7 Years 11 Months

7 years 11 months

This month at least doesn’t look like I will be in the doctor so much. Mummy promised it would slow down. I am back into playing with Father Ted the iRobot. I like. Him to clean the floor I move him where I want him and hope he will stay where I want but it doesn’t always work that way and when his battery dies I move him to charge and come get him again.. Mummy said I am torturing him. I am just making him do his job…

We went to the Dickson County fair. I loved looking at all the rides but didn’t want to ride. I did eat a funnel cake after it cooled!!! And then we went and watched some old clunker cars race two of them maybe 3 flipped it was soooooo funny I laughed and laughed and laughed watching the firefighters flip the car back over and then the bob cat push it off of the track. The crashing was too funny…

We went to Mallori birthday and I got to Play with Mr. Danny again .. needless to say I was drenched but had so much fun. I was throwing rings in for Mallori to swim to the bottom and get them for me. The water was cold but it was fun splashing and watching them splash and jump … I guess you can say I am easily entertained…

We finally got the proclamation for Tennessee and mummy and I went up to the park to of course to take pictures with Gavin and me and the proclamations! Always pictures with my mum. She says one day we will love that she took so many pictures but honestly doubt I’ll ever care . I just cheese and move on.

At school we are in a BIG new classroom. Still same teachers just new room. It’s good but I have to learn a lot now. Mr Greg makes me work. I want to be lazy or cheeky but he’s like L MAC you’ve got this no being lazy we know you can do it .

Today we went and I met the Mayor of City if Dickson and got to see Chief Greer again. I took over the Mayor desk he was cool with it and allowed me to have his chair while he signed the proclamation to make Kleefstra awareness day in City of Dickson September 17th.

Had horses again today, I do love riding but miss Baron and being on my big horse . I really missed Miss Stephanie we just kind of click!

Mummy talked to the guys at my favorite Car Wash and they are also wearing my shirt for Kleefstra awareness day so excited to go up and take pictures on Sunday. Sweet Charlotte also said they would wear shirts for me. I love that so many of my friends are wearing purple for me.

Friday we had Kleefstra awareness at school so many people wore purple and I took pictures with them as well. I love how many people had shirts with my name on them. It also says “With “ and that is my favorite word right now. When I left school we went to sissy Joy and Miss Joyce work.. they work for Masonite and everyone there was wearing the Run with Liam shirts.. So grateful for all of them supporting me. They let me fist bump and hang out like I belong … They have bought a lot of shirts and helped us a lot on our trip to Boston..They got Red and Yellow b/c that is what they have to wear to work but it had our purple tree and my run with Liam ..

We went by State Farm but Autumn and Will were the only ones there today but did get a picture with them.. :) Wish I had them all but at least we did get one there...

Saturday we went to Sweet Charlotte and took pictures with everyone .. I love watching the Popcorn .. Miss Michelle made cheese pop corn and it is fun to watch it turn colors and spin. They all had on Run with Liam shirts and we took a picture.. I was in a little mood having to leave the popcorn and don’t care for the frog anymore.. they moved it and not sure but just don’t want to touch it anymore…

When we left we went up to the fire house to meet more of my fire family so. I can get pictures with everyone in their shirts.

Sunday we got up and went to the car wash. it was soooo much fun. I was waiving and telling everybody hi they were showing me how to line the cars up and how they spray to help get the film and bugs off the vehicles. It as so fun.. I saw so many people and loved saying hello to everyone. I made friends with everyone they even gave me a hat and shirt. (They turned the lights purple for me too). I worked almost all day and left for a bit to go eat lunch and then went to the fire house to meet my other fire family on shift B. I have met almost everyone at the fire house now except the ones that were at the other station .. they rotate so not sure how I will catch everyone … we washed all the firetrucks since I had been learning all morning at the car wash figured I would help a little at the fire station. They have big brushes for the big truck I was helping to dip them and helping to brush the truck. It was a lot of fun but a little harder than the car wash that can do it for you. The police department is lucky their cars will fit in the car wash. We left after I got to play and wear them all out on a Sunday lazy day! And I told mummy and daddy I wanted to go back to the car wash. so we did and I worked till close just like my buddies. I met so many nice people and one lady brought me an Iron man and a squishy pillow so sweet I have really enjoyed my iron man. Had a sheriff bring me a badge and a nice firefighter that came to meet me and her mom. They even made a post to help me get more patches for my collection. It was a lot of fun and feel like I made some great friends .

The rest of the week was nice and I got to see my friends a few times over the week and Thursday they gave me a check… Didn’t know I was going to get a check for working .. I was working b/c it was soooo much fun and I was learning so many new things .. I learned to waive and say HI at the same time, I learned how to sign car wash. I learned people love it when cute red heads waive at them when they are getting their car washed and I also learned that big kids like to use little kids to get girlfriends… (wink wink at one of my new friends that I won’t throw under the bus and mention his name)

I had speech and Mummy went with me and we used my Ark zvibe to take pictures for Ark and Miss Hilary worked with me on saying BIG Hug.. it is kind of not fair to have to ask for a hug but I will …

Horses this week miss Stephanie is back I am so excited and happy she is back.. I got to give her the shirt we made for her. She loved it so much!!! She is one of my favorite volunteers she is so sweet and caring and she lets mummy take pictures of us together…

Went to Car Wash to wash mummy car and vacuum and I went to say hi to everyone then helped her vacuum .. Daddy helped me on one side and she took care of the messy side.

