7 years 3 months

7 years 3 months Got up and went to see Michael, Kerri, Sammie , Becca and Lulu in Bastrop I’m always excited about that because not only are their Bastrop Bears but there is a. BIg Bastrop Buc-ees!! Yay me! We stopped I shopped and enjoyed the store as always! Took my picture with the BIG Bucee that I want soooo bad! Mummy took some pictures of the statue for some project her and Uncle Steven were working on.

We went to see everyone and I ate chips and watched them play Football (soccer) after We went back to Buc-ee’s so I saw Buc-ee's twice ! So excited to get another hug and picture!!!

I went to see Miss Denise and got my hair cut so I would be ready for therapy and looking adorable of course for my napa girls! When we were finished mummy talked to her and I showed off playing and being silly. I got her market and was writing on the dry erase sheet and she asked if I could write my name and I was like of course I can and did it twice to prove mummy was crazy and didn’t have a clue . Everyone was so excited so of course I got excited too!!

I was so excited to Stay with Grandma b/c Hannah was in town and we got to play . I love playing we ran up and down the hallway pushing grandma’s walker it was great fun!!! She never wanted to leave and go back to her daddy b/c we were having a blast!!! Grandma bought us breakfast donuts and lots of great food… Hannah had to leave a day early and I was really sad about that .. so was she. We wanted to play more. Hopefully she will be in town when I visit next time. We love to torment Uncle Steven! He doesn’t care he thinks we are fun .. He is just a big kid himself.

We went up Sunday for mummy to work and Uncle Travis and Aunt Arlett asked if I could play with them while she worked.. yay no being bored but sad I don’t get to see David, Fawn or anyone…. But it is a Sunday. And playing with the animals , snakes and toys especially crazy Uncle Travis definitely all about that …. Aunt Dawn Dawn and Uncle Matt came over and I got to hang out with all of them while mummy worked.. Poor mummy having to work but So glad I get to see them all and play!
After work we all had Black eye peas, (I loved them) cabbage( liked it too) and all the what mummy calls typical good luck for the New year Food!!! We left and Stopped one last place b/c it was getting late and dark but Auntie Shelsea and Uncle James wanted hugs before we left so I stopped to see them and of course my buddy Traveler.. he and I have a special language and love playing together!!! We bark and run and jump and I laugh and he barks… I bark too but I also laugh b/c it is too funny. Back to Grandmas house and I played on her iPad, hugged her lots and then Mummy made me go to bed after a shower of course since I played with a million animals today!!!

Monday we got up had breakfast with Grandma and went over to Aunt Monica and Uncle Adam house for me to play with Uncle Adam and Bear and Axle … what fun…. Red barks at me but Mummy said I need to leave him alone b/c he is older and doesn’t like to be played with as much as the other two. I loved on bear and axle , gave them bones, chased them and Uncle Adam got the leaf blower and was making them go crazy in the house.. it was soooo funny…

We left their house and went to eat with My Uncle Traye and cousin Bree and AJ .. we went to Jack Allens they always have really really good food! Mummy loves to go there when we are in Round Rock area. Uncle Traye ate some spicy food and I thought he was tough but maybe not so much.. I eat wasabi come on! He said he had gone off the spice food. Mummy said he acts like my grandpop I never met… he is truly silly always making everyone laugh. I love my Bree she is beautiful and it is always fun to see her!!! WE all really like AJ too!! Wish she would come up to my house again and see me though I like playing with her although they all say I am too heavy to pick up and swing, throw or carry anymore. Growing up has lots of bad sides but hey it is part of growing right!! I just like being little and playful .. I mean I am still silly if not sillier than before but I just don’t get to play like we all used to b/c they can’t pick me up. I mean I am only like 70 lbs really still just a little guy!!!

Back to Grandmas for the evening now and to rest after all the fun today… plus tomorrow is Napa Day!! Time to get ready to HAVE fun be silly but yes I have to work!!!! Work is typically hard but they all make it sooo much fun!!

Napa week always fun but seems to go by sooo fast ! We got all of our stuff together and mummy loaded while i was still asleep went to grandmas to get the rest of my Buc-ee’s and off the Buc-ee’s we went to get on our way home .

