6 years 12 months

6 years 12 months

Birthday month!!!! Got home and FALL Break so two weeks off … feels like I’ve missed a lot of school . But I got to see a lot of Buc-ee and family.

It is my birthday Month normally I get to see Paddington and my friends and family abroad but 1 my passport expired and I look like an alien in that picture anyway… Nobody would ever believe it was me. 2. Some weird virus that shut down the world , made adults and most people cover their face so I can’t hardly understand how they feel, what they are say or what the heck.. GEEZ I need expression and lips ! But the weird virus caused everything to go wacky around and where we couldn’t travel anymore. WE do a lot more driving and we don’t go many places anymore other than therapy! I am getting what I need and meeting lots of new people and some I get to keep on regular basis and so I am learning , growing daily but I do miss getting to visit new places and travel with my parents.

Hanna and Slade stopped over long enough to rest, Hanna to take a test and give me a hug and make me take a picture and off they were !!! But here comes the crowd after them…..

My cousin Teen - Teen came from Arkansas and brought me some really cool cupcakes and cookies with Buc-ee on them for my birthday. My cousin Terri, Sandy and Amber all came to see me as well .. all the way from TEXAS!! Then I had both of my sisters, my bubba, Ryan.. and Ollie and Daisy here so lots of family!!! My Best Friend Gavin and his family Mallori, Jaxson, Danielle and Larry all came ! So glad I had friends here.. Really meant a lot to have Gavin and his siblings to play… I hear my sisters used to have big parties with 30+ kids .. Good thing that wasn’t here b/c our Tennessee house doesn’t have enough room! Maybe outside but NOT inside! Our sweet Neighbors came over to wish me happy birthday got me some cool blow ups.. I love love love blow ups! Mark and Susan are super nice and so glad mummy has some nice friends that she can talk to sometimes.. She seemed to have had a great time with my sisters and the littles .. The littles are WILD. I love them but when those two are together I run so I don’t get in trouble for the stuff they do! They honestly plan and conspire and do some crazy toddler things!! I am silly but I promise those two I can’t even compete with!!! My teacher Mrs. Delores come over and saw me for my birthday and My sweet Music Teacher Miss. Kate!! I was really shocked to see either of them Miss Kate was like Well Liam I am here .. and I just kept looking at her like are you really at my house!!??? Mrs. Joyce came by as well. She is one of Sissy’s friends from work and church she is super nice.. I was glad she came to my party! Its so nice to have lots of people come and hang out makes it where mummy doesn’t want to talk to me all the time she has other people to bug! Love mummy but sometimes I need some quiet time but I guess a party with lots of people for me isn’t really going to get me that right!!

After everyone left it was a weird kind of quiet .. I chilled and enjoyed left over cupcakes, cookies and my Buc-ee stuff Plus my blow ups!!! So so so fun! Monday was back to school it was spirit week and mummy made me two new shirts to wear for school spirit she is getting good at shirts. I wear them and smile for her. It was also western day so I got to wear my new boots I got when I was in Texas. Love my boots but hard to wear to school … I need tennis shoes for climbing ,playing and any therapy I might have work better with tennis.

It is nice to be back to school , I have been helping my teachers and paying better attention . Guess Napa whooped me in to shape to pay attention or maybe I am enjoy a little break…. This has been a weird month with visitors , birthday, school back in session and just trying to get back use to normal and to cooler temps . Our whole yard is covered in colored leaves it is super cool.. 2nd week back in school and we had some cookies on Friday for my actual birthday was super fun to celebrate my birthday and Mr. Greg’s birthday with all of my friends!! We got to play outside and eat cookies and snacks. FUN Friday for SURE!!! I am making friends but my best friend is still Buc-ee. I love to play with him .. he helps me every single day but he is lucky since there are so many of them I alternate so they don’t get tired of doing things. I wish sometimes there were two of me to alternate and I could sleep in instead of getting up early for music, DMI, Shakey plate (well I like Shakey plate) music I love and I can actually doze off when mummy isn’t watching on that one but DMI I have to actually work!!!!! Like Jump, climb , balance!!! And y’all it is EARLY like 6am early !!!!!! NOT KIDDING!!! Everyone else gets to get up in time to throw on their clothes and walk out the door. My sister Kaytlynn told me she used to sleep in her clothes so she didn’t even have to get dressed!!! She said I just got my bag and went out the door.. Well that is great but I have seen pictures of her as a kid and I noticed it was probably true b/c her hair was crazy!!! She’s going to kill mum for that but well true. .Don’t think she does that as an adult.. she always has her hair different so think she grew up to care a little. I normally keep my hair short but we need to get bubba or sissy over here to get it trimmed wish they would hurry b/c mum always puts this goop in my hair b/c she makes it look what she calls cool or makes me look handsome… I am a boy and well I don’t care mum!!! Just let me go like you let sissy go why am I different…????

