7 years 7 months

7 years 7 months

I’m happy to be back in school. I am still doing music therapy in am the advanced brain technology but we had taken a break from the exercise until I felt better. I have regained a lot of energy so much so I am talking a lot more and making a lot more loud sounds. Momma water, bye bye dada . I love ma and I love Liam. Water , Bucee . And on Mr chip I am doing better with Walk on… and whoa!!

We have a new helper in our class and she reminds me a lot of my Aunt Jamie with her hair and eyes.

I am doing Pals bowling again and have a kid named Jack on my team.. he and I are really bowling good. Tonight the Creekwood Cheerleaders were there.. I was super excited and loved the girls being there to cheer us on. It was so much fun and I kept hugging them. .. I am quite the flirt mummy says. .. Mummy the girls like me b/c I am cute and have a charming personality I don’t have to flirt they just pick me out b/c I am so cute!! Mummy of course took loads of pictures and I had to smile and let her take a picture of me getting group hugs!!

We had special Olympics today but it was in the gym bc of the rain so I didn’t get to ride a school bus . But I had a great time playing , running, jumping and checking to make sure everyone matched their badges! I am all about security and have to help officer Liberty out it is definitely a big job and too much for him to do alone so I am his helper on identification! Nobody gets passed me! I really examine when their hair looks different making sure they are who they say they are. I hold their ID up to their face and make sure checking the eyes and everything!!!

I have horses at Saddle Up with my Mr.Chip today. So excited . The rain made me a little stir crazy and the birds were everywhere so I was a little excited today… There was a little girl riding with me today I had never seen her before . Normally there is another boy here . But I am saying Walk on and feel more confident riding and raising my hands and telling Mr. Chip to WHOA or WALK ON… I feel I am doing well with balance on him now to .. before I thought I might fall off but now I feel like I belong on him and feel like we are GREAT FRIENDS> we do all sorts of games teaching me to reach and put thing places where I have to go outside of my comfort zone to get things taken care of … but Margo does that so I learn to be confident and learn how to trust Mr. Chip has me I just need to STAY ON!!!

I went to see my sleep doctor and she got me set up with the pulmonologist for my chest. Mummy really liked the pulmonologist and so do I … her name is Dr. Thomas, she is beautiful and really showed us ways to help me feel better. I have still been struggling since surgery. I feel tired and my cough Is still there… She is sending me to get a swallow study to check and see if I am aspirating due to the Laryngeal Cleft my doctor in Boston found during my surgery. Glad they are finding the reasons I feel bad , because I am ready to feel good again!!!

I still have Music and love my Miss Kate she is absolutely wonderful and we sing and do yoga . We have been writing a lot of songs and of course mine are typically about Bucee and my family and of course Grandma and Shark Trucks since she is the one that sends them to me when I send her the links on my Red iPad!

Miss Elizabeth has a BABY in her tummy and I get to say hi to the baby every week .. She keeps saying she might not be here for a few months after the baby comes. So I am taking advantage of the time I have and sometimes I work hard and sometimes well I make her chase me and make her work since she is ditching me for a few months… I am really going to miss her and her workouts… BAD thing for me is I have to do mummy work outs while she is gone and those well are hard.. I can’t goof off as much with mummy she really makes me work and she holds me to my ability …

The weather has been really nice here and I have spent a lot of time on the back porch.. I have also figured out how to climb over the gate and escape !! Haha… mummy says Liam don’t go over that gate with out me… well come on mum I want to play with my cars in the drive way and you are taking tooo long to come on!!! I love exploring and have been really pushing limits to do things . But I also help a lot around the house. I even took the trash from the kitchen all the way to the trash can outside all by myself .. Daddy did have to open the lid but I did it all by myself … I help pick up my cars (sometimes I let mummy do it b/c she is faster but I do help clean up my mess). I take my clothes to the washer . And when mummy brings upstairs I help her put them in the drawers!! I am a big helper. WE water all the garden in the morning and I help pull the hose and water and even help pull it in to put it up for mummy.. she needs me to help b/c that hose is heavy and hard to pull sometimes and me helping makes it easier for her.
I help with dumping bugs out of the pool basket and help watch the water when she vacuums to make sure it keeps going and there is nothing causing clogs. I think it is super funny to watch it. I love being outside and helping .

We went over to Gavin house and I got to hang out with him and play . I made Danielle and Larry laugh ..They don’t always see my silly side b/c normally it is a birthday party of some sort so I don’t get the individual attention but I really was showing off on this visit. Daisy was there as well we went to get some clothes for her . Gavin Sister gives us clothes for Daisy …

Mummy let me stay home b/c I didn’t sleep well and I woke up with a weird sore that really hurt on my thumb. Within an hour it hurt really bad and looked worse so she took me to See Dr. Eidson to let him look and he said yup it looked like a brown recluse bite. He checked my ears b/c I asked him to .. gotta make sure it is all there and my tubes are ok. Want to make sure that all I went thru it is still good . He gave me an antibiotic and told me that if it got worse I would have to see another doctor… ugh.. hope it gets well I already see a lot of doctors.

