6 years 8 months

6 years 8 months

We are in Texas and it’s HOT can’t believe we lived here! But I got to go swimming on my first day here so that did help. I saw Auntie Christy and Uncle Matt and the boys were playing basketball in the pool I kept helping them with the ball that kept flying out of the pool and throwing to them . They were splashing and it was the best. Madison took me into the pool and that was great fun too I even pushed her in. It was nice to do something other than ride in a car !
Afterwards we went to see Grandma on way back to Hill country where we were staying. I ran up and down the hall and stole her IPad she didn’t care . That’s why I like going over there she lets me play with any device I want . And there is always chocolate hiding somewhere.

Got back to Matt and Ambers and had fresh made tortillas and chips … I was in heaven!!!
Matt then taught me how to play XBox! I was playing some cool games and really having a great time. I slept sooooo good at their house mummy too! We slept in two days in a row.

Headed to Centex for mummy to work … I got to see David and Fawn… and Donato they all couldn’t believe how big I was! Yup I’m growing!!!! Fast!!!!

Went to the lake house to stay it was nice and relaxing I was a little restless. Auntie Shelsea came to see me and we went for a walk. Wasn’t too happy about that at all! It’s hot guys!!! Like let’s stay inside please ! Mummy was like it’s cooled down let’s walk a little. I’m like ok if this is your idea of cool …..I humored them but not happily….. we got back and I just wanted to sit and chill but no WiFi is boring so decided even tho I took a long nap I’d go to bed early. Super bored!!!! Of course tossed and turned finally played Minecraft a little and back to sleep .

Next day I got to play on my game some bc we went to mummy office . Daddy came in today grandma brought him up to us. We went and had dinner with Uncle Travis and Aunt Arlett . I got to see the big bearded dragon . Had no desire to hold him but fed him a pepper and played with uncle Travis we fell on floor and rolled around and had a great time!!! He has snakes and dogs and all kinds of animals sure miss the bird it talked to me.

We went to the fire house and I got to play in all the fire trucks and climb on them. Sure miss the firehouse and our fire family. Was good to see some of my fire family.
We went to eat with Tim, Amber and Cutter and I played and played outside with cutter had sooo much fun. I was tired when we got home !!!

Mummy has to work she doesn’t get to sit and relax with us much . I make big messes with daddy probably should help mummy but messes are fun!

We went to San Antonio after cleaning up the lake house so I could go to Morgan’s and play on the big splash pads and watch the water splash splash ! Love Morgan’s so much fun . We had dinner at Cracker Barrel and I ordered my own food and even my dessert ! Mummy let me! She said she hopes I eat it but I’m starving and sooooo thirsty!

On way back to Austin we stopped at guess where !!!! Bu-cees Yay!! Guess what he was there! Bu-cee was really there I high fives him hugged him and got my picture with him.
They still wouldn’t let me have the big one in the truck tho. I try and try but everyone says NO! Mummy said he wouldn’t fit in the truck but we could make him fit!!!! We got settled in the house for the week and went over to Monica’s and went swimming for a little while! I saw Bear , Monica , Adam, Hanna, Slade , Bradley and Hayden and Ashley . It was a lot of fun Swimming but I get over being outside pretty quick in 106 !!! We left and went to a pizza place to see Uncle Traye, Aunt Mary, Bree, AJ and another sweet friend. I was tired and a little grumpy for me . Wasn’t really hungry bc I ate a big burger and fries a hour before but I sat and hugged and drank my tea super fast!!!! Bree hung out longer got some pics with her ! I love my Bree!!!
Bree came over to the house the next day and gave daddy a massage. She is licensed massage therapist now and doing house visits ! I didn’t get one but mummy always does my back with lotion it’s so nice!! I’m pretty spoiled!!! Grandma gave me a piano and I have had the best time making lots of noise with it. Although it’s not as much fun as I thought because it doesn’t annoy mummy. Where is the fun in being loud if she doesn’t care!
Daddy flew out today and I was a little sad . I have weird feelings when my parents go somewhere now . It’s weird don’t know how to explain but it feels weird when they leave me! Mummy took me to target and I got a light sword that cheered me up a lot! Been really liking Star Wars stuff even tho I haven’t seen the movie yet. Since daddy left I have to go to work with mummy. I don’t mind it but sometimes I get a little bored! Hayden was there but mummy wouldn’t let me bother him much.
Finally!!!! What I was hoping for!! Mummy took me to see Miss Denise to get my hair cut! I got to sit on my fire truck although I honestly don’t really fit like I did I made it happen!!!! At least I didn’t get stuck 😁. Told mummy I could still fit!!!! She was so excited to see me! I’m so good getting my hair done ! I love it. There was a kid behind me screaming like nuts and he didn’t really get much of a cut or not that I could tell but was totally freaking out ! Not tooo sure why bc it’s just a hair cut and if you sit back and relax it’s super relaxing!!!!! But to each their own!!! Wish she was closer bc I love her hair cuts and the way she loves on me! She’s the best !!! We were done with our Austin week and headed up to the hill country to finish some things before we left! I got Ginger and spice finally!! I ate like I’d never eat again!!

Mummy worked really hard to get finished with some things! I helped her a lot . She taught me how to scan all the pages for her ! So easy one time she showed me and I had it under control! Scanned over 50 pages for her !! I scanned she named and saved! We had a good system going

We got back to house took a nap and mummy and I got the road and it wasn’t even daylight but we got to stop at the first bu-cees in Temple and I got another beaver yay! And snacks for the road!

