6 years 7 months

Everyone is well finally… time for me to fly…. Haha. We went to South Carolina to a BIG Kleefstra Reunion. Mummy said a lot of my Kleefstra brothers and sisters will be here. Well whew… lots of people… outside …. Ok yes very cool weather was great but seriously mummy outside for hours NO game really I seriously have to PLAY and mingle and do what you are good at??? NOPE not having it. I held a few kids hands … Winnie,4 (no sure on spelling). Adela she was sweet and 7 and Little Liam was here his mummy said he’s naughty I’m Nice. He’s just fun. He dances and loves on people kind of like I did when smaller . I’m getting older and I don’t do that as much but I do love giving hugs, high fives and fist bumps. When I don’t have to stay outside and be expected to mingle. 😁. But all and all it honestly was nice to see so many people like me. Mummy had a blast taking talking did I say TALKING!!!! I found a nice shade tree…. And there I sat and enjoyed the breeze, shade and well not having to talk. Oh right… non-verbal…. I don’t have to talk.. hi maybe a bye or Liam but at least I wasn’t expected to actually chat like mummy that is exhausting!!! I sat with daddy and chilled !!!!!! I did enjoy the brisket, beans, cornbread and the food!!! It was great oh and the music! I loved watching them play guitar 🎸… truly love the guitar. People were dancing , singing and getting super silly!!!

Once the event ended we went to eat lunch I had fish and chips and chips and queso… it was cool we were inside an old firehouse… my food was great!!! Afterwards we went back to our house and chilled by a fire and ate s’mores , daisy and I ran and played outside it was fun , quiet and truly a relaxing night after all the loud crazy event . I enjoyed knowing im not alone, enjoyed seeing other kids like me could talk so maybe with hard work I can get better !!! But a lot of them were girls and girls talk MORE! ALOT MORE. Maybe it’s just im a boy and don’t want to be chatty!! Mummy talks enough for our whole family!!!!

They put sticky stuff on me and I still have weird spots on me from being burned by the sun. Super annoyed because sitting still to get that stuff sprayed all over me honest is awful!!!

Anyway onto more positive thoughts that don’t require me to complain!! Headed to the hotel to say bye to my Kleefstra family. That was not a quick goodbye. I’m done! Done with crowds and don’t want to take anymore pics just want to go back to quiet time . I enjoyed seeing others like me I did! I just got a little Sun and truly just wanted to rest .

Back home and back to normal so I thought but it is more like back to chaos. Monday we got up and mummy took me to therapy got home and hour later had to go to Nashville to have my teeth cleaned. Then we went back home and of course had music tuesday with my new friend Anna Laura . She is super sweet..: I do miss my Miss Kate but I love her and am super glad I don’t have to miss music when Miss Kate is out. Wednesday morning mummy made me take a swab Covid test !!!!! Now come on I had Covid !!! I don’t need this again! After she got off work we headed into Nashville and I had to get swabbed again!!! REALLY!!! Well I got a new stuffed animal and so I knew I better be good! It was over quicker than the sign in so off I hope to the toys!!!! Got a unicorn bc it said it put stars on my ceiling!!!!

Got home and made mummy put barriers in it immediately! Not sure I like it yet but it is cool that it puts things on my walls, really thought it would sing but it is pretty boring . Back to Peter rabbit, my minions and Paddington of course I still love my Buc-ee. I play with him he ride on my shoulders and I feed him. He gets a bite then I get a bite !!! Thursday I got to go to PT , Daisy rode with us bc daddy has day shift at the hospital now . So her and mummy waited while Elizabeth and I played . They got a spider cage like Napa and I was working on hopping on one foot! I’m going to teach Elizabeth weights like I did with Wendy!!!! Back home and packing begins for our weekend at Vandy where daddy works although I’m going to childrens not to the ED and from daddy stories I’ll avoid the adult ER. Sounds very eventful and not for me! I don’t do all the crazy people very well!!

My Vanderbilt story I’ll save that for a specialist topic… oh boy that’s a story all on its own!!!!! Mummy got the pool ready for me to splash and play but I really refer watching Daisy jump in and I want the little pool right now. Love water and spraying people. They set up the big slip and slide I went once but would rather watch from here on out that was scary even with sissy. Them flying down the big hill and could fly into the woods as well!!! Have at it! I’ll watch from here and laugh as you are thrown into the woods, creek or shed !!

This month I had lots of doctors appts and lots of junk on my head and in my hair! Honestly it’s been a crazy month. The pool is ready and sissy bubba and daisy have been enjoying it. I enjoy the water hose and checking my vegetables I planted . We went and visited the school and met the principal mummy said I might go there next year . It was nice and everyone was nice there.

Guess we will see.

June has an adventure mummy said . Hope it means I get to do something… all we do is go to doctors so other than that I never leave home. Will be nice to do something fun. She said adventure so hopefully it’s not another head wrap!!!

Until next month…… ❤️Liam


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