Traffic was terrible so it took way too long to get to Buc-ee’s but we arrived . I had a blast again as always Buc-ee’s is my happy place. Still love my Crossville store bc they did my birthday and remember me, The store Manager Dane even tried to help figure out the big Buc-ee for me but not looking promising.. but I do love when we travel the other way finding them is so much fun. So much so I even go to bathroom for mummy in them . She reward me with Buc-ee’s I reward her with not having to change a diaper that stop … win win right!!!

Next stop was of course to get cookies at Colin street bakery yummy they gave me free cookies ! Best place next to Buc-ee’s of course . Then again to the last Buc-ee’s on our trip. Arkansas isn’t lucky 🍀 enough to have one yet maybe one day. They have the sign for me to get my hopes up but no Buc-ee’s to stop at till Texas!!

Got home early the next morning I went upstairs and made lots of noise daddy didn’t even move. So I went to my room and decided to go to bed I was tired . Mummy unloaded the car ! Got up around 10:30 and Sissy and auntie Heather came over and decorated to have Daisy birthday. There were a lot of people whew … fun I guess I played a lot with everyone couldn’t get to my room the girls took over the stairs and I learned not to mess with girls .

Back to school on Monday sure missed my teachers ! Especially Mr Greg I can spell his name and say it all the time. He always lets me be rough and he lets me jump because he is strong like me. Love my other teachers as well but us guys have to stick together.

Had my normal therapies this week sure missed Miss Hilary, Elizabeth and Miss Kate ! But got a new one now I am now doing Hippatherapy/adaptive riding and get to ride horses to help me. Who would have known they did that . But sure glad they do! I love horses ! I got to ride Sampson for my assessment . It was a lot of fun.
Then I rode Chip for my first real lesson . We walked around I had to say “GO” bc I can’t say Walk on to make him go and I would say woah to make him stop. We pick up horseshoes and play games …miss Lindsay and Miss Emily are my instructors and are super nice .. I was cold .. yes me cold and borrowed a second jacket inside the arena it was cold even tho we were inside mummy she would pack my gloves next time …

This morning mummy signed Mum loves Liam and I signed and said back Liam loves mum. First time ever she was so excited I kept doing it and making her laugh . It was nice to have a break from the week was so busy this week I was sooo tired . We went to see my best friend Gavin today.. we went to Chuck E. Cheese ! He was a cool mouse mummy don’t like mice but this one was cool and super big!!! I took pictures and played games and spelled a million words !! We had to go a million places to get ready to go on big plane tomorrow .

Airport … big plane time yay!!! Daddy dropped us off he started working at the firehouse again so since he is back doing the fire life he had training and couldn’t come. Mummy and I aced security! I got a beep beep so I was chosen for extended check. But they made mummy do it instead !! Haha. Not that it was a big deal they checked her hands which would have been cool to do to me but they didn’t after her hands they allowed her to go and me to of course . Got our bags and I carried mine like a big boy. Mummy needed help. I walked thru the airport and looked for D6 our gate and I found the letter D and then the number 6. Got a new bear that I can color but don’t really care to color it. Was happy to get my backpack off but oh my goodness waiting forever for the flight was annoying I was ready to go ! Lady at the gate was super sweet and said ok honey it’s time .. and I was first to board the big plane. Got on and sat close to the front was nice . I was looking at the planes and wasn’t bothered by the loads of people boarding the plane . Sometimes that is totally annoying. I watched take off and was super excited o saw the rain and typed stormy on my Talker . I said plane and minute a million times since mummy said one more minute Liam over and over while waiting to board the big plane . Finally decided I’d just take a nap! They turned the lights off so honestly best thing to do is go to sleep!

Boston is as boring and exhausting . Lots of doctors but Mummy learned a lot about my syndrome and I got to meet some really nice people and learn how to spell more names !!! Dr. Shearer was fantastic he let me use every color of stick to check my tongue, throat, and whatever else he was looking at.. I didn’t care I just liked the flavored sticks . He had blue and red and the boring normal ones but I thought it was funny to try them all and he thought I was the Best patient ever!!!

We went back to the hotel room and I took a very very long nap .. mummy let me while she worked. When I got up we went down and had some dinner , I got fish and chips she got a pot pie we shared both. We went back to the room and went to bed. I was restless a little but got to sleep ok.

