7 years 4 Months

7 years 4 months

Today I felt bad.. my eyes were stuck shut!!! Ugh.. will this go away already I miss my teachers, therapy and friends.. Mummy said I don’t have Covid anymore but sure wish the green snot would go away.. my ear is bothering me as well. I told mummy she was trying to get a doctor to see me. Seems they are all too busy to see sick kids.. But she did get an appt for me tomorrow. Seems like whatever this is I can’t seem to make it go away ….

Today I am feeling better for first time in a while decided I would be cheeky and mess with mummy while she was working! It is always fun to get in front of her and make her say Liam move … especially when she is on the phone and she can’t tell me to move or NO. She walked me out and locked her door today! But guess what I have figured out that if I have one dime I can open her door. So I have one!!! And I have it in a very safe place and she nor daddy know where it is. And today it was awesome because when she locked the door I went and got my hidden dime and opened her door… I unlocked it and ran and hid my dime and came back and opened her door she was like Liam how did you do that .. I will never tell. Somehow daddy knew I had a dime but he has no clue where I have it hidden… I am never telling b/c I can unlock all doors now!! I am too smart for them.

I am spelling lots now. I don’t want to push the button to say the word I want to spell it out for everyone to see I can spell. Just spell your name and I will remember it next time promise.
I can even spell Paddington. How in the world do these adults not realize I could spell I can get to anything I want on YouTube and hello I can’t talk why would I not know how to spell … geez … I bet I spell better than mummy!!

Today I went to see my doctor to check my ears they were both better but I could have saved a trip and told her that . But then surprise got some blood taken . Buc-ee helped he had to get his ears and blood too. I laid there and didn’t move . No way I was moving not with that thing in my arm. They took out 5 tubes of blood… holy moly .. .I don’t mind sharing but I need my blood to live people……. The nurse put a bandage on my arm and it had hearts on it bc valentines was coming up. I’m a boy I didn’t want people to see hearts on me how embarrassing so I kept pulling my sleeve over it but unfortunately it was warm today and mummy had me in short sleeves! At PT today I rode the bike outside and I did really good everyone was so excited and cheering !!!! So of course I wanted to keep going . I am getting the hang of pushing pedals. I jumped 28 inches today with both feet and no help! And Miss Elizabeth let me play in the ball pit at the end for working so hard . I always work harder when Buc-ee helps me . He’s definitely my best friend .
Mummy took me to get my glasses fixed I am always pushing them and I put my fingers in glass so she has to clean them or I can’t see and I don’t know why she doesn’t understand that I can’t see with finger prints . She keeps telling me to stop touching them but they fall so she took me to see Destin at the optical place and I had to wait. I want tortillas so when we are done hoping we do chuys !!

I have been a little sleepy and I ask for yellow at school it’s a sensory sleep sack. (Its called Yellow) I figured out if I ask I get to take a nap!!!! Yassss school is awesome so now I know I can take naps whenever I ask for Yellow so yes I am asking.
I am writing my name and mom and mommy all the time. I can spell a lot of words and learning more daily. I spell on my iPad and on my AAC device . Guess what else I learned …. How to shop on Amazon and actually get it!!! I go on and click the little share looking page arrow thing and I send it to my grandma and guess what in two days it’s at my house like magic. Soooo cool so now I get boxes .. although daddy always opens bc he things it’s his need to change into my name somehow!!! So he’ll leave my stuff alone!!! I love getting packages and opening them … I like opening daddy and mummy stuff but not as much fun when a truck isn’t in the box .

Today I went to horse therapy it was different I was with other kids . I still had Emily walking with me this time instead of instructing . But she’s still with me. Have another Emily doing instruction . And miss Margo who was my first person here when I came the first day.
Mummy was taking pics inside she just can’t stop taking pics It was cold in the arena today . Mummy put lots of clothes on me I was kind of fighting her on all the clothes but now I’m glad she did it . Don’t tell her that though! They are teaching me how to get my pony to “walk on” and to “whoa” and turn and I think my horse just knows what to do thank goodness since I can’t talk . But I am trying to make the sounds and learning to brush my pony and make it feel loved . As long as I don’t get brushed, I feel plenty love without all the brushing!!! Now lotion mummy can rub my back with lotion all day that would be ok. Love lotion time ..

My ears are still feeling weird told mummy and she made me an appt , didn’t want to go but was glad I did both of my ears are infected again. I don’t want to eat . Mummy got me a new captain American pillow to lay my head on . Catherine the doctor there is amazing she lets me listen and she understands me. She lets me type her name and listens to me. She is so kind!!! Glad we have great doctors in our lives b/c I wouldn’t want to go if I didn’t…

Speech went great today .. I got to play with cars and I got a new sound I finally got the “Gaaaa out “g” is hard but I kept doing it I am almost about to say GOOOOOO miss Hilary gets soo excited it makes me want to keep trying but I also love to color her desk and she catches me at the end and comes to get me.

I am writing Mummy and Liam a lot now … I love writing and typing words and showing everyone how extremely smart I am.. I have been practicing my letters and wrote the numbers 1-5 some with help and then I did it.. yes I did it.. I am going to show the world I am smart… I might not be able to talk like everyone else but I can and will show them I am highly intelligent. Watch out world here I come!!!! But first I still have to figure out how to get the Big Buc-ee…

Mummy made some cool shirts for Rare Disease day.. my therapist at High hopes wore them and , sissy , Brother Walker, Daddy , Daisy and I. We took pictures to show our RARE .. Well I am Rare they just support me being so awesome and unique!!!

I have been making Buc-ee Songs in Music and Brother Walker goes with us to Buc-ees and Maddy and Mr. Greg.

My life is always busy but I do love all the people in my life ….

Next month is creeping in fast seems like it is always busy and always a new day before I get to sleep…. Next month we go back to Boston and I GET to go to Buc-ees and See Dane and all the awesome Beavers!!!!!

So excited!!!! Road Trip and Buc-ees … Lets go already..

Love you all thanks for your support…