Birthday weekend.. Fall Fest and fun… I dressed up in my fire bunker gear from Granite Shoals… it is getting snug so guess I will retire to the wall as mummy said! WE went and had pizza at Zanders it is sooooo good!!! Mummy, sissy, Daisy and I all shared the chicken, Ranch.cheese wood oven fired pizza .... We got some cheese sticks too and I got a wood fired chocolate chip cookie!!! Everyone was dressed up and the lady that typically makes balloons for me was painting faces.. She put a baby shark on Daisy it was cute. We walked to our car to put our left overs and stuff in the car and then went to fire station where they were handing out candy. then we followed the crowd one directions (the other direction was terrible ) and walked all down the street and people at all of the business’s were handing out candy .. I was like weird these people are just giving candy to all the people in town there were probably like a million people there not kidding!!! Daisy was a yellow baby shark and she was walking around scaring people then she took her costume off and was running as fast as she could. Bubba and sissy were having to chase her so I was getting candy and putting in a bag for her. I never eat that stuff so she can enjoy it although the energy she had they might not want her to have much more that night think they were pretty wore out. Typically I am done with the crowd but they were done way before me. I went ahead and left b/c daddy was struggling to keep up and I was walking so I gave him a break and we went home. Mayson place is supposed to have something on Monday night so sissy said she would go with us to that so I will enjoy seeing some of my friends maybe from school.

Mummy got up on Sunday today and guess what it is my ACTUAL birthday.(honestly just thought the whole month was my birthday it was talked about a lot). But she said I was actually 7 today and she got dress and guess what she took me to Buc-ees in Crossville where we went for opening here in Tennessee .. its as the first Tennessee one and I love I was there when they opened everyone was nice and we got opening day shirts. At first she didn’t say where she was taking me. But I started seeing the signs and yelling “EEEEEE” so I guess I realized then she wasn’t going to make me look at signs and not stop !! I figured we were going to “EE EE “ or Santa! So glad it was Buc-ee tho it was so much fun got to see the BIG one that I am still hoping … wishing … hoping … praying … wishing… hoping to get one day!!!! Then we went to get Brisket for Daddy and told the sweet lady it was my birthday … (mummy can’t remember her name but mummy and her both cried and she came around and even gave mummy a hug) She was super awesome!! She called someone and all of a sudden the whole store was wishing my Happy Birthday I was a little confused, happy , excited all in one inside my head I was like did they just tell me happy birthday the whole store knew it was my birthday OH wow!! GUESS what happened next!!!! BUC-EE was there !!! Yes he had not been anywhere but guess since it was my birthday he showed up for me!! (Maybe it wasn’t for me but I can believe it was). I got to shake hands, hug him , fist bump , and take pictures with him, dance … oh it was sooo much fund and Dane the store manager took a picture with us too. They really made my birthday the best ever!!!! When mummy went to check out with the money Grandma sent me to buy me new Christmas Buc-ee stuff Dane , England and Ashley were there … Dane said don’t leave!!! Next thing I know I got a BUC-EE Staff shirt like a real shirt like all of them have!! I am so excited. AS soon as we got to the truck I made mummy put it on my Buc-ee that I left in the truck … and when we got home I took a bath and now I have it on!! So excited I made new friends, saw my best friend Buc-ee and got a new shirt just like my new friends… The Crossville Tennessee Buc-ee’s is my favorite by far… Started on Day one with them and I feel they have invited me to be apart of them. IT is nice to have a “home “ store!! Still like to visit the others but this one will be dear to my heart and my Main STORE FOREVER!!!..

Mummy…. Dane…. Staff… Buc-ee Thank you for the BEST 7th Birthday ever!!!!! See you all again soon..

Love all of you and thank you for always following me…