7 years 8 months

7 years 8 months.

No school… NO PT wow things are really getting a little well boring… When does school start… Wait … I better watch what I say b/c next month will be jammed packed with travel and doctors. I know I have some doctors this month but nothing like next month. Had Dentist appt .. Adams and Seaton is the BEST.. I love it when they clean my teeth. DAISY doesn't like it at all!!! but I got a cool xray and saw all of my teeth that I will get when I lose these teeth.. that is too cool .. she should really try it.. I think once she does she won't be scared. Figured her watching me would help but it didn't!! maybe next time.. We went to see my neurologist he’s super cool and allows me to sit and enjoy my game and doesn’t ask much of me while I’m there so other than height and weight my favorite appt!!

Mummy upset bc when he is finished with residency he will be going to Boston but he still gets to be apart of our team just a long way off!!! I only see him twice. Year she’ll survive . I always get the best doctors she makes sure of it so sure she’ll make sure his replacement is the best or she’ll be in Boston twice a year!! Road trip Fine by me!!

Mummy friend Miss Joyce and Sissy did shirt sales for my trip to Boston coming up and I went by to meet everyone that is supporting us. Masonite was so nice and everyone would fist bump and humored me when I wanted to see their badges.. they even made me a masonite badge!!!

Typically a road trip includes Buc-ee so I’m good with that. Miss Elizabeth had her baby so I’m not doing weekly bike ride and playtime. Miss her. Wonder how long it will take her baby to grow up so I can have her back? I have my Miss Hilary and she promised she isn’t having more babies.. said no more so I am happy about that.. Also still seeing my Miss Kate for Music.. we run, hide, make songs and I truly enjoy my music classes.. So grateful Grandma does that for me. Miss Kate is so much fun and she helps me make a lot of Buc-ee Songs…. We write songs and send them to grandma too. She loves seeing me play my music.. She sent me a snake and some other things and mummy opened and saw all the pieces and was like nope that is a project for the fire department. She went and took to Daddy and the guys all put them together… he brought it home after that and I played with it in the living room … it is really big!!! It is a remote control snake.. my sissy would hate it.. She is sooo scared of snakes…

They opened up the new Splash Pad in Dickson and allowed all the city employees and their families to try it out before opening to the public.. it was a lot of fun and daddy and the guys came down in the fire truck to play with all of us there. They were sliding, and spinning the merry go round for all the kids .. I even saw a few go down the slide.. not daddy tho he was like nope not trying that .. guess that is why I don’t want to try some things .. b/c my daddy won’t.. We played for a few hours and Daisy came and played with Bubba Walker… Daisy loves the slide she will go up the obstacle and down the slide over and over. She is like sissy and loves loves to climb!! I am not a climber, but I do love the water. I didn’t play as much as I do In the water hose at home but I did play with daddy there some.

My vegetables are doing really good. I have corn, broccoli, cauliflower,bell peppers, sun flowers and strawberries… WE never have a lot of strawberries b/c mummy and Daisy eat them when they pick them ..

The corn is almost ready and so is my broccoli it is getting soooo big it makes me super excited to water and for mummy to water me so I can grow to. Daisy and I run all over the yard when it is water time and scream and have great fun. When Gavin came to play with me we had a big water time outside. Mummy was watering his brother Jaxson, and Daisy. Mallori and Gavin didn’t really want to be wet but I wanted to be soaked it is so much fun!!!

Danielle loves watching me play in the water.

Bubba cut my hair, Jaxson’s and Gavins we like getting our hair cut but Jaxson apparently is super ticklish more than me on his head and couldn’t stop laughing .. I was worried he was going to end up with a crazy cut But my bubba has some mad hair skills and mastered it as always!!! Him and Sissy Joy were being silly .. We had a GREAT night and enjoyed pizza although we didn’t get my cheesy bread but it was still a good night!!

Trip time for Buc-ee grand opening ! Mallori came she is spending a few days with us . We ate at the sunliner and I looked at the big monkey on the side of the building and wanted to see him. So after my big French toast dinner and chocolate cake we went across to see him .

I got to see the big one inside the building also!!!

We went to a castle and sat in a 5 D movie and were able to shoot clowns . Not sure 100% why mummy picked clowns probably bc I look at the Jack n the box with IT in it but I let her shoot I was good for most of it but toward the end I took the glasses off bc that big clown in my face was a bit much!!!!

Finally time to go to the room and the shower was horrible! I was not enjoying my bath!!!

I slept terrible was all over the place finally fell asleep around 6 am and mummy was like wake up at 8 for us to go to a science place called wonderworks. It’s silly the house is upside down! On entry it has a tunnel that really kind of freaked me out but I went thru after daddy and Mallori but held mummy hand tight.

We watched another 5D movie this one wasn’t scary but was a wild ride. The whole chair moves and it was lots of drops and broken roller coaster tracks but the plane flying over me was really neat .

We walked out and they had ipads I can color turtles , sea turtles or anything and I put my name on it and it was let out to sea for me to see it swim away!!! There was a sport zone where I got to watch daddy try to make baskets and all he could do was get the ball stuck behind the net … mummy did much better !!! We got to play baseball and I threw balls at the guy with a bat… Mallori did a space walk .. I didn’t want to do that it was way high and very hard! She walked all over the place above us on obstacles .

