7 Years 1 Month

7 years 1 month

7 wow! I’m getting old! I’m tall for sure I know I have doctor appt soon that will tell us how big I am but mummy says I wear a size 9 / 10 and I’m 7 if that tells you anything. Size 2/3 shoe /boot I have inserts to help my feet since I’m getting bigger and having issues walking with my feet going somewhat FLAT guess my weight . I’m 65 lbs mummy can’t pick me up as much anymore . Miss getting thrown around. I had virtual school it was weird I participated but lost interest after a bit hard to sit in front of a computer to do work and mummy asking me to do things is not what I want to do! I would rather work at school and do therapy type stuff with mum. Coloring is for school too!!! I love coloring but don’t let mummy know that !! I went to Mayson place and dressed up in my fire outfit won’t get to wear much longer since I’m growing and it’s getting tight. Got lots of candy I gave a lot to daisy I don’t really eat candy just M&M occasionally. I still prefer my veggies :-) We also went to white bluff church of Christ I said please and thank you to everyone. Daisy was running around like a wild chicken and sissy was getting her exercise but I got candy for Daisy too. She wouldn’t wear her baby shark costume she was wanted to be Daisy so guess that is ok too. We had fun.

Life has been busy. Mum has changed our dinning room into my therapy room. So guess that means we don’t have meals anymore … hmmm well we do get food but is weird to not have a table. She keeps me very very busy I do a lot in the morning before school I always have to start on the toilet … Ugh not my favorite part of waking up.. She always makes me turn the water yellow or I have to stay there. And that is not fun!! so I try to push it out fast… I know you don’t really want to know that but it is part of my morning!!!! Then my favorite relaxing with some relaxing music! Buc-ee always holds the pouch for me … I eat my oatmeal, scones or whatever I decided for that day. Then it gets really crazy.. I have DMI which is typically an obstacle mummy creates and I make sure I inspect and then I will try it but of course I make Buc-ee go first and then I feel comfortable trying it. He is always my test friend!!! We do Galileo and that I love .. mummy has a few things she has me do but she lets me do things I want as well to make it fun! I enjoy it but it makes my ears itch and mummy said it makes her need to pee…. Haha.... I do Oxygen enrichment program as well and Buc-ee and I do our masking!! Then she makes me go to the bathroom again!! Alway bathroom so much time wasted in the bathroom… She said I can’t wear diapers forever .. don’t know why .. so much easier and the bathroom is a complete waste of time…

I am still loving school and love my teachers and learning!!! I am doing so much … I know all but one letter and I know it but just don’t every call it. I am learning more sounds and really trying to make sounds I love making he “I Love Mama sound” me and her do it all the time and I get sooo excited. I can say Bye-Bye .. Hi of course… I am using signs a lot more and I love to learn new ones. Mummy and I work on them all the time. My school is helping me with signing since I know so many so I will have an expressive language instead of just using the HEAVY talking device.. (expressive) just what I want is to be super expressive . I love to be silly and showing people how funny I am. Making others laugh is fun b/c it makes me excited to see them excited.
I got a new reindeer that has weights…. I love to make it sing and do my weights with it. I also have some new Santas I love this time of the year where Santa is everywhere.. WE got a new one in our living room it is 7 foot tall mummy said it has to go outside after Thanksgiving. :( sad about that

I have had a lot of appts this month went and saw my neurologist , my ENT, had my ears tested again, I went to the Dentist … Daisy went with me to the dentist I showed her it was nothing and to let them clean her teeth. She did pretty good. She didn’t have to do half of what I did… I got an X-ray it showed all of my big teeth.. I still have all my baby teeth which is fine but goodness there are a lot of teeth below those ie was CRAZY to see them all. My left ear still doesn’t respond to sound very well … mummy is waiting to find out what our ENT wants to do about it. I went and got new Glasses too.. my eyes they say are getting a little worse but they said they wanted to keep my script where it was b/c I am doing well with it for now. Mummy likes to borrow my glassed to reach small writing on bottles.. her glasses aren’t as powerful as mine I guess!!
I helped pick out some glasses for me I’m getting so big I need bigger frames or they squeeze my head .

My neurologist has her watching me for any signs of the absence type seizure activity again and will possibly send me for another few day testing for my brain … They like monitoring my brain b/c it is sooo fascinating since I am so smart!!! Kleefstra doesn’t mean I am not smart I am showing everyone how awesome I am … I am smart and I am going to show people I am capable of living this GREAT life!

Well mummy and daddy figured out my trick on youtube, echo, Alexa whatever you call her! I don’t talk so I had to figure out really quick if I wanted to play when they weren’t looking !!! I learned to spell years ago but I kept it a secret now they know !!! I typed their names and Santa and mine on my talker on the key pad and they went crazy like duh! You know I am smart and I figured by now they knew what or how I could do so much but hey guess parents really don’t know everything !

We went to Arkansas to see my family for Thanksgiving … BUT that didn’t work out where we got to see everyone ! There was a bad wreck that shut the whole interstate down and we were detoured so instead of getting there to see everyone we got there after midnight went to bed got up and went straight to eat with sissy Kakey and gave her the stuff we brought her … then she had to go to work and we ran by my cousin teen teen so mummy could let me go to the bathroom and we had to get back on the road bc they were doing dinner late and daddy had to be at work super early the next day. Mummy had to work too. It was raining and yuck so back on the road we went …. I was a little disappointed NO Buc-ee on his trip I asked for it but they said nope not in Arkansas . Stopped at another truck stop the bathroom was not near as nice as my buc-ee station. Mummy cover the potty with lots of this weird paper for me to go potty I kind of thought it was funny peeing to make it go down and then watching it try to flush. Can’t believe they flush that but I sure wouldn’t touch it gross!!!! There was stuff on the floor and NO good snacks or cool beavers! Settled for a Pooh bear! He was cute but sure like Buc-ee better !!! I’d rather never potty train and wear a diaper than use another bathroom other than Buc-ees!!! But onward we went got home at a decent hour and I’ve enjoyed staying home , playing with Buc-ee and mummy got out my Santa’s so have had a blast with those. No exercise, no therapy, no school just relax and play with all my stuff I’ve made big messes but it’s been oh sooo fun!!!
This month has been busy for mummy and I’ve had lots of extra appts but I am excited it’s almost Christmas I am counting the days down!!!

Today daddy left something behind and needed it so mummy had to drive a very long way and I missed school. I was really upset told mummy I was mad bc I will miss my teachers . It wasn’t terrible being home but I wanted to learn! I’m learning so much and mummy said I’m bigger than most kids my age. I have a lot of friends at school and I don’t feel taller than everyone but maybe I am. I know in my classroom we are friends and we are all different and that is fine by me!!! I went to Music today and was super silly with Miss Kate I was a giggle box with Miss Hilary at High Hopes for speech. Daisy and I like to be silly she is next door with Bree so we try to be loud and giggly.
I have been putting Buc-ee in time out. Time out is loads of fun.. you aren’t required to pay attention or listen just stand and keep to yourself. But apparently liking timeout makes it where you don’t get to go to it. Not quite sure about that one yet ! Apparently whatever it’s supposed to do it doesn’t work for me they say. Whatever I can do it at home when I want and Buc-ee too!!!

This month was back to life as you can see but its been full of work, therapy, appts and school hopefully we can take a break from Doctors for December …

Love you all…