5 years 9 months

5 years 9 months

Well… still in Texas and still raining!!! Mummy said it’s a muddy mess mess Liam and I am like YES!!! Puddles, rocks and mud! Oh my!!! Oh and horses, pigs and goats ! I couldn’t be happier well I could if mummy didn’t make me stay at her office haha. Remote worker my butt get me to the country already!

It’s been so nice here but I miss home because it’s not so hot ! I can’t go outside as long here except at night but I love hanging out with Norma & Beverly .We played with the dogs ,watched the horses and we were going to jump on trampoline but I don’t like the screen and fell off the little stool so I decided watching was watching more fun!!! Then the swing set I didn’t want to swing or slide but they would swing and when I said jump they would go flying off the slide and in the grass it was sooo funny we did this for hours ! Then it was their dinner time ! I had to say goodbye but I love when people can actually understand me ! I feel I’m very clear !!!!!

I went to Centex with mummy and got to see David I really miss him he brought me squash and zucchini!!! Oh I was in Heaven! We left there and had squash casserole with my aunt dawn! Texas sure knows how I love my veggies and let me tell you I am planting squash in one of the other garden planters that are just full of weeds I get to help pluck out to keep it clean! Let’s fill it with food mummy!!!!

Had daddy here until end of the first week going to speech with me in the am! I love my Miss Shay but oh I hate doing what people say all the time. I like to be cheeky, and do what kids do…. I want to surprise you! And oh I surprise them alright!!! They are always wondering what I’ll do and that’s exactly the way I want it! I love Kelsey she gives me shirts and when Nobody is looking I steal a hug and since I don’t say a lot nobody will ever know ……. Love my Napa clan!! Shay was showing me cards and teaching me how to make sounds she works really really hard to help me. I know she cares a lot about me and she is really good b/c when I leave I honestly feel like I can do so much more than I could before. She is the reason I scream Liam all the time. Shay also helped me to get into High Hopes . She wasn’t stopping until she knew I was going to get help. She is THE BEST! Wish we had met her before we moved! But glad we have extensive so I can see all of them still.

We went to see my mummy friend Natalie in Lampasas and saw fireworks!!! It was neat but I was in a weird mood! Mummy is always moody so she should just be happy I’m not as moody as her! She gave me her phone and well little to her surprise I found something I wanted and well I bought it! No restrictions on her phone and I know my grandma gives her iTunes cards!!! What I didn’t know is it didn’t use iTunes! It charged her phone account and took her like an hour to undo what took me less than a minute ! One day she will learn just to let me fix it but guess now I can’t play with her phone anymore!

We went to the Apple store and I was in HEAVEN!! I played with all the new iPads! I want one without the Home Screen!! My Home Screen doesn’t work and my iPad is so hard to get on and to change screens daddy said I guess I can get the new one and give me his but it hasn’t happened and do you think I get to play with his??? Uh NO! I got to see grandpa too! I might just ask him to get me a new iPad and then daddy won’t get a new one and I will!!! I will show him one day!!! It’s always nice seeing my family!

Mummy and I went to Miss Beckie house where we always stay and I was a little confused since I was told I couldn’t go to my room! Hmm but I went to te couch and made myself at home! I got to give Miss Beckie hugs and meet Erin! It was so much fun to see their friends dogs! The house was different this time! Was weird not to stay! But so glad I got to hug them and thank them in my way for an awesome place to visit!

Saw my Casey and my sweet Hattie Blair ! I had so much fun playing with Grayson new dog and just hanging with the Blair clan! Mummy loves the Blair’s and so do I! Grayson threw me and I was running from him after! Then the dog was weird toward me and then I was chasing him. It was great fun. Love running around playing !

I loved playing with chandler & Euby at the office Euby even brought a game to play with me! The creepy Jake I had to move! Chandler printed me Santa and taught me to type my name on a keyboard!!! She has a baby in her tummy like my sissy did ! Guess I’ll be an uncle again!!! Another boy to play with!!

