6 Years 1 month

6 Years 1 Month Well. I am 6… yes 6 Years I have been on this earth… AND oh how I have grown. I have learned so much in 6 years. I have learned how to lock people out of their computers, I have learned how to reprogram things I shouldn’t … But I still can’t feed myself with a fork and spoon without some help. Not that I feel that is important. Playing games that is what is going to carry me in this life. EVERYTHING is a computer so DAD.. MUM it will be ok.. I will be able to do something even if I don’t use the bathroom or feed myself with a Spoon.. Don’t see the big deal!!!

I have prompt speech finally like my Miss Shay did with Miss Hilary at High hopes I do miss my Emily but I still see her some. Excited I got my Shelby back so glad we changed times but it’s good as long as she is there ! And still have my Elizabeth she is soooo fun she runs and chases and plays with me. I love to tease and run off I try to keep her on her toes. She’s fast tho!!! But I’m faster and very sneaky! But she giggles and just goes along! I can grin and laugh and she just gives in.

Daisy is still here and we like to run as fast as we can and chase each other all over the house. It’s fun having. Someone to play with. She’s funny when we have lunch she likes to feed me and steal food.

We played in the baby bed the other night it was my old bed! I didn’t want out her and I were throwing all the blankets out we had a great time jumping and throwing blankets . They finally made me get out bc it was our bed time. Why!!!! I mean we are having loads of fun can’t bedtime come later . And why is there a bed time does it really matter when we sleep …. I mean mum and Sissy have to work. But daddy sleeps all day. And works at night and takes naps too. I don’t take naps I don’t see the need for a nap. Daisy does or sissy says she is fussy. I just go until they make me stop. I can go forever I’m super Liam!!!

Today I got up early and didn’t want to eat, mummy said I had to get something done but I wasn’t going to eat.

We left home dad wasn’t feeling good and still asleep but we headed to the doctor mummy wanted to let me go to gift shop unfortunately they were closed again! I was sad about that! We got down stairs and I waited . There was a nice nurse walking us to a little room they let me pick my bed I wasn’t going to a little room. She changed me into red socks and a tiger gown. I was feeling a little scared now. I did fist bump as they all came and talked to us. But then they made me leave mummy and I cried … why can’t my mummy come where am I going I don’t have my Santa shirt I don’t have Spider-Man shirt I am scared I want mummy.

These nice ladies walking with me but I started crying bc I was scared and confused on why I was having to walk and mummy wasn’t coming she always goes everywhere with me. I have this weird feeling going where nobody understands me. Nobody understands I can’t talk. How do I say I want my mummy? I can’t take my device I’m alone and can’t talk to anyone. I feel very scared.

I woke up and mummy was there I cried and cried had a white thing on my arm and it had these other things hooked to me. I was mad also bc my bracelet was on the wrong arm. Mummy tried to FaceTime Daddy but I wasn’t having monkey or Dino time I wanted that stuff off of me and my clothes on!!!! The sweet nurse tried to give me some pretzels and water but I wasn’t interested . The other sweet nurse had my mummy name her name was Michele! They were both very nice I was just really wanting to not be there anymore. They took my IV out and I calmed down once my bracelet was moved to my other arm. Mummy and I went thru and I opened and closed the doors on the little trees in the hall way I didn’t want to look at the fish I was ready to get in the car and go find real food!

We ate, then we went and I got me a Santa at Home Depot that lights up. mummy put it in my room which is fine with me!!! Love my light up Santa!!!!

So milestones… as mummy calls them I ate my entire plate of food with a fork all by myself I feel so excited I clapped after every bite! It was my very first time to get the food on the fork by myself and eat . So maybe it is worth doing it by myself get to eat when I want and not when someone puts in my mouth.

I say Eaaaa and delayed on T for eat but I am getting it. I still say high and low . My signs are improving and I use my AAC device but I am not liking some of my things are gone. Mummy is trying to fix it. She has to learn too.

I am learning , growing and trying. But potty training I absolutely see no use. I am playing in my room a lot and learning to clean up. I even carried the laundry basket back up stairs. Mummy brought clean clothes and I tried to help her put them where they go. I think I did pretty good. I even picked up my toys for her. Now not doing that all the time much more fun to throw around. I love helping. And really love doing weights with daddy when he does them he’s been tired. We went to Arkansas and stayed with my great Aunt Susie!!!! I had the best time we played with water and poured it on the sink she helped me make a big mess. Mummy and aunt Teen teen were fighting over the cheesecake but since they were fighting I decided I’d take over and eat all the crust!
I got to see my great grandpa again he is so cool. I saw my aunt Michele I remembered her. I liked her sweater it was so soft . She loves me and let me touch it. We went to eat and Santa was there I was so excited i couldn’t stand it. We ate with my great grandpa, Aunt Michele and my cousin Beverly and Devin and Josh!

My sissy Kaytlynn and Bubba Triston came over With my nephew Ollie… now we had fun. We ran up and down the hall. Screamed laughed and he stole our grandpa hat and was wearing it. He throws big silly fits everyone just laughed. He then laughed and runs off .

We had to go to a church and see a lot of sad people I didn’t really understand but I got to see my cousins and run and play I sure love my Taylor. I got to see my other cousins as well and aunt Sarah. My cousin Jenna and my cousins. So many cousins so much running . I got to see my Auntie Mel and she brought me cool Spider-Man things.

We went and ate before we headed home and of course aunt teen teen and mummy fought over the other cheesecake but they ended up getting the SAME amount to each take home. They honestly almost got a tape measure to make sure it was equal. Those too are ridiculous!!

My sissy Kaytlynn played with me and Bubba Triston too. We had fun I hate having to tell people by. I love playing with everyone they all hug on me and pick me up and chase me , scare me, play peek a boo it’s just fun. Wish I could see everyone more . I love my cousins Maddi and Maci too! So many cousins and so much fun.

Truly loved hanging with my Great Aunt Susie she never tells me NO! She let me destroy a cheesecake and play with water non-stop. She is the coolest!!! Aunt teen teen never tells me no either did miss not getting to hang out at her house but she came to me ! I attract the family with my cuteness!! We got home really late and I got very little sleep before my appts the next morning but I pushed thru!

Sissy and bubba and Daisy were home already , but they were asleep when we got in. Daddy and I got to go to Lowes they didn’t have many Santa’s left I was not happy about that but I do love Lowes . Daddy replaced some doors around the house that had some issues. He’s been busy and Daisy and I have enjoyed dumping diapers, she pulls the tissues and wipes not me… but we love to dump al the toys and make big loud noises ! I pick them up tho but then we dump again. It’s funny!!!

This month has been a little crazy. It’s getting colder here not used to all the cold weather mummy has a hard time getting me to want to go outside to play but it’s nice not to be sooo hot too.
Until next month sending big Liam hugs! We know I love to hug!!!

Love Liam