Onward we go she said very little short stops … let’s get home buddy! So off we went !!!! Next stop… yup you got it Bu-cees Royse City. Bathroom break, snacks and guess what another beaver yup!!!! It’s “Beaver Time”. Back on the road and the car is looking more like a bu-cee store and that is fine by me! Stopped saw aunt Susie and Aunt Rita dropped off aunt teen teen coffee and back we go on the road after filling up! Mummy didn’t have to stop again after that because no more beaver stores unfortunately but we made it the rest of our trip home! Got home mummy unpacked and guess what!!!! Grandma got me an Xbox!!!!! Yay I can play my games like with Amber and Matt! So super excited !!!! Nice to sleep in my bed with all of my beavers.
Next day I got up for therapy and saw Shelby and Hilary and worked hard.. I had a two week break so needed to work hard this week … Got home and was exciting b/c mummy friend from school and his family all came to stay with me. WHY is this exciting b/c now I have three teenagers to play with… Becca, LuLu and Sammy.. I wore out Michael too he is just a big kid… kerri and mummy enjoyed watching all of us play. We set up the big slip and slide! I jumped on the trampoline with them and we all played the girls danced a lot and sang in the living room and we had a blast eating out and playing… They were here most of the week. We went to the candy store and had burgers and I got to see my frog and Miss Michelle…. I love the candy store in Charlotte .
Was so sad when they had to leave really enjoyed having people to play with … But got another surprise… Grandpa and Uncle David came !! Uncle David played Xbox with me and we had a GREAT time!!! He picked me up, went outside with me and chilled out!!! It was so nice to spend time with them. They were headed up to pick something up in Canada and we went and had breakfast with them on their way out at Miss Jeannines … I got my famous French Toast.. yummy!!! I have had so much family time this week it has been a nice treat since we got home.. Mummy is tired but she too has enjoyed having people to talk to!! CAMP well… This Is different… I have to share Miss Kate and Miss Anna Laura with other kids! Not sure about that! They sit … I DON’T I walk around, run around dance a little and act a little cheeky but it is ok they don’t care! I am not sure about other kids yet. I love the adults but other kids other than Daisy or Ollie it is just a little different and a little scary.. Maybe I am shy… well … Maybe NOT… I have never really been shy I just know good and bad people. I am very very careful with whom I want to let in!
Had PT with Elizabeth haven’t seen her in a while so figured I would wear her out she had two weeks to rest so time to play !!!!! Surprise on Wednesday Grandpa and uncle David came back….. they only stayed the one night and headed back to HOT TEXAS.. glad I am not going back to texas right now it is toooooooo hot for me.. .like our Tennessee Rain and cooler temps for sure… my veggies do better b/c of it too…

So Mummy packed some bags and said lets go to East Tennessee and see Buccee.. well she didn’t have to tell me to get in the car twice this time…. I was ready to go and willing to help her back to see my beaver!!! We drove for what seemed like a very long time and arrived I was little upset b/c the store wasn’t open and I couldn’t go to the outside yet. But she promised we would go Monday!!! Said they opened on Monday!! Not sure what we will do today right now we are in the hotel and I am chilling a little while daddy rest and Mummy works… so I type this so y’all can hear in my words I am very bored!!! Today daddy & mummy took me to see horses ! I love horses , we went to Wildwood Stables in Crossville … it was way out mountains all around and horses everywhere!!!!! Was very exciting! The most exciting thing was a lady named Judy let me ride a horse named Hawk! I road all over the stables and outside it was sooo much fun she said I had really good balance, good thing for all the therapy I do! I better have good balance ! I got a new shirt and a pin ! They said that I could come back and ride again tomorrow before e go home …. After Bucees of course! Beaver 🦫 first!!! Bucee opening day we were at the door before the sun was completely up everyone was so excited like me and chanting after the store employees ! They gave us all FREE “EEEE” shirts! Soooo excited oh I’m so excited! I got in and made my way straight to the truck and there was my BIG Bucee!! Oh how I want him sooo bad! But got another big bucee like my other three! Never enough never enough nope never enough !! Got me some yummy snacks and shirts and got to play with the REAL Bucee! He was so nice and I took pictures with him. He let me tickle him too !!!
After I enjoyed a few hours of beaver fever we went back to the stables and I got to ride a horse again . I was sooooo “High” my face touched the trees and I laughed and thought it was sooo funny!!! Mummy took off work and daddy was off already so it was super. Nice to have a few days of play time! They took me to see Buzz lightyear too!! I enjoyed the movie but sitting in the dark that long was a little much I want to walk a little and I don’t know it was a good movie but the movies are not as fun as horses, BUCEE and being outside spraying mummy with the water hose and checking on my garden!! We got back home and I played with my beavers and then shower and bed for the week to go back to therapy and all work no play or very little play ! Heck what am I talking about I play all day ! Daisy and I tear the house up, run laugh and make big messes ! Well she makes a bigger mess but I think it’s funny and we both laugh a lot ! She’s older now and it is fun to have her here to play with a few days a week when mummy works! I don’t run hide upstairs from her anymore! She still says LIAM come play! Liam Liam Liam !!! This month has been so busy! But was nice to go somewhere again. The house gets a little much! Hope to share more journey next month!!!

Love you all