6 Year 9 Months

6 years 9 months

This has been a pretty typical boring month. It is warm outside but I don’t complain b/c after going to TEXAS this is just Warm not hot! I have had group music therapy all month and honestly have loved it!!!!! I made some new friends and it was so nice to get to see Kate and Anna Laura more than once a week. Love my miss Kate!!

I have been getting more sounds Miss Hillary and Mummy are so excited!! I can now make the sound to ask for Water .. I say WAAA but mummy knows I mean Water. I can say EEEEAAA T so I can at least ask for food now and I ask LOUD! B/c when I sign everyone doesn’t always see me! And my device is annoying especially with the delay .. I am able to say BYE now and the “B” sound is there so I can finally say BATH instead of DATH…

I am still not ready to give up diapers… They feel better on me than shorts and underwear. Mummy makes me go to the potty and I will to humor her and watch her sing and dance b/c its absolutely funny to watch her act goofy! Wish I could record that! You would LAUGH! I know I do! But honestly it is just not something I care to do…. I don’t like it when it gets on me its just gross!

I am getting better at pulling my pants and socks off. The shirt is hard to get off , I always get it stuck on my arms and back and mummy has to help but I am trying. I miss getting my hair cut all the time , when it gets long mummy makes me have it fixed ugh standing and having her fix my hair not FUN!!!! I like to put my hands in it after and she has to redo it.

I am doing better in OT and PT finally getting back on my swing and love riding the trike its a lot of fun!!! Mummy has been trying to find a place for me to do things with horses apparently not easy to find! I really love the horses.

Daddy has been taking me and Daisy to the park some, I really love being outside a lot been working in my garden , I have been getting really really BIG cucumbers and Zucchini..(BIG is another new word). I am not clear for everyone but mummy and daddy get it! I want to learn and I try sooo hard to talk I wish others could see or understand me I want so badly to be able to do more seems like I try and things don’t always work the way I try to make it !!

I love the pool I just won’t put my feet down. Mummy says I can stand but I will just let her stand and I will float holding onto her…

My best friend Catherine and her family came and stayed the night on their way to colorado ! They are moving. She is so sweet .. they played and ran around and mummy had a blast chatting with Miss Anna ! I love seeing mummy have fun with her friends bc I get a break from potty and eat and blah blah parent stuff! But at bed time still want my cuddles and when people are here she allows me to sleep in their room so company keep coming. Andrew had a blast throwing toys down (I like to do that too ) but the clean up definitely makes me not do so much! It’s more fun throwing than taking back up !!! We went to Charlotte elementary to meet my teacher she was nice the school is really big . I was walking around looking and enjoying seeing something new . I was a little off and was a little done but it wasn’t bad . We got to the front thought we were leaving and well nope mummy redirected and that was super frustrating I was ready to go. She was hiding and jumping out I was laughing some but honestly I was not wanting to go back to the halls so I kind of melted down. Guess wasn’t a great first impression!!! But hey I’m 6!!! We all have bad moments! The principal Mrs Sara has at least seen me at my worst ! And I don’t think it’s that bad. We went to see my frog at sweet Charlotte after and that was great!! Love that place !!!

On Thursday we went back and sissy and Daisy went for open house. I was a lot more chill bc there were lots of kids and people! I knew where my class was took them straight there!!! Daisy liked the fish on the walls and played with crayons and markers in my class . We were a little wild . I went straight to the globe I love the globe and space!!!
I got to take pictures with my teachers and I kept unrolling the yoga mats, they say they are going to do morning stretches in am so I’m excited bc I LOVE yoga!!!!! Can’t wait to get to know my teachers better . Mr Greg lets me jump and he was Air Force he’s strong! He can play with me! Mrs Kyrstin is so sweet and so is Mrs Clifton. Can’t wait to share with Miss Kate that we will do yoga!
I got to play with Moonshine tonight he makes me laugh a lot. I’m so glad Mande and Mike are friends they are the best ever and I love my buddy moonshine.
Friday I got to see my teacher and the staff at the school again. Wasn’t really wanting to sit in an adult meeting but I made sure to entertain , laugh and show them my Liam Charm! I am excited about school… I wonder if mummy will come with me. She got me a new backpack and lunch box with my name on it. I really like it.
Mummy, sissy, Bubba, Daisy and I all went to Dave and Busters so I could see my best friend Gavin! I got to play lots of games it was fun but some of them I didn’t like after I started so Mallori played for me. After a little bit I decided there were too many people and the atmosphere was a little not relaxing so I decided I would let them know really quick I wanted to leave .. I said BYE. I threw myself on the floor people were walking by staring at me. And you know what I DON’T CARE mummy cared said she didn’t want someone to step on me. I figured they would walk around me I wasn’t invisible so no reason they wouldn’t be able to see me. Finally sissy caught up with us and I stood up and realized we were leaving so I decided I would walk. I knew if they weren’t there we weren’t going anywhere!!! We got outside and I was super happy then knowing we were away from that crowd, the crazy people in the crowd and it was almost time to EAT!!!! We went to Chuy’s in Franklin it was GREAT !!! I enjoyed seeing my friend but can’t wait for his birthday where we can play and have fun without the mob!

This month had a lot of interesting new people in it and starting school is going to be a new adventure to share … then we have Napa in September …