6 years 2 months

year 2 months

December my favorite month of the year!!!! Santa Santa and more Santa ! I love Santa and I have it everywhere I go ! Not just at home. I have big blow up Santa’s and Mande put up her blow ups !! She was was faster than mummy on getting them up so glad because I love them! Grandma bought me a big ladder Santa and I love watching him go up and down the tree!!!

I got to see my Best friend Catherine ! We hugged and hugged ! Mummy surprised her with me. We went to the smokies (still haven’t seen the black bear they talk about). We went to eat with her and her family! Andrew is almost as tall as her now. I giggled and just loved seeing her again! I wondered if I’d ever see her again!!!! I love her mummy and daddy and brother! We met in an airport going to England when I was 2 when we got home from our journeys visiting family and friends we had her birthday then mine and then we were just instant best friends for life!!! When we left dinner mummy and I went to our hotel she had some points and we got this nice little place full of Santa in the lobby all the people loved me and showed me the tree and Santa and everything and guess what was next door!!!!!!! The Santa store!!! Yes Santa !!!

So I couldn’t sleep I wanted to get up now now and go but they were closed so I tossed and turned ! Finally daylight arrived and so did my breakfast ! I ate and didn’t argue about getting dressed today!!! No fights here let’s GOOOOOO! So we arrived and I had to wait FOREVER for Catherine to get there or so it seemed Mummy said it was barely 5 min ! But seemed like eternity! So I was being very well grumpy boy! Guess I shouldn’t have done that at the Santa store he could see me being naughty! Here they come and in line we go! Come on people let me up there please !!! I waited and mummy, Mr James, Miss Anna all helped me try to keep my mind off of it! Our turn arrived and it was hard to look at the camera I just wanted to look at Santa he was very nice and I didn’t ever want to leave! But I had to let the other kids have a turn and taking turns at 6 isn’t fun let me tell you I waited forever in kid time to see him let me have a little more time please mummy! But off we went into the North Pole not really but it was really like what I imagined the North Pole to be.. Santa , trees , ornaments , and anything you could ever imagine!!!!!

Heaven in a store got a Santa and grinch ornament ! After that Catherine and her family had to leave gave them all hugs and back home we went! Mummy and I had a great time. We got home and went to downtown Dickson lighting celebration I was a bit tired so we went home after walking into all the stores I wanted to see Santa but just because they are in the window doesn’t mean they are in the store bummer and false advertising!!!!!

We had a very bad storm ! I was sleeping so good and mummy made me get up and I was not happy she said liam bad storm let’s go to basement! She ended up carrying me I know I’m too heavy but I was tired! She woke up bubba Walker, sissy Joy and Daisy! And daisy was fine Walker was fine but I know she’s my sister we were both grumpy red heads!!! Who cares if it’s a tornado 🌪 what’s the big deal ! Well no lights for 18 hours and our town has trees up rooted by the roots houses leveled to the ground and all happened 2-4 miles from our house ! Okay MUM I now see the importance but can’t guarantee I will not be grumpy next time! We got up and went to my favorite Jeannine cafe for my favorite French toast and guess what !!!!??? Santa Ms Claus and THE GRINCH were there YES make my morning even better Summer , Paige, and Rhonda and of course Miss Jeannine!!! Daisy and sissy and bubba came Daisy didn’t care for the grinch so he snuck up 🔝 behind and mummy got a picture then she was not off guard again once she saw the picture she kept her eyes on him after that lol! I laughed I loved him , hugged him and it was the Best!!!
I got to meet Father Christmas at the Candy Store in Charlotte he was so neat and even talked about me on his website. Can’t wait to see him again next year. He was in all Green unlike Santa .. They favor a lot but Father Christmas is all about making people happy and bringing Cheer!! I can go for lots of cheer always ready for people to be happy. Seems everyone I see is so sad all the time. So bring it on Father Christmas this world needs some Cheer.. Can you be around YEAR ROUND PLEASE! Went to therapy and handed out goodies to my therapist at high hopes.. Love them all sooo much!!!! My Ms. Hillary is helping me with my mouth like my Miss Shay. (Miss Shay its ok you will always be my favorite.) Ms. Elizabeth is sooo much fun b/c I can run and run and she runs and runs and tries very hard to keep up with me.. haha I am faster hehehe. Ms Shelby lets me make big messes and draw all over her table with markers .. Wish I could color all over things at home but not allowed no fun!!! Happy Holidays my sweet Therapist see y’all next year!!!