Next morning we got to meet Dr. Sid and Zoe they work in the Kleefstra Clinic and Dr. Sid studies Brains!! Super cool especially smart Kleefstra Brains. I showed them my spelling and how I could walk back and forth with and without shoes ( of course I can walk ) but they wanted me to show them up and down the all I go. Then Dr. Sid drew a picture for mummy to understand what part of Kleefstra and what caused my Kleefstra.. When they started doing all of that I decided I would play a game that is adult talk.. I know I have Kleefstra and I always have and I am the same I was when I was born so learning about it for me doesn’t help me.. that is mummy job and the doctors. When they were done I got to take a picture with Dr. Sid and Zoe it was cool I really liked them both can’t wait to see them again. Nice b/c mummy feels she understands a little better…

WE went had lunch and back to room so I could rest (I took another nap haha). We had another appt that afternoon so we walked back to the cool hospital and met with Dr. Mohammad and Dr. Pearl they also work on brains but they work with what is called Epilepsy so I don’t know what that is but apparently my brain has a lot of activity that is what they call favorable for Seizures. I don’t have them mummy says but the doctors say I could. So he was telling her what to watch for and if she notices anything new that they wanted to maybe put me on medication but as of right now since I haven’t had something they were talking about other than a possible absent one they said not to worry and they didn’t want to start something to cause me side effects another issues.. Please don’t give me other issues!! I am learning to adapt and overcome lots of obstacles and don’t need new challenges for sure!!!

The next day we slept in a little and mummy of course didn’t b/c she had to work. She did a little but shhhh (she wasn’t late b/c we were an hour ahead in Boston) Being lazy is something mummy doesn’t get to do much so we allowed it today…

After we checked out of hotel we went and had lunch and had to catch a ride to the airport. The driver parked on the other side of the road way down so mummy had to get our bags, and me across a very very busy street and the light honestly takes forever to turn but we have to wait for the little white walk sign to cross b/c if we don’t we could get his and mummy said it could hurt us or even kill us so I wait… don’t want to be hurt or die! WE got our stuff in the car and headed to airport and was dropped off .. come to find out our flight was delayed and since Mummy has Pre TSA for us we were thru security in like 5 minutes again so I had a nice 4 hour wait in the airport. I played games, watched the planes take off and land and played more games.
We finally boarded and of course I am pre board b/c it will really stress me out to deal with all those people dropping bags on me and I sit in the isle and won’t move!! So now I have to get on first. There was really nice person sitting on our isle and he helped us get our bags so we could get off when we landed I was glad because we typically wait till everyone gets off we are first on but last off b/c I don’t always cooperate with getting on and off b/c the people stress me out. . Too much going on.

Daddy picked us up where you normally get out to go to the plane so it was nice there was very few people and not a lot of traffic up top. It was nice to see daddy but I just wanted in the truck to go home!!!!

We got home and I was ready for bed!!!! Yay!! Home!! Buc-ee and all my stuff so nice!!!

It was great to go to speech and see miss Hilary and color on her desk, loved seeing my miss Kate and being back at school seeing my teachers and my friends was super nice.

My mummy took me to the doctor on Wednesday b/c my ear was giving me a little trouble and I had a little cough and the doctor swabbed my nose and came back and told mummy I had Covid again but no ear infection … So now I was told I can’t go to horse riding, PT, OT or Music and NO School… I am so upset.. I don’t feel sick, look sick, have fever but I have to stay home and it is boring and guess what Mummy makes me wear underwear!!! Yes underwear!!! 10 days no diapers except bed !!! Help!! This is punishment to tell me I am sick not feel sick have no friends, teachers, therapy , horses and have to wear underwear!! Guys being sick is terrible!!!!! I want to get out of here and it is only day 2… also can’t go to my nephew 3rd birthday so I get no CAKE!! Why why !!!!!!

I miss Mr. Greg, Miss Krystin , Miss Maddy, Miss Deloras!!! I will miss my music, miss Kate, my Mr. Chip at horses , My Miss Hilary and Miss Elizabeth… it I so unfair!!! Day two into this home stuff and I am sooo tired I decided I would sleep thru this whatever it is so that my days will go a little faster and I can see my friends , teachers, and therapist faster. I don’t like being stuck and not allowed to go to school… My teachers have been checking on me a lot saying they miss me. They miss the class clown silly me not the sick me!! I would just want yellow (the sleep sack) if I was there right now!!

One more month down.. Hard to believe I guess.. but as a kid days don’t go by as fast… hopefully I feel better or there won’t be anything exciting to share b/c I don’t want to do anything funny to make anyone laugh not even mummy and I miss therapy and school…. Ugh...