7 Year 2 Months

7 years 2 months Today I loved school got to wear my Christmas Buc-ee and everyone was dress super cool they even let me listen to Christmas music love Christmas !!! We went and got my glasses and mummy’s and I am wearing them without the strap they are big boy glasses ! I’m growing he was shocked how big I keep getting.

Went to PT today and Elizabeth wasnt here so I worked some but I missed her a lot!!!!

Daisy and I have therapy today and mummy brought us . I stole Miss Hilary pen and colored on her table and wiped it and I thought it was soooo funny .. I was laughing sooo hard . I was trying not to work but Hilary was like we have to work! But I was sooo silly!! Also told her she was my favorite therapist . Miss Elizabeth said she’s gonna get me. Hehe 😜

Daddy and Mummy took me to a Christmas store to see Santa … we almost missed him bc of horrible Nashville traffic … I thought the traffic was funny . Daddy goes with the flow and mummy was super stressed we would miss Santa ! ( I would have been sad not going to lie but love traffic it’s funny). We got there and they went ahead and said I could see him . Guess Santa knew I truly loved him bc they let us in , we were last people to see my friend. I watched the others finish up and was soooo excited , I couldn’t wait to hug him and look at him. I can’t believe it the “Real Santa” right there before my eyes!!! I was so amazed at his belt and suit and hat. I just wanted to examine him completely he was perfect !!!! So happy, friendly, and genuinely wanted to spend time with me!!!! I took silly pictures and pics with mum and dad there and then Liam time again. And then he had to go feed the reign deer I guess because we had to say goodbye but that was the BEST night of my life!!!! It made Mummy cry!! When we walked outside they had snow flurries everywhere and we took a picture in front of the big tree outside … yes more pictures! I just say cheese constantly. I’ve been trained for pictures mummy always takes pictures!!! Always!!!! Humor her have fun or just be miserable and I chose to smile and have fun. Life short!!!!

We had a Christmas party at school and had a Santa come see us there I love seeing Santa’s . Mummy came and spent the day in the class we had a lot of junk food but I wasn’t interested . It was different her being there but enjoyed her getting to see my class and teachers . We got a gift from one of our friends I just want to pull tags off .
After the Santa visited Mummy and I left it was early release and she wanted to avoid the traffic .

It is getting closer to Christmas I can’t hardly stand it . Daddy went to Texas WITHOUT me to see Grandma and help with some things so when he called I decided to only talk to Grandma bc he left me behind ..

Mommy ear got infected and was swollen really big so we just hung out around the house she had to go to doctor and I got a new toy because I was so good for her. But obviously I’m good look at my Buc-ee stash.

Being out of school is boring but I got a little break from therapy since I’m going to a short Napa trip in January. It started snowing and daddy had to stay at the hospital for a few days so we took him some clothes and some food so he could stay close to work and not have to drive with the idiots as mummy says.

Told Mum I wanted to go to target we stopped but honestly wished I had not asked it was so crazy and lines wrapped around I was like let’s go!!!! We stopped at the grocery store and got some things for Christmas dinner .. and of course I got Goldfish, Oatmeal cream pies I love putting things in the basket ..

We got home and the snow really started later on that evening. We woke up to a white yard!!!

Mummy birthday was on Saturday and she cooked listened to music and I came in and danced with her and honestly we just chilled out.
Kakey , Ryan and Ollie came up the next day and daddy came home finally .
It was beginning to feel like maybe Christmas was going to happen. Mummy finished cooking the rest of a very very very big meal more food than I ever remember in our house and Joy Joy . Walker and Daisy came over they had been in OHIO for Christmas and we all ate and got to open presents . I had gone up to change and came down to LOTS of presents under the tree. I could care less about food let me tear some paper!
I got a really cool truck that flips and flops and is super fast . I played with it forever !!! Mummy got me my own iRobot she said it’s all mine to start and stop all I want. ( honestly I like doing hers bc I’m a kid and kids are supposed to annoy their parents … it’s our JOB!) I got a neat Globe that talks to me and I tap places and it tells me about it. Got a drawing board and thing to throw bean bags at for therapy. No telling what mummy is going to do with that!!! Guess I’ll find out after Napa and when I get to go back to see my friends and teachers at school. It was a fun playing with Ollie and Daisy but then I wanted to play alone and let those two play. They are tornadoes together . Mummy got off work and had a big mess I didn’t want any part of that blame …. Lock the gate throw away the key and let me stay upstairs in my room lol. We got packed up and we left when everyone else was leaving . Sissy Joy came over to say goodbye to everyone and bring breakfast . We got out and on the road off to Texas we go for Napa and mummy needed to work!!

On the trip Mummy kept wanting me to eat and I kept telling her NO Texas Grandma Texas Buc-ee. Finally we got out of Tennessee and thought Arkansas would never end! Across the line we go and here come my signs but sad it said 176 miles to Buc-ee. That’s a very very long time for a little person ready to be at his favorite store and the signs say I can hold it for the cleanest bathrooms so I will avoid the drinks for a while …. But then again I like to drink….
Finally made it to Terrell, it was my first visit to this Buc-ees so exciting !!! I got of course new shirt and Buc-ee . Mummy got some drinks , snacks and we of course used the nice clean bathrooms . Afterward we went to our cousin Terri’s and took a nap. I say nap bc it wasn’t even 3 hours but I didn’t care because I got Buc-ees for breakfast in Temple on the way to mummy work!! We got to the office she settled me in and got signed onto the computer she had a lot of work to do and I played on my game and sat with her , bugged some people around the office that stresses mummy out and so we left around lunch time and yay!!! Grandma!!!! Got to grandma and my cousin Hannah is here we had soooo much fun running , playing, and playing… lol. So nice to have someone to play with. We got my favorite chicken rice bowl from the fire bowl and played more . Who wants to eat when I can play I’ve been in the car for days it seems. Friday we had to go to the office again but we only stayed half day so I was excited to get back to Grandmas to annoy uncle Steven and play with Hannah more! She was waiting for me and pacing waiting for me to get back. We had such great fun. I never get to see her but was sooooo glad I had a few days to actually play !! We stayed with Grandma , sure Uncle Steven is ready for us to leave lol 😂 I sure love to go visit him in his room.

Well New Years is coming and this month is over so love to all …. Napa and more Bucee stories

Love Liam