8 Years 1 month

8 Years

I am 8 years old … I am very smart … and I let everyone know just how Smart.. today for my birthday I had to go to Speech, PT and Feeding and we had to pick up Daisy I typed on my device NO Miss Hilary… No Miss Elizabeth and NO daisy… I love them all but I didn’t want a routine I wanted to relax.. but I didn’t get it.. I knew Mummy didn’t need to be driving to Franklin it was only day two and she needed to relax too!! It was raining it was yuck but NO we had to go and do routine.. Mum dropped off food at the firehouse and I wanted to stay but nope routine … here we go… get Daisy go to Franklin! I did my therapy and wasn’t no participating but wasn’t giving it my all I was being a monkey a lot of the time.. Miss Emily was doing everything to make me laugh.. Miss Hilary just knows me and well sometimes I can get away with being like this but she did make me work and she sang Happy Birthday do me.. I just kept typing firehouse cake! It’s my birthday!!! After we left we went to the firehouse and finally everyone ate and I was ready for my CAKE! Finally they sang happy birthday and I wasn’t about to blow out the hot fire and daddy couldn’t get them to blow out… but cutting the cake and getting my Darth Vader was all I wanted ! Then they had presents! The guys got me a light saber . It was super cool!!! And I got some new super heros ! Can’t have enough of those.

Today at school I had a friend going to the bathroom so I followed.. Miss Kyrstin said Liam you can’t come in when our friends are in the bathroom and I went to my device and said “Im Curious” … Miss Kyrstin Laughed … But really I am …

We had another baseball team come and help us at our game this am. I enjoyed being in the center of all of the kids . They were making me laugh and were so nice.
They helped me bat and helped me run to the bases .
Today was picture day but I didn’t want a picture but I did it. With a very loud cheese like hurry already!!

After ball we went to Nashville to Vanderbilt for hat is where daddy was working but we went to the wondry center and I saw all my new friends I met before there again. They were working to help me eat!!! And making me a screen for changing when traveling and not having it a Buc-ees for me to use the bathroom. We haven’t been on a long trip in a. Little while not sure how that will look with me trying to wear daddy underwear but I will try my hardest to not have an accident at least now we have a screen to change me where other people are not watching! We played in chairs and they gave me things to try to eat with the spoon. I loved playing with everyone!!! Abby was carrying me around and I learned who would pick me up ! They were suckered into my cuteness!!!We left kind of late and went to Target I got a new singing dancing reign deer and of course another super hero. Daddy got off work and met us for dinner at Jim and Nicks and I got some sliced brisket it was good! We also got banana pudding it was super good!! Got home a little late but it was a great day!

We got up and had breakfast and back to Vanderbilt for the showcase! They were setting things up and trying some things with me. And mummy got to park on the sidewalk to show off my new Buc-ee screen!! When we got together for a big group picture I was showing everyone how to say cheese they all ended up cheesing with me ! I kind of make things happen and people just love my ideas …. Rocking this world of making college friends. Oh wait I’m 8 ….
I’m in a routine of saying NO pants now. So over having to get dressed on NO school days. Not that they listen to me! I had speech and PT today Daddy was taking us so we probably get to do chick fil a and play today.

Boomer and I worked hard today.. started with grooming , saddling and then leading to the mounting area mummy and daddy got to watch me set up today: I got on and went to arena and showed everyone how good I was and confident on Boomer. I am doing better at reaching and learning how to balance and not be scared to reach and steer.. I have to lift my hands to help show Boomer which way to go . I have a hard time holding my hands up that long but am doing a lot better. Boomer and I work together and Miss Stephanie is a good encourager and helps me know what I need to do. Today when we were done I got a cool medal and ribbon for all my hard work. It was exciting.. Miss Stephanie helped to put my award on my neck and Corina told me how proud of me she was and gave me my ribbon.

My last baseball game… today I asked Miss Heather to take me to the field and walk around with me. She of course got up and went with me and then Jack came and joined us … Since I stole his mom :) The Grit team was there again and everyone said HI Liam and all high five me.. I love how friendly all the kids were that came to help us. It was a lot of fun running and throwing the ball and running from base to base. I really loved Baseball. Sissy Joy-Joy , Bubba Walker and Daisy came today for my last game. Daisy was on the bleachers cheering for me.. it’s nice to have so many people cheer. The other team would chant our names and keep us motivated and moving.. I loved it a lot.. :) After the game was over and we got our medals and pictures I played with Bubba Walker … Daisy got a little jealous so he had to flip her and show her he didn’t forget her he was just loving on me a little since I haven’t seen him a lot lately..

We went to Sonic to get my TEA afterward and then took Daddy some Lemonade and showed my medal and pictures from the game.

Then finally home :) I was a little ready to go home.. Was tired….

This week I only had Speech and PT with Elizabeth … I did well in speech she wants me to talk and I tease and use the AAC device but hey I get my silliness across … I communicate very well…. Love Miss Hilary even if I say NO miss Hilary… Sometimes I really just want to be home. Miss Elizabeth keeps wanting me to do the monkey bars .. yes I am a monkey no I don’t want to climb and hang like one. But I will pretend and run away to make her play.

