6 Years 10 Months

6 year 10 months

So mummy finally let me go to school. I was learning at home but I wanted to learn at school like big kids so she said I would go half days ! Yay. I love my teachers ! I went into class showed daddy and mummy how to get there all by myself ! Daddy had not been there so I showed him my classroom and the globe ! I love the globe!!!! There are lots of kids in my classroom! I’m so excited! One little boy was really sad his parents weren’t there. I know my daddy and mummy are coming back and I get to play with new things so I’m good!!! Learning is sooo much fun!!! I’m going to show everyone how smart I really am now!

Week one down. Think I did pretty good. I love browsing , looking and being a little nosey and somewhat cheeky. But I had a great first week. Mummy said my daily notes were good. Every morning I shake Officer Liberty hand, push the button and go into the office and get mum a tag so I can show her I can do this!!! I love showing how smart I am! I remember lots of things!

Had therapy with Miss Elizabeth and mummy came back I told her it was my time and she could go wait while I had my Elizabeth time. Then I did my work! I want to be independent! I love mummy and want her to be there when I’m done but I want to do it without her now. She acts all sad but let me grow up a little mummy!!!

2nd week of school …. I was a little off Monday. I tried to climb over my friends in circle time didn’t want to sit , some of my friends are fragile and apparently I’m a big boy!!! I also pushed on my teacher . I got in trouble they sent me to what they call a time out. Now that let me tell you is amazing. Time out is great. They said it’s punishment but I don’t get it! Punishment is not playing with my game, or Alexa, or my Bucee or Santa … no WiFi that’s punishment. But time out quiet time away from other people YES please ! Guess I messed up tho bc now they know I enjoy it should have pouted or something so I could get it again for being cheeky.

Mummy talked to me after school that was punishment I don’t want to disappoint my daddy and my mummy! She told me that it was almost Santa time and we’ll guess I better be nice and not so naughty! Plus Jesus is watching!!!!

I had a better day Tuesday ! My teacher wrote it was magical! I didn’t get to go see officer Liberty but he was awesome and guess he missed me bc he came to see me in my classroom. It truly made my day! I’ve been working hard! I know my numbers 1-20 for sure !!! And I knew 20 out of my 26 letters . I know them all don’t be fooled 😜 but the teachers need a job so we will study and learn!
I am working on 21-30 now! I’m so smart I just can’t show you like another kid might.

I went t see my Miss Kate and I don’t want Mummy to stay in music with me. I am showing her how independent I am becoming. Yes I love my mummy and don’t want her to leave but want her to sit outside on the couch so I have my Miss Kate time!!! I am learning how to do things without her.. Except going to the bathroom/ feeding myself , bathing and some of the big things she knows I need her!!!

Had my best friend Gavin Birthday party and we played at a splash pad that was loads of fun!!! He’s just like me! We are happy boys !! Love my Kleefstra brother so glad our parents get us together !!

Week 4 and I’m kind of a big deal! I make people laugh and I am talking to everyone on my AAC device! I make everyone laugh like CLASS CLOWN laugh …….I mean of course I do my personality is endless people just have to get to know me ! I still like to walk the track and I’ve made new friends , it’s nice having friends! I mean I love being home don’t get me wrong but school is really fun!!! I love to learn…. So glad mummy decided to let me go to Charlotte Elementary everyone there is amazing! Think I’ve won a few with my awesome silliness!!!

The principal and assistant principal Mrs. Sara and Mrs Cindy are amazing and LOVE ME…. Let me tell you after hearing how my Big Sister was always in trouble I figured I was going to get into some trouble (but Time out is not punishment) just saying It is NOT punishment.. but since I let them know I liked it that means if I get in trouble it would be more drastic RIGHT!! So my big sister Kaytlynn she had it all wrong she would get in trouble but she also got on the bad side of the upper BIG people.. so I figure I will be awesome, witty and win them so if I get in trouble they see my cheeky cuteness and well waala do you seriously think this cute Red headed Face would get in too much trouble … Nope so principal office would probably be as cool as time out!! But maybe I shouldn’t let them know that either… I messed up letting them know about time out. I love Mrs. Kelly too she is soooooo funny and helpful.. I do miss going thru the office but I am big and mummy can drop me off , I know officer Liberty will stop by and see me too.. But I miss Kelly!!! Miss Maddy, Mrs.Deloras and Mr. Greg have bee working with me a lot lately!!! Mrs Kyrstin has been ill, I sure miss her and hope I get to see her before I leave. Everyone in the class is jealous of my yummy scones so mummy made them all some.. I would share but super hard to share two with 4 people …. I have been using the potty more…Mummy is so excited it makes me want to try a little more!! She said it is nice not having to change diapers.. NOT for me bc I have to stop what I am doing to use the Bathroom .. What a waste of time!! But Mummy said that diapers eventually won’t fit me .. ugh!!!

Mummy has been taking me to the park at night!!! (Sometimes sissy and Daisy come too which is a lot of fun) Sissy Joy pushed me down the slide (NOT COOL she is the reason I am scared). BUT this time I liked it so I did it over and over and over and over again and then at school the next day I played with friend and went down the slide a ton. I am loving the slide. I got on the skate board at High Hopes with Miss Elizabeth my confidence level is really growing and I feel I can do anything I put my mind do now. JUST watch out world This Kleefstra Kid is going to Napa and I am going to come back and show you what I can do. I am going to knock some milestones out of the ballpark !!

Mummy weighed me tonight and I weighted almost 64lbs she said she can’t carry me anymore.. I don’t understand that of COURSE! It isn’t fair I am still her little person and when I get hurt I want her to make it better ..

This last week at school I got to see Officer Liberty’s car inside and out it was sooo cool. The next day the firetruck came and WOW I was so excited .. I didn’t have my Travis County shirt with my name anymore b/c I am too big and it was too hot for my bunker gear but I had a Fire Shirt I got on the marine Base in North Carolina so I dressed out a little… Then guess who came on the next day!!!! SMOKIE THE BEAR soooo cool…. Tennessee is the best. I get to play out side, go to school , and have the best teachers, friends and Therapist… I am learning so much and can’t wait to share Napa with you… and the BEACH … yes we will get a little down time before Napa starts to keep me away and well…. Then all work no play.. too bad mummy doesn’t get down time she works from home so she just takes it all with her.. Me I am going to chill and do as little as possible… Eat, rest, play games then play in the sand and water!!! GUESS what … 5 more days to BUC-EE’S … YAY ME!!!!! What will I talk mummy into….. Can’t wait to share next month!!!

Love you all