6 Years 3 Months

6 Years. 3 months

This month started off cold but really neat other than my Santa being buried in the snow and my mummy and daddy trying to make me ride down the hill in the laundry basket and it wouldn’t slide b/c the snow was coming inside… NOT COOL!!! Well it was cool it was down right cold and well find a real sled or lets not do that again! I did enjoy running around in the snow and playing . It was really neat and deep soooo deep up on my Wellies and I ran, played and had fun . Of course mummy wanted pictures when doesn’t she want pictures .. I said CHEEEEEESE over and over and she wanted me to smile or something . LOOK LADY I AM SAYING CHEESE TAKE THE PICTURE enjoy my cuteness and let me play already!

It was my Niece Daisy Birthday we had dinner with her at my favorite restaurant and I pigged out on my noodles and so did she!! I wanted some of her cake but they didn’t ever come cut it so I haven’t had any and it is torturing me sitting on the cabinet I keep saying eat and pointing and she says it is Daisy cake she has to see it and either get the first piece or something but her birthday is over already and I want cake! Ugh.. oh well… I got buttons from Ireland from my Auntie Teresa/ Zoe and uncle Stephen / Lubos. So that was pretty fair trade for not getting cake looking me in the FACE!! (If she still lived here I would have got CAKE)

But anyway moving on even though I still want some but off into the next chapter of this cold month as everything has melted and finally found my Santa .. and guess what it rained all day so he is still wet and I can’t see if he even works after all of that will be so sad if he doesn’t work. We went to Cracker barrel for breakfast and I had a lot of French toast and ate mine and all of mummy apples. They were so good! I love their fried apples.
I got a new toy puppy and mummy was a little annoyed b/c it barked non-stop some how it stopped don’t know but think she might have killed him. Or well disabled the batteries somehow but he is still cool.
I went to Arkansas for my nephew Ollie birthday didn’t get to see my Aunties bc Auntie Tina had Covid and Aunt Susie wasn’t really going around people bc of Covid so we had to stay the night in a hotel in Hot springs Mummy gave some baby stuff to my cousin and we had birthday cake and went to eat where my grand pop loved to eat growing up! Yummy French fries and BBQ! McClards is so good we didn’t see a lot of people because we got there late and left right after lunch when we got up bc we had more snow coming that night.

It snows a lot in Tennessee! Not complaining it’s super neat although we keep losing Casper bc he is white and blends . He comes back pretty quick it’s funny bc he doesn’t like the cold and the snow has been deeper than he is tall.

Snow is gone but it’s still really cold out. Mummy rarely wants to go outside she says tooo cold which I’m happy in my PJs .

Had one of mummy’s friends helping me with school stuff this week it was a lot of fun I got for markers and play dough and made a book, colored pictures , read books and just really loved being able to learn.

I have a new therapist named Kate it’s music therapy, that Is something I can write about for a very long time…. It is amazing! We play guitars, drums, bells, and sing songs and we play. She’s so fun and I really look forward to tuesdays!!! Think mummy really likes going to although I make her sit on the big white couch so I have more playtime alone with Kate she gets to come for hello and goodbye song but it’s my time!!

Grandma bought me a BIG echo!! I play with it a lot! It’s amazing!! I can call her on it and it’s soooo big like I’m in her living room although I can’t play all her devices from here or make a mess or hug her and uncle Steven. But I can see it’s nice she calls me and I can call her on it.

Daisy still comes over during the week last week she didn’t seem to feel well she didn’t really chase me or bug me. Kind of miss it. She says my name now and walks around the house when I go upstairs for a break and she says “liam liam liam” over and over . I laugh bc it’s so funny but cute. !!! But this week she didn’t say my name much she just kind of laid around. I tried to just leave her alone she seemed like she was very sleepy! I don’t like people messing with me when I’m sleepy and she kept saying mami night night and she would curl up in her office , on floor or anywhere and fall asleep.

I do enjoy playing with someone !!! But also enjoy my own time.

This month my new shirts came out. Mummy put them up! I love mine. Can’t wait to share with my friends and people who are so sweet to support me. I know mummy appreciates you helping me! I do to! Especially if it means I keep music !!! And PT and of course I love OT and speech too! My therapist are the best!!!

Well 4 snows and January is coming to an end!! Wonder what February holds!!! Love y’all!!!



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