Music with Miss Kate is always fun. We make loads of noise , run around and play but I wanted to go to the store so I asked to say bye bye sooner!! BUT then mummy ruins that and talks.. so should just play the whole time so I can leave when it is time…

Thursday on horses I was still on my boomer thought I was getting a new horse but was so glad to still have boomer we have a little bond forming!! And I got to see Miss Stephanie and Miss D. Today we were doing our course and the 2 point where I lift up a little out of my seta and go forward a little . I am trying to hold the reins up better for steering and learning how to steer better each session.. Today was fun we got to trot twice .. That is cool it makes me bounce and laugh.

I got to see my She Will Fans this weekend it was a lot of fun! Auntie Victoria was getting her first record released and she sang some really cool songs and I got to Dance!!!!! I love to dance .. I even worshipped. Made a new friend there named Karen.. Don’t know why but I really liked her and wanted to cling to her a lot… My cough was acting up again but I would put my hands above my head and it helped a lot. I get to gagging and can’t stop lately…

sunday... birtday party time with all my classmates, Gavin and family and Deklan, and family. Love my sweet friends that travel to hang out with me.. So nice to have real friends in this world .. Kade and I are both 8 .. this was our big 8 year old say goodbye to being 7 forever party. Miss Michelle and Mummy got a cool gym and we had all sorts of things to pla;y with. Everyone had a GREAT time playing and Miss Michelle had all sorts of fun games to do. Me I am not much into games but did have fun running around and being social with all my guest!! We had yummy cake and the 2nd present I opned was my dino truck that broke and I was so excited to have it back, I didn't want to open anymore gifts.. mummy said for me to open last but Miss Kyrstin wanted to see me open it and that was all i wanted for then on out!!! I got some cool super heros and dancing toys that I love so much and Kade's family even got me cards and money to buy more cars and super heros... They are sooo nice.. I love having great people in our life! We had a blast and the time went very fast .. hated to say bye to all my friends but it was time to go home.. But luckily Gavin and Deklan came over and played for a little bit b/c they brought over our new Kleefstra Bench , Miss Kristi Dad mde us.. Mummy loves it sooo much... it is super nice.
Gavin and family stayed and we had pizza and then everyone had to go home b/c the reality of school was the next day!!

Mummy canceled my appts this week and took me for a chest Xray worried I might have another infection like the Boston Doctors found that wasn’t on any test here! The Xray was clear. My Pulmonologist had me go see Dr.Kate at the walk in to make sure there was nothing else going on .. I showed her how to check my ears and nose and she checked my eyes and throat everything was clear I was not sick.. I knew I wasn’t sick I just couldn’t stop coughing.. That Laryngeal cleft does cause me some issues!! Seems a lot of people here don’t know what to do with them like Boston but so Glad Dr. Thomas listens to us and CARES about me … She put me on this gross medicine for 5 days and within the first two days my cough was almost completely gone… So happy!!! Although I like to make goofy sounds when I cough. Daddy has a bad cough and bronchitis righ now and is also taking medicine.. Guess he wanted to be like me … But when he coughs I laugh soooooo hard … its funny watching and listening to him although I know he hates it too..

We didn’t have horses this week b/c of a holiday! We didn’t do anything … Mande brought us some really good food though.. Daddy was at work, I was playing with all my toys just enjoying being home and mummy was cleaning and doing her thing!!! She is feeling a little better from her surgery but still can’t do somethings… But I help…

Sunday, Sissy, Daisy, mummy and I all went to see the TITANS play football in a BIG stadium it was sooooo cool, lights, firecrackers, lots of screaming and flashing lights .. I learned how to clap and do things like the fans and we are working on me saying GOOOO TITANS … and TITANS win .. which they did win… After the Game we went to Chuys … I got my chips and tortillas and had some flautas. Afterward Sissy and I asked mummy to go to Target.. Always love going to Target .. Mummy checked out and Sissy and I took Daisy out to the car to wait so we didn’t have to stand in line…

School… well back to life after a long weekend.. not easy let me tell you.. I was doing assignments on my iPad at school and decided I would go and do something more fun since nobody was really paying attention… well BUSTED… Miss Kyrstin came over and caught me on Amazon trying to buy my 8 foot santa… I know I have one but I am not sure where mummy has it so figured I would see if I could order it on my school iPad.. But I got Caught in the act and couldn’t copy an send to Grandma since she isn’t saved in that iPad.

I had Speech today and Miss Hilary helped me with my GO TITANS, and TITANS WIN… and Pull…. Move…. And TITAN UP… it was a lot of fun… Elizabeth and Mummy teamed up today and made me do some DMI it was fun but GEEZ.. sometimes I like to play and run around with Miss Elizabeth but I guess since I had a 4 day break I needed a little work today!!!

Went to Music and Miss Kate and I created a song about the Titans. It is always fun playing music and dancing with Miss Kate she always makes for a fun time.

We went to At Home and mummy was trying to find me a tree and we ended up getting me a SANTA of course… she said that it is almost Christmas and I should wait for toys but these are gone after Christmas..

Today at school I buttoned and unbuttoned 3 buttons independently … hope they don’t tell mummy she will make me do more with my jeans and I really like my moon pants…

Well another month down.. First month being 8 honestly can’t say much changed still feel 7 :).

Love you all