6 years 5 Months

6 Years 5 Months

6 years 5 mo We don’t travel much anymore , I honestly am home more than anything . We go to therapy three days a week. I have speech and OT on Mondays and have been working on riding a new trike and doing well. I think I’m doing well. It’s nice to ride around. I still jump a lot and love cutting and using dot markers . I am getting good at stringing beads on a string. I have been working on lining up a zipper I can pull up and down but getting on the line to do it isn’t very easy. I am getting good at the big buttons too. Shelby gets excited and so does mummy. I am really trying to get my sounds out with Miss Hilary. She pushes me and helps me push to get them .
I do music on Sunday now it’s nice to go somewhere on the weekend . I still laugh at all the Nashville traffic . I go to PT with my Miss Elizabeth on Thursdays and we have so much fun running and playing . I enjoy getting to run and play! My sister Kaytlynn came up with my nephew Ollie and my niece Daisy was at the house and let me tell you two 2 year olds are utterly exhausting…. I’m a kid but they have more energy than I’ve ever had. I decided I’d hide and let them destroy the house. I did play with them a little but I just allowed the two of them to play and I stayed in my room and played with my echo and my Minecraft.
My stomach hasn’t felt great so I honestly didn’t feel like running around a lot. Mummy and I watched a movie together after the littles were gone.

After sissy went home the house is so quiet now. I do like seeing them all but also enjoy my quiet time.

I have struggled not wanting to use the bathroom still a lot of it is bc my stomach feels weird .
I still enjoy all my vegetables 🥗 🥦 🥕 so I eat good but guess my stomach isn’t like everyone else’s just like I am not like everyone else . Oh well that makes me special but sometimes wish some things were a little normal so my stomach wouldn’t hurt!
Daddy took me to get my hair cut. I miss Miss Denise but the barber is really cool. And daddy forgot my game so I stole his phone. Always cool to take over his device. I learn passwords and things super quick. I might not be able to talk. But I am able to figure out things very quickly!! I’m smart in my own way. Mummy is working on Homeschooling and sissy Joy is excited to help. Not sure about this yet school and classroom is fun I love it but at home I’d rather play my game , with my toys or chill not do classroom stuff. Mummy wanted a dedicated space but she said it cost so much she couldn’t accomplish That and ran out of space in basement so I have to figure out the happy medium of sitting where I’d rather play than learn and learn how to learn and pay attention. Good luck with that!!!! Mummy took me bowling today. I’ve never been bowling. It was fun. I beat her and had a lot of fun. Was neat to see the ball return and then pushing down a ramp to see what I could get! I bet if I went more I’d be really good! I had a great day . We went to the catfish kitchen and I met a sweet older lady and saw Casey and Paige they are so nice mummy loves going places where she can talk and meet people and I’m cool with it bc everyone loves me and gives me tea and lets me chill and mummy gets to hang out I guess you could say. Think she misses her friends .
Daddy , mummy and I went to the mountains and saw some Texas friends … I got to watch cars, there were a lot of cars like mummy’s I always point out her 4Runner. I went to the aquarium saw sharks , sting rays . And lots of fish it was really cool. I got a new bear and penguin. We walked around and then went to eat with Buster, Stacee,Mackinzee , Andrew , Tatum, and Ranger. Ranger is a little bit older than me. I wish I could play with him , would help if I could talk I know I don’t really fit in with other kids but I would like to. I love to watch them play and I do learn from them.
At the cafe I got fish and chips it was yummy I ate all my dinner . After dinner we had to say goodbye I felt sorry for mummy she didn’t get a lot of time to hang out, but she had a good time. She misses talking, I wish I could talk to her. I give her lots of hugs tho… We got home late mummy had to work the next day. I slept in .. Daddy went to music with me we had a family music therapy it was fun… I was a little reserved but I did good . Miss Kate always says I do good! I love playing drums and listening to her play guitar and sing… Had speech an PT today I opened all of my DOT markers by myself and I Made a ball. I cut a line today too. I’m doing very good with Miss Shelby Worked on sounds today with Miss Hilary. I like working hard for her! Hanna and Slade stopped by was a little surprised she belongs in Texas but I had fun she watched me on my game and played with me. They only stayed one night but it was nice bc I got cheesy chicken spaghetti and rolls!! Always love company!!! It’s been busy with therapy and we got to at least do something beside therapy and go to the smokies so I could see the fish at the aquarium and we got to see Texas peeps twice this month. Allergies made it where we didn’t see my auntie Shelsea mummy was super bummed about that but I was silly and made her laugh! I’m good at that. We’ve been going bowling and I’m good I almost always beat mummy and daddy! It’s ok they’ll get the hang of it. This month has been flying by and here March has come to an end ….. springing into April we go and let’s see what all we get to do in the spring!!! Hugs to all…..

Love Liam



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