6 Years 4 months

6 years 4 months

Today started my new month new journey.. Everyday is a new journey I never know what to expect.
I am really working on my sounds with Miss Hilary so much fun we play lots of games and she knows how to tease me to make me say words… I want to say things really bad and I try really really hard! It is just really hard when I say things it doesn’t ever sound the way I want it to but seems mummy and daddy understand me and so does Miss Hilary!

We played a hedgehog game today and I said “up”. We are working on “p” and it is very very very hard!!! I am doing better with the EEEEAAAAT. T is still hard to get added but I am saying it more… I am also saying IN. I am trying so hard to make sounds. “A” is getting a little easier. I have to really think about sounds but I want to talk . I love Miss Hilary we play lots of fun games.

Music is still so much fun ! Mummy goes outside and Kate and I play all the instruments 🎸 🥁 🔔 🎶 I’m learning so much and miss Kate says I am really good at holding a beat. She is helping me with my words !!! Her and Miss Hilary are working together and I am doing really good or I think I am ! I am mocking mummy a lot better than before and I feel people are understanding me a little more!!!

Puzzles and slides oh my miss Elizabeth!!! She wants me to slide hahah nope I’ll go on my belly down carpet but not in mood to slide just get over it . Made a new friend she is cute she did an obstacle course and played on the slide and playhouse she also told me bye. I love high hopes and I love playing with Miss Elizabeth and the other kids like me.

Today is my first day to go to therapy without mummy.. not too sure about how I feel about going inside by myself. I did good I rode my bike been a while but we went around the halls and miss Hilary was out so I had to see another person but she was super sweet so I decided I’d work hard ! I really am trying I know how much my mummy wants me to be able to say things. Although Niece Daisy says enough for both of us. With her around I never need to talk. Girls jabber a lot !!

I went to Music and we are writing a song ! Song about me. I get excited to sing songs . I am playing the drums and doing so good alternating my hands it’s so exciting. Miss Kate is teaching me how to keep a steady beat. When we get to her therapy I take mummy in now I even show her how to get on the elevator and I do all the button pushing without her telling me. I know where I am going .. I know exactly how to get to my MISS KATEs..

I still do my listening program when I get up and I really enjoy it I just chill in mummy office every morning and listen most of the times I eat breakfast too.

Had a sub for PT missed Miss Elizabeth but I did a lot to make her proud and jealous for ditching me for Mardi Gras and Gumbo!! I swang on the big long log scary but did it to show her I would . Alternated stairs and played hard. I love getting to see other kids and getting to play. It’s fun to run and play.

I went to see my pediatrician for my 6 year old check up. I am 4 feet tall and weigh 56 lbs I’m super tall everyone says. I like it because I can get Things I want that mummy puts up high. I have learned I can push my chair over and climb to get things super high. Love growing…

Got a new doctor this month for my tummy it’s been hurting some . She was super nice. I get to eat more of my favorite foods sweet potatoes, pears, apples, (but cooked apples) carrots and more broccoli and cauliflower. but my tummy is still not great. They gave me some things to help so hoping I feel better soon.

My months aren’t as exciting but I have been learning in music, speech and OT /PT mummy said I’m making progress . I feel I learn slowly each week. Wish I could learn more and learn faster being able to communicate would seriously help when I want something. I get my point across but sometimes wish it wasn’t so hard to get people to get it!

February is over and into March and spring!!!!! Time for trampoline and swings…..

Love you all Liam

Shirts are in if you want one fund mummy I just wear them not sell them… that’s her thing!!!