6 years 6 months

6 years 6 mo

April Fools…… hmmm ok well not interested…..

Have another friend who has been with Miss Kate for Music her name is Anna Laura she is lots of fun. But still love my Miss Kate! After therapy we met Sissy, Bubba and Daisy at the zoo…. Dinosaurs were there and very well real life. Some even shot water at us. They made lots of rawr sounds …. It was neat I was so excited pointing them out. I love dinosaurs and so does Daisy! She sets them out allll over the house .. she walks around going rawr……she’s silly!!! I love to have her to play with but sometimes I have to go to my room to rest a little and have big boy time… she walks around saying LIAM… LIAM…. Two year olds whew!!!!

Mum and I went to the mall and I saw the Easter Bunny well NO THANKS!!! That’s a fuzzy whatever and not having any part of it. Did like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan but I wasn’t into a picture or chilling with them. I’ll stick with Santa!! He seems way more real than the fuzzy Easter Bunny!!!! Don’t think that bunny has anything to do with GOD… But moving on….. Miss Elizabeth was out so I got to play with Micaela again she is energetic and fun but again love my Miss Elizabeth always fun to have new friends and new people to play with but appreciate my normal friends too!!!! I’m pretty adaptive 🙂 maybe I just make friends like Mummy!

Well maybe not my age I do way better with older kids and adults . I just don’t get playing !

I started bowling with a team on Monday! My “Pal” name is Dawson is is so nice he helps me with the ball and we have another kid on my team so I am learning to take turns at game I got 100 I won! But winning isn’t everything … honestly don’t care but it’s fun to play. Daddy was struggling he wanted to help me but it was my time to play with Dawson so he had to watch. He figured out I had this pretty quick! It’s ok Daddy I still need you but I am learning. I did have a blast playing video games before bowling with daddy!!! That you can help me with!!

I am able to do more I just struggle with getting things on my fork still but I can get things easy to stab. Spoons are tricky bc things roll of the way my hand turns. But I do try. I love peas but they hate my spoon! Casper loves it when I try bc he sits under me and gets anything that falls !!!

I’ve been doing new school stuff! Don’t care much for it yet. I try to do all I can do So can be done with it quick! We read stories. I worked on “A” sound and draw some. Mummy bought me DOT markers that helps! Daddy has helped this week but we aren’t very consistent like mummy is with music in the morning. I do my music every morning and it really relaxes me and helps me start my day.
Mummy and I have been checking our strawberries they are growing but our berries seem to come in late every year. We are working on getting the flower beds where she can plant other things but the weeds are so hard to keep out. She has some new trees to plant they are starting to grow so need to get them in the ground soon!!! I’ll help of course by telling her what to do!!

We had a get together and I got to look for eggs all over our yard it was a lot of fun. Gavin and his family came too… plus Mande, Mike and everyone next door .. Mande made these beans and I enjoyed them a little tooooo much… pictures will show that b/c sure mummy will post that too.
I got two really cool Peter rabbits for easter. I had watched them on Youtube and now I have my own. I love them sooo much!!!

I had a great time running around looking for eggs and just being outside and playing a little. But when I was done I was totally done!!! Ready to go inside…

Well Covid hit our house! Don’t know what the deal is I felt fine! Had energy , was not sick at all! The MMRV vaccine gave me measles and chicken pox that was terrible I was so sick. This was nothing but me taking a test and they said I had it.

Mummy was tired and had a headache but no fever she said strep throat was way worse! Now daddy well he was the one it hit! He was in bed a week. He is still feeling bad but he’s back to work. The after effect has messed with his sugar said he doesn’t eat but think he’s been into my rice crispy treats !!! Can’t be good for his sugar but his sugar was so high mummy was worried she said it’s never been that high ever. Daddy always takes care of his sugar levels so this was and has been hard for him . Guess it’s good he works in the ER so he’s taken Care of at work!!!

I had therapy today and to be honest wasn’t in any mood for it. Had all subs which I loved all of them but I just didn’t want to do it. I wanted to go eat and well just wanted to enjoy mummy Liam time ! Thursday is our date night typically. We went to chuys and then to the mall! It’s super hero day and I saw Spider-Man and I wasn’t real sure but took a picture with him, (and black panther) but, made mummy take with me. I got a cookie out of the deal so not complaining !!! And finally did shake hands !!! This month has been a little different …. But not bad…. Next month some exciting things happening and finally some travel coming up!!! Yay! Miss it so much! Adventures continue…

Love to all