There was a massive lite peg board and mummy and daddy put my name on it. I even took a picture with my name!!! I took lots of pictures .. I even got to pretend I was a dinosaur

We went upstairs and there were Crazy walls it was really weird to look at!!! And next laser tag .. I walked around pretending I was shooting .

Mummy shot daddy a lot but didn’t shoot me she was nice to me Mallori was shooting daddy too lol.. But daddy got them a lot too…. it was fun I did like that . I was scared to try things but after I got into it I realized it wasn’t bad!!!

We were going to ride horses but I think I broke my daddy nose . My head apparently is like a bowling ball. So we decided with rain and his swelling nose we would scratch that. He said it hurts to wear his glasses 🤓. I really didn’t mean to I just didn’t want on the horse swing . I know it might be fun and I need to try things but honestly I’ve tried a lot this weekend.. high five me for all I have tried bc I’ve done a lot more than I wanted to out of my comfort zone and it doesn’t appear like they are done exploring so h til 5:30 tomorrow when I get my Bucee time I’m on uncharted territory!! I got to see the gorilla inside and stand in his hand. And then we walked thru and saw a lot of weird Hollywood stars I honestly was NOT a fan. I couldn’t finish that event fast enough NO thanks!!! Give me real people please !!

Left and did the house of mirrors that was fun. Mummy daddy and Mallori were trying to find their way out it was funny I just followed I knew they’d figure it out and of course daddy had to figure out the difference between the cracks in the floor so he knew how to get out without looking into the mirrors. Only daddy!!!

Then we watched another 5 D as part of the castle and museum . That one was probably my favorite next to wonderworks it wasn’t scary like the clowns. Might not watch clowns ever again.

I’m honestly all done and ready to have my Bucee opening and go home already!! It’s been a long weekend .

Buc-ee day Omy I’m in my type of wonderland!!! I have Wes, Meridith , Bennie and Buc-ee and I made friends with the chief of police Chief Joseph Manning and Captain Ray Brown from the Sevierville police department they were awesome and are going to send me one of their super cool police patches. They have a big bear on them it is really amazing!!! Can’t wait to share it with all of you when it arrives.. Will be looking in the mail box every day!!! .

I played with Buc-ee a lot he would take pictures, blow me kisses and high five me. I even gave him a kiss.. Wes tried to pick me up and said I was heavy!!! We Met Brenda Lynn Allen and Makky Kaylor from Southern Roots radio and they wanted to know my story and what made me love Buc-ee so much. Mummy had to do it bc I don’t talk well enough for the radio but I can say “Buc-ee” … I say Mum and da and dada did it , I can say water and bubble , and if I don’t want to do something I do say NO!

I say Tea, bath, and I have to say walk on for my horse to go and of course whoa to make him stop. I love my horses .

WE hung around most of the morning where I could chill with my best buddy Buc-ee and the the unthinkable happened… THE OWNER!! Yes Arch “BEAVER” Alpin III himself came walking down where I was.. Mummy had to explain really quick who he was so. I would say cheese. . She asked him super nice if she could have a picture of the two of us and he told her he loved her brisket shirt!!! He said , “ I would love to take a picture with him”. He was sooo nice and now I have a picture of me and the dad of my best friend Buc-ee Beaver!! I love my beavers…

We finally got on the road and stopped for Cane’s chicken on the way home … Mummy has Mallori hooked on it. Mallori has been so much fun she jumps with me and hangs out and plays with me . I love Cane’s bread and the only one in Tennessee is in Cookville so mum stops and gets me Lemonade and gets me TEAAAAAAAA yes.. The Texas Boy in me still loves my SWEET TEA but also like Cream TEA in England but we don’t get to go anymore. WE got too High Hopes just in time for me to see Hilary for Speech and be all caffeinated up. Or BUC-EE high whatever you want to call it but I learned Bubble and she said it was a GREAT speech day!! Of course it was im on a Buc-ee high and ready to talk!!!!

I didn’t get to go to Music b/c daddy had an appt. I wasn’t so happy about that and I had to sit in the car for 6 hours not fun!!!! After we finally got him daddy went to bed b/c the stuff makes him sleepy and we took Mallori home … was sad she was leaving but it was time for her to go home mummy said … Sometimes wish my sisters lived at home…. Then again NO I don’t … I like being the only child sort of !! They are great to come hang out and visit but sharing everything no thanks…

Wednesday mummy played catch up on work and then we had SADDLE UP on Thursday … my teammates were out today but it was a GREAT day I got all the attention and I was on a BIG horse named Barron today.. I got to try a BIG horse I was so excited I kept saying BIG!!! And of course Walk on when he kept stopping.. We went for a walk outside after inside stuff and it was a super lesson day I was pulling the reigns myself and really trying to do it all by myself for the first time. I felt so confident on the big horse. Was nice to have them move me and try me on something new… Barron was also pretty awesome… I love my volunteers and my Miss .. Margo she is great fun and so encouraging… This month was the best in a very long time.. Minus my birthday at Crossville that was the highlight of my life when they gave me my staff shirt .. Dane, Wes, Delany and Ashley are the best ever…

Until next month adventures… should be fun… we leave for Boston Childrens the 14th… sure mummy will post something she always does..

Love you all… Liam


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