more lines the next two were a little shorter the last one we had to jump off a tower! At the end I was like what just happened! I will be honest it was scary but I had a blast!!!!!!!!! The people all loved me! I made so many friends! I love making friends and making people smile!!! They had go carts but I’m bot old enough for those! But I liked watching them! We took a picture with all my new friends and supporters!!! Thanks Janice, Mike, Caroline, Megan, Kristin, Joseph, Hannah, Eli , Brett , Ryan , Josh, Jonathan and Cory and most of all Monie for giving me a weekend of adventure and excitement!
Caroline thank you for taking pictures so mummy didn’t drop her phone! She is a photo crazy person!!
We left had dinner and back to our little place we stayed at in Boone NC it was very nice and I enjoyed taking over the bed! Daddy and I made mummy sleep on the couch haha all you gotta do is snore and kick and you get the whole bed!!! I worry about what tomorrow might hold considering the last two days my heart has about come out of my chest although it was the BEST!!! Up I am and they say “liam wanna go have fun”. I don’t know how to answer or respond anymore! But ok whether I want to or not here I come…. I’m only 5 and can’t drive … so along for the ride I guess! But this didn’t look so scary! It was a big train place! There were trains and cowboys and horses everywhere we went on two train rides. Daddy and I took the chair lift and I got to go to a petting zoo and see mini horses and donkeys and baby goats!!! Daddy and I drove the cars and mummy of course took pictures! I enjoyed and had a blast on mummy and daddy adventures but it was nice to have a little less of a rush for a day! I got a new horse, bear and big foot on our trip! Mummy said she is going to need a bigger house for the stuffed toys I keep getting!!! Nah mummy they fit in my room!!!! Finally home. Back to life , therapy and same ole same! Love my bed!!!!! Mummy and I played outside yesterday I had a blast helping her pick strawberries 🍓 we got a little done and took a pail to our neighbors Mande and Mike are awesome and I love their dog moonlight we love to chase each other . Since I don’t have a dog so nice to have theirs to play with!! So glad mummy made friends with them now I don’t have to sit and watch him from my yard I can actually run over! They are so 😎 cool!!!! Therapy at Vandy this week was sad when I found out my therapist Lindsay was leaving and now we found out we aren’t allowed to share my progress at Vanderbilt either so sorry but mummy can’t post anymore awesome pics of me hitting my goals there !!! Good for me less pictures but I know her she won’t stop taking pictures ever!!!! But on a good note you can still see everything with Miss Emily, Miss Shelby and Miss Elizabeth!!!! Bc they love love being in my stories and letting mummy take pics ! Sometimes they pose but typically with Shelby and Elizabeth I’m too busy making them play!!! Mummy is still trying to get me speech we go back to. austin end of month Napa had an opening for me to see “My Shay”. Excited!! At PT and OT I am loving riding the Trike I can really pedal now!! Im really doing good!!! I love jumping, my obstacle and then going up and down I’m the big playhouse ! I run up the slid but I don’t ever want to slide. Still don’t care for slides! But I love watching others go down. My little friend there moved to Maryland everyone was sad on her last day including me. She actually talked to me!!! I am learning so much! I am doing better on my talking device! I even got out of the program they set up found another and set a password! Was funny watching daddy try to figure out how what I did in like 5 min took him an hour to fix hahaha!! I was sitting on the couch today playing with my talker and my panda thing and I put my hand over my face and mummy said Liam liam Hi and I pulled my hands down and said HI!!! She got so excited I kept saying it! So I can say Hi now And cheese of course with mummy constantly taking pics I beat say cheese!!! And that way she gets a cheesy smile!!! I still like Blippi. I was watching him and I like to try to dance like him all over the house. Mummy realizes how much I learn from him on things like Hot Air balloon. I love learning! Wish I could talk so I could be in school . I always ask about going to a classroom with my talker . One day gotta get these words out. Mummy says she loves my happy personality and doesn’t want to send me to school and it change. Home school will be fun I guess bc I have Catherine. Or mummy is praying daily that works out. Because mummy said she isn’t smart enough to teach me all the things I need to learn. She said I’m smarter than her which I think I prove that a lot with technology. Geez she’s stuck in the old tech and daddy and I ha e the new stuff down. Come on mummy catch up. I’m smart like daddy she says!
But mummy is fun. She dances , screams, chases , plays and we do garden dirty stuff together. We have so much fun. Especially at bed time when she tries to make my bed after washing and I strip it as fast as you makes it and I run as fast as I can giggling so she can’t dress me!!! It’s fun!!! I am playing with my kitchen daily! I like washing clothes like mummy but also like to put my coffee pods in there because it makes loud noises when it turns and I am a boy! No different than rocks in mummy’s! My sister put frogs in mummy’s at least mine you can just pull out, hers would, well I don’t know what happens to frogs in the wash!

In therapy I’m learning to put my shirt, pants and socks on well and take off so now I like to run around with no clothes!! Mummy like liam we need clothes don’t know why I’m home!!!! Back on the road!!! Yes again! Mummy said we are staying at a ranch and I can play with animals I’m so excited . First place mummy took me to eat was Ginger I ate a lot of sushi and noodles and then off to Centex I got to see David and his new puppies and he got a snake that was trying to kill a kitten! It was like old times!!! We got to the ranch late so I didn’t get to see much but woke up to horse sounds!! Daddy got here Monday night and we went to eat out with Lilye and Chris and I got Fish and chips! Finally the next day we got to the ranch before dark so I got to play. Beverly played with me! I have a friend. She helped me find rocks and we threw rocks into mud puddles and had so much fun splashing and playing ! She played with me for a long time. Was nice to have someone play with! I love having kids play with me. I’m excited I have another week and hopefully we can play together more. Mud is actually fun even if my hands get dirty!! Maybe being dirty isn’t so bad!

Until next month more on Napa /Shay /Mud and Fun

Love Liam