My cousins were in town and I got to play with Hannah for a little bit. But I like to play with the Alexa. Grandma doesn’t care she lets me play with whatever and gives me chocolate and I never have to clean! Or be told NO. Uncle Steven let his hair grow out and it drives grandma crazy! I know that’s why they do it because if I find something that drive mummy crazy yes I’m doing it. DADDY does too but don’t tell mummy He and I have that secret .

Time to fly! Well I wish but this face mask stuff discriminates (as mummy says) against people with disabilities and I’m not allowed to fly anymore so CAR time for me! Oh well no Buccees in the sky!! I’ll take Buccee anyway!!! And guess what I found today???? I found a SANTA Buccee yes in July!!!! Whoohoo! And yes I got it! You didn’t think she said No toy sweet cheese do you???

We stopped and dropped toys off with Ollie and I helped destroy sissy house while she was at work and back on the road before she got home! I mean it’s only fair right!!

Got home it wasn’t too late came in and showed daddy how much I loved the song the Dance Monkey, I am trying to sing it! Mummy laughs a lot when I copy things so I do it often she’s funny when she is laughing ! She says I make her pee 😂.

My great aunt isn’t doing well so again back on the road to Little Rock Arkansas! Because of Covid I couldn’t go inside I hung out with my Aunt Teen Teen and well let’s just say I know how to get peoples hot spot or phones ! And they say I can’t communicate she got it bc I got the hot spot and her phone!!!! Sucker!!! I was nice and didn’t charge things to her phone just wanted YouTube! We went and had Indian food afterward and it was sooooo good!!! The owner liked me he brought me free dessert!!!! I love how adorable I am! I win them all! I know good people and he was GOOD!! Back home we go and daddy finally downloaded my favorite song so I made them listen to it there and back mummy put on my iPad so I can play now too! I dance , sing and laugh REPEAT!!!!! Home 3:30 am and well I went to bed!!!! At least I get to sleep in ! Poor mummy has to work!

Mummy needed to wash her car after all the travel and didn’t want to get back in the car so off to wash as a family!!! Mummy washed daddy and I got the hose! We were helping her rinse and well I figured off and on and it was really fun to rinse mummy!!!!! She ran so fast then I would spray mummy and daddy they were hiding behind the truck! Mummy ran to get our food bc she was scared I’d spray the door dash people ! Come on mummy I want to get yall!!! I was hungry I would have been nice to them! I was done with water when food arrived !!!

I love moonlight so much . Mande was trying to get food but I wanted to play with moonlight so I kept opening and closing her doors! She never tells me No she is way nicer than mummy when I open and close and open and close doors. Mummy said no Liam they want to go!!!!! No mummy they want to stay and play!!!!

Sometimes when mummy forgets to lock the office I have figured out ways to get all my games and playing allllll of them at once is so fun. I mean mummy and daddy have lots of screens for their computers I just want to be like them!

Therapy is going good I love High Hopes so much Shelby and I ride the trike and I love to peddle and ride. I’m really peddling good now. Shelby was proud of me! When we went into the gym I showed her I wanted to swing she cleaned it and I told her to make it higher ! I’m demanding but they listen so why not right! I got in swing and laughed and laughed sooo hard! Had the whole place laughing ! My red headed charming laugh just makes the world smile! Next We went into her room i got to cut with scissors she said I’m doing Great with them!!I maybe I can cut hair now or other things! Mummy said my sissy used to cut blankets! I pointed to the shaving cream and she put it on table for me to draw in and we’ll I wanted it so I could see the paper towels come out to wipe it but well it back fired and she made me touch it first!!!! Be careful what you ask for !!!! Lesson learned !

Elizabeth is so much fun we run and play! I bear crawl and she chases me! I jump and do obstacles and we jump on the tire together. She is full of energy like me and we laugh together!! She is always letting me run around and show her how to do things. We have sooo much fun.

I am able to say Hi, cheese, eat, bath, LIAM and if mummy ask I can call out letters of my name as she points ! I’m trying really hard to say what she says! It’s not always exact but I am trying and feel I’m getting better! My bubba,sissy and Daisy come this weekend I can’t wait to play!!!!!!! Mummy got us a little water pad pool thing to play in!!!

Well I know you all want to hear about my adventures so until next month …..

LOVE Loud and silly Liam