We went to the baby Fire Department Station 2 and met more of my fire family. I was making him take his hoody off and on So I could see the purple shirt under.. it was sooo funny they kept telling him he needed beads whatever that meant.. but it was funny …

Then we went out to look at the fire truck and I had them show me all the compartments and how things work.. Like I have never seen a fire truck before but I wanted to see if they knew what they were doing over there… Then we took pictures and of course Daddy made me laugh so I didn’t cheese the picture… Then they had a call and had to work so off we went to eat and home to play with Buc-ee .

Daddy had to work and mummy had daddy shift left to get the other firehouse so we went to visit station 2 again . We had a blast . They humored me and played and showed me the truck and all the lights and taught me how to open and close the bay. They had a call and I helped open to let them out in the baby truck. We played and hung out and finally went and grabbed dinner for the guys at station one and delivered and had dinner with them. I have pictures with all my fire family now except a few that were out but I think I got the majority. I hope I see them all again it was so fun!!!! Wish we could do hang outs. I miss the fire house hang outs !!

Daddy left for Texas was a little upset he got to go see grandma and I didn’t they called me and it wasn’t fair he was there and I didn’t get to ride the big plane bc I had school. Now I’m out for two weeks!!!! But he is back so I don’t get to go! Super upset but will have to get over it!!!

Miss Kate has a new location and I’m having lots of fun at the new place where I can be as loud as I want . We also get to get Raisin Canes bread on way home so win win ! Yay for new location even if it takes longer to get there.

Had saddle up this week and was in a very cheeky mood . It was a funny session Miss Stephanie being back has helped my moodiness a little . Still on Sampson.. I do love him I just like my big horse. I ask for him every Saddle up day and look for him when they are prepping them for me..

High hopes… I love my Miss Hilary I love to tease and push my chair just far enough back I can tilt and make her say stop lol… yes I am getting into my own I want to do this lets see what you do phase!! Also think everything is so funny lately!!! I laugh a lot!! I am working hard on sounds though and have picked up some new sounds and am trying to put things together… Helps when you can hear! Although when I couldn’t hear I could say I didn’t hear you haha..

oh my gosh finally … yes finally Miss Elizabeth is back.. I ran to her sooooooo fast and gave her the biggest hug I missed her sooo much.. I decided first day I would make her work and chase me. I wasn’t going to put a lot of effort on the first day back I ran all over the place and did all sorts of crazy stuff.. we did do jump n jacks… then she made me work and ride the bike. . I had to get back in the hang of pedaling again it has been 4 months we went outside and I did it … but steering is still a little hard… It was awesome to get to see her again… I was starting to think that she had totally left me for good… I have gotten a little out of routine and so it is going to be some getting use to again…

After we left we went to Station 2 again it was the last shift that we needed for me to meet my entire Dickson City Fire Family!!! I know a few people have been out but I have pictures with just about all of them. They played with me a lot … of course more truck stuff and pictures… jumping throwing , teasing.. fist bumps and showing my true silliness.. I gave lots of hugs too!!

Got home and had a big package from two people… .my mummy sweet amazing friend Tony got me a patch from Austin Police Department!!! We have been trying to get Austin Fire since I was born in Texas wanted the capital of Texas biggest fire department…. But of all of the fire departments that is the only one that absolutely REFUSED and told Daddy they wouldn’t send a patch to me.. At least the police department was supportive.. Super sad … Was shocked Fire Family typically is more loving of other fire family… Also got a big one from a Kleefstra Sister Jayla.. her mummy has a lot of amazing connections and they sent me so many I couldn’t even take pictures holding them all b/c I would have been there for a long time .. so Mummy spread out and I took a picture sitting on the bed with them… it is a lot!! Think Police is beating fire in the patch collections.. We need to find some good push pens … Daddy got my fire hose wall put up so we can start hanging them. They gave us an older retired fire hose from our home fire department and we used it for my patch wall.
Can’t wait to update a picture of it..

Miss Michelle and Kade met mummy and I at the new museum in Dickson and we went and hung out .. there were dinosaurs and stuffed big lions, bears and other animals it was neat but it was not really a lot of fun .. there was a Tesla coil thing it was neat but My sweet friend Kade did not like it at all .. We didn’t do the show … The light thing was cool .. if you put a light bulb on it , it would light up. The dinosaur part was my favorite… it is always fun to hang out with people and Michelle and Kade have become our buddies!! :)

This month has come to an end … it was busy… but not medical at least.. just lots of therapy as normal and typical days… Until next month..

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