My Auntie Mary and Auntie Vicki came over and we went to see the Dancing lights it was great fun , the music was making the lights do crazy things I loved it … i kept pointing out Santa, snowmen, trees and oh it was so exciting I also got to sit In mummy lap so I played with the mirrors on daddy’s mirrors and kept pulling and laughing at myself. Then he said when it was over I had to fix them so he could see! No fun but ok! We went to a big tent after and their was a massive Santa I was soooo excited to see it . Went all the way to the top of the tent . . After the lights we came back and I woke up to loads of fun presents from Santa! I loved that they came all the way to have Christmas with me. I have some pretty amazing aunties!!! They brought me super cool remote control cars ! They always buy me super cool gifts! They had to leave after we ate I was sad they had to leave I have soooo much fun but I know they’ll be back.

My sissy Kakey Triston and Ollie came up later that night!!! I have such a blast with Ollie! He didn’t feel great his ears were bothering him but we still had fun. I opened the gate and let him come up to my room we played for a long time with all my toys!
We got to open presents with sissy it was a blast I got more Santa ! I love Santa so much!!! My farting Santa is still my favorite and my remote control truck … sissy Joyjoy and walker , daisy came by after we all went to dinner and they left both daisy and Ollie they played and played and I kind of went to my room but I also played a little they had a lot of fun playing and Ollie loves my bumper cars when they got back from unloading in their new apartment the little kids opened their Christmas. I wish I could have helped them open I love opening gifts !! After all of that mummy wanted us in our shirts for pictures good grief more pictures ! Got pictures and we all love to make silly faces and make pictures hard but mummy seemed ok with the turn out. She’s always happy to have everyone together . I’m always happy to have someone to play with but very happy when my normal goes back to normal.
I’ve been very stir crazy this last week …. I’ve been getting into things more than normal but I never hurt anything I just end up hurting myself I scratched my face with the tape dispenser that wasn’t easy to use. Will just leave that to mummy from now on. I just want to try things but sometimes trying those things without help I realize it hurts me. Guess I learned the hard way instead of listening.

Mummy and I went to an appointment for me today I had to get a sonogram of my kidneys and see a specialist to make sure my kidney's were ok. After we finished at Vandy where daddy works I got a new owl and we went to eat dinner with my best friend and Kleefstra Brother Gavin!! I love his family! It is nice mummy has someone close that understands and I have a friend that is like me . At least Gavin and I understand each other even if we don't play like other kids we get each other. We are a lot a like. Nice to have a friend. I am blessed I have Gavin and Catherine.

AS this year come to an end I have:

Been to 227 therapies 2 of those were intensives one short intensive just speech and one full on 4 hours of Speech, DMI, Neuro suit, and PT OT

I have OT, PT and Speech Weekly and November finally am getting Prompt speech like what I do with Ms. Shay!
Mummy and I have traveled less this year than last but I have finally been getting regular help . Of course mummy is stressed b/c our insurance still isn’t paying she has tried everything and nothing. I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t get therapy this year! I know she would move mountains for me. I am back to working on Music Therapy in am Mummy is getting the routine back a little. I am still a little against doing things here at the house. She has to push me and I don’t always take pushing me very lightly but she is trying, I have a lot of stuff but we don’t really have a lot of places to put all of the items I need to use to work on.

My new shirt is almost done can’t wait to share with all of you!!! Thanks for any and all support … Shirt money helps me for sure with intensives.. I love going and I feel like I make the most progress in the intensives in Austin. WE were waitlisted again so don’t know if I will even get a chance to go but I can hope!!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year…. Until next year….