7 years 6 months

This month started me being home. Yes home no therapy … no school … home !!!! Boring home… not that it’s totally terrible but sometimes I like my schedule , friends and routine .
Miss Kate came to my house for music this week tho and that was a super nice surprise I was off but still not feel 100%.
My teacher Miss Kyrstin came to see me and check on me as well. So nice to feel like people miss me and want to check on me. I so miss them too!

This week I got to go to speech and I was quite cheeky and giving Miss Hilary a hard time but I feel a little better so why not be silly when I can. I gave her big hugs at the end she knows I love her.

I had music and did yoga and at PT I wasn’t allowed to jump a round still so I rode my bike the whole time . I’m starting to understand steering a little better . I love it when Miss Elizabeth says hey Liam let’s try this and I am like nope how about this. She’s like Ok !!! I win everytime ! It’s my cuteness I’m sure of it.

We had a neat day out with horses and goats and music with Miss Kate it was a lot of Fun. We got to brush the horses and chase goats!!! I enjoyed the swing and playing drums with daisy. Daisy ran like a crazy kid and had a blast going thru a netted tunnel no thanks I’ll just watch .. but the swing daddy and I sat on was a lot of fun to watch from. I got to sit on a tractor it was super cool! Easter is coming and sissy and mummy have been getting things ready they are filling lots of eggs hopefully there are more than me and daisy bc we don’t need all those eggs… and I don’t eat candy!!

Mummy is still putting stuff in eggs there are sooo many we will have a blast tomorrow . Can’t wait to hunt eggs ! Got a new jungle gym not sure about it but super funny watching Mummy and daddy put together and try to climb out of it.

I am still feeling a little off from surgery!!! Have a doctor appt coming up on Tuesday. Got tonsure my local doctor and he said my ears were looking good , was so glad to know that although we know that “brains “ are in my head . I still have an infection sound in my chest so more stuff for me to inhale and try to fix :-( Dr Woottan and mummy talked and I decided I would play my game they talked a long time . I know how I feel so don’t need the details on what they will do to keep me well.

Time for fun or so mummy said it would be fun. Not so sure bc still trying to feel better but still he good thing is I get to see Buc-ee and Gavin!!!
Got to Buc-ees and Dane was there waiting to greet me and so as Buc-ee and Gavin and family. Me and Gavin had our pics made with him and got snacks for our trip to South Carolina. I didn’t want to snack I still didn’t want much food but I will take a Buc-ee please please and Mr. Jim that is super tall grabbed me another !!! Sorry mummy you can’t say no I love him!!!! Back on the road to the Kleefstra meet up . We finally made it … it took a long long time bc of weather. Mummy got settled and we went to the park to see friends I really didn’t want to be there after long day but Emily (she’s Wills mom) made it worth my while I loved on her while mummy visited . Mandy little Liam , Brandon were all there !! Will get to see you all tomorrow!!

Back to the house and Sissy and Bubba and Daisy was there .
I went straight to the room to chill I didn’t want to hang out mummy gave me a bath and off the bed I went .

Got sick early morning Saturday again Mummy let me sleep in, thank goodness.. I was tired and rarely do I get to sleep till 8:30 my little Clock says Liam get up … time to play! Got up went to reunion and hung out with Danielle and chilled with her & Larry and Mallori played with me . Gavin was hanging with me too. Got to see Samuel, Little Liam and all my Kleefstra Brothers and Sisters what and amazing event Mummy has a blast with the parents I get to take a few pictures and chill and wait for the cookies to come around …

Dinner time we got to hang with Mandy and Brandon & Little Liam Sissy joy , bubba walker & Daisy after dinner Mandy and I watched cars and birds I love watching birds but cars driving by cracks me up. We walked across the street and had Ice cream afterward, we know I don’t eat ice cream but got some pop rocks . Those are super weird !!!! .. after pictures of course ( my mum is here no shortage of filming and pictures) we went back to house to hang out and get ready for bed . I’m excited to get on road bc I know Buc-ees is in my future again!!! Yes!!!!

We got to Buc-ees and I saw Dane and Ashley .. Wes was there too but he didn’t stop and strike a pose with me like Ashley and Dane!! Delaney got off before I arrived so missed her this trip and Buc-ee had not showed up for work yet… But I talked Dane into another Buc-ee from way up. Mummy may be too short but I have connections !!!

We got home and I was tired from the weekend .. but have school tomorrow and get to see my teachers and friends it has been a month since I was at school with surgery and recovery. Can’t wait to see Mr Greg and of course Miss Maddy, Miss Deloras and Miss Kyrstin.. they love me because I make everyone laugh with my contagious silliness . Glad it doesn’t get me in trouble there…

Mummy and Daddy took me to see the Monster trucks in town. I loved the big Alcatraz one that had Big teeth . The people were all nice and Grandma paid so we could ride the trucks too. It was fun but scary!!!

I have really been trying to say things now that I can hear better ! I learned to say “ Dada did it”. “Water “ instead of “Waaa”. I can also say “Buc-ee” instead of “EeEe”. I am exploring the loud voice mum wants me to talk but ask for me to use a quiet voice but where is the fun in that I want you all to hear me !!

I passed a hearing test mummy is super excited and let me tell you I can hear so much now. I am exploring more sounds, loud, quiet , and just to make noise!!

I’m sure mum will share tonz of video bc she never stops!

More to come next month the last month of school before summer and I will graduate Kindergarten!!! I know all my colors … I can write numbers 1-5 without help… I know all my letters and I can write Liam and mommy and Mom… I am meeting lots of goals and really learning !!! I love to learn!!

Love you all….