I am feeling sooo much better with the inhaler from Dr. Thomas and the antibiotic I am feeling like my old self it has been a very long time since I have felt this good. I am enjoying playing more and running and wanting to stay outside more and more .. I don’t want to just sit around the house anymore I want to actually do things! I want to go out to eat, and go to the store and just enjoy everything that I truly didn’t want to do when I felt so bad. My finger is almost completely well now!! I had to go for a swallow study and they told me that my chest looked better as well so guess the inhaler is truly helping!! They did say I was aspirating some and they wanted to thicken my water. I will say one thing they put this stuff inside my oatmeal cream pie and now when mummy gives me one if it doesn’t come out of the package in front of me I am NOT EATING IT.. not kidding that was not OK to mess with my oatmeal cream pie!! My favorite food and they put this gross stuff inside of it. They said it was b/c it had to be in it to see it going down my throat on the X-ray machine! I couldn’t see it b/c it was behind me but mummy said it was cool… I don’t chew so now she knows that!!! Sometimes I just want to swallow to get more! I am still a good eater. I love fish still and veggies.

My favorite thing to do lately is take my trucks to the drive way and make them go fast down the driveway. Grandma still sends me new trucks I ask for although some on my text to her have not arrived.. I found out daddy told her I didn’t need them…. Hmmm I do need them daddy or I would not ask for them. I don’t know why he thought I didn’t need them. Buc=ee still does morning music with me and he keeps me company in my room at night. He is still my favorite but I do like my shark truck to take to school and play with. Watching it race is so much fun… it chomps, it does wheelies and it rolls down the hill.
I took my police truck to school b/c Officer Liberty has one at the school and I wanted to show him mine! WE traded patches. He and Miss Misty are my buddies!! I am still helping him check badges, I try hard to make sure our school is safe and everyone has their tag that belongs to them. Sometimes people don’t have glasses on or they do have them but not in their picture and I really have to examine those to make sure it is the same person!!

Saddle up we are almost done with our spring session so sad b/c I love Miss Margo! And I hope I get to keep Mr. Chip for my summer session. I will have a few weeks off so that is nice. I need al little rest. But I have learned to sit up straight, to hold on or to raise my hands, to lean and to trust Mr. Chip. I am really doing well with my Walk on and Whoa!!! But it is time for Whoa for Liam and I get to drive mummy crazy for a few weeks and all summer!! Who am I kidding driving mummy crazy is DADDY job!

Sissy and Daisy came over for Mothers day brought mummy pretty flowers and a balloon for Daisy and I to fight over .. who am I kidding she can have it but funny to throw the balloon around… Mummy and sissy finished moving all of the trees and sissy made me ride the 4 wheeler .. don’t tell her I had fun. I want her to think I don’t want to do that again!! (But it was kind of fun). Just don’t tell her!

Hilary has been making me work really hard in speech , Now that I can hear I am doing really good at getting new sounds. I am able to put WATER together and Dada did it, Bye bye dada.. Dada / mama work. I am able to put words together a lot better than I did before!
Hilary is super proud of me. Sometimes I take her things and I don’t work for the game but she gets me back on track!!!

Daisy came over to play while Sissy , Bubba and Mr . Myron or Daisy calls him OG went canoeing .. We played with the Drone and I think it is so funny when it flies down to me and flies everywhere!! Daisy runs from it and screams and that is really really FUNNY .. Drones are awesome. I want one for me to fly … I think I asked for one but it hasn’t arrived yet!!

Mummy has really been working hard making the new shirts for me. I go down and help or keep her company sometimes (that is helping). She has made a lot of them lately. I just don’t like to be in the basement when I can be outside letting my trucks go .. I am using remote control cars a lot and really having a blast now that I have figured how to work the remotes. I am getting really good using my hands for things like that.

School is finally ending.. I am not excited about not seeing Mr. Greg, Mrs. Delores, Miss Kyrstin, Ms. Thorah, and I found out Ms Maddy won’t be there next year and that makes me sooooooo sad. I am going to miss school but they said I get to go back next year and I get to go to 1st grade!!! 1st grade!! Me... (oh and I can say ME now). I know all of my letters and numbers 1-50. I can spell soooooo good! I love spelling! They made me a name badge like theirs so we can compare badges when I go down the hall that way I have an ID badge since I am in charge of checking people out!! I got the love for Learning award this year .. I do love to Learn!!

I am not doing PT b/c my Miss Elizabeth had a baby so I am taking summer off of PT for her to spend time with her little baby ..hopefully she will be back and ready for me after school starts.

This month has been very busy with school ending, goals to be met, special olympics , PALS bowling, Music, OT, PT , and all the doctor appts b/c my chest is still not right.. Hopefully June will be a little less eventful since I have to go see all of my Boston Doctors next month… Mummy is working very hard making the T-Shirts for our trip.. if you want one let her know..

Until next month… Love Liam