8 years 2 months

8 years 2 months


Mummy finally took down my halloween Bucee .. I keep asking for my Santa one and hope it comes out soon. She did get me a new Santa in a Chimney he goes up and down by himself so I don’t have to turn him off and on so much!!!

I have been really cheeky with Miss Hilary and was trying to sit in the baby chair for my speech therapy… Thought she would let me out of therapy if I kept playing around but she giggles and keeps on working she doesn’t care where I sit she is just going to make me work…. Always back fires.. but I have a GREAT time playing at the same time…. She keeps telling me to say she is my favorite.. think she is brainwashing me … Miss Elizabeth is like NO I am your favorite Liam…those two are toooo much but do love them both dearly!!! Miss Elizabeth pushes me to work and I RUN as fast as I can to see if she will make me do something but typically I get away with doing what I want to do.. She just runs and implements something into whatever I have decided to do.. I love physical therapy it is a lot of fun.. Love the tree house and throwing balls too. Don’t like having to stand and hop and don’t like having to truly work but it is what it is and could be worse could be really being pushed like at Napa where It is 4 hours of REAL hard work daily .. typically mummy and I are both dead tired after that . Mummy more than me though..

School has been school… I’m learning a lot . Mr Greg makes me work hard but then I have my truck time. I do some lessons on an iPad and when they aren’t looking I’ve learned how on my own how to get out of the Lock Screen so I can go try to find me more Santa’s .
I was looking for one and finally found an 8’ one and got caught by Miss Kyrstin. Guess I shouldn’t be so quiet need to learn how to behave when shopping like I do when working!! Mr. GREG gave e some cool military patches for my collection … He was in the military and did some really cool things so he has some cool patches to share with me!! Love my patch collection…

We went to a new Church Sunday and all of the people are sooo nice.. I sit by a sweet lady named Sister Tammy and she prays for me. I love the music and love dancing in church. It is really a nice place. This is my first time to go to church since I was a baby and I really loved everyone. After service they had really GOOD food downstairs.. Now that is what I am talking about .. I ate a lot ! Sissy and Daisy came too. Hope we will get to go Back Terria is super nice and is very beautiful. I gave her big hugs and kisses and I made a new friend named Brandon…. The 1st lady of the church just hugs everyone is so kind and reminds us of our Aunt Dottie.
Mummy said we would be back.. I can’t wait .. I love jumping and dancing and they don’t care if I jump and dance.. My kind of hang out for sure!!

I felt kind of crummy this week. Mummy took me to see Miss Catherine at the walk in clinic and she swapped my nose (that tickles and makes me sneeze). We came back home and didn’t do much afterwards . Sunday we were going to go to church but daddy went bc I was feeling worse . We went back to see Miss Catherine and she said the sounds in my breathing were serious and that is why I felt bad she sent us to the hospital and said i was having what sounded like Laryngeal spasms. I don’t know what that is but mummy was upset and worried . So off we go to the hospital. I wasn’t scared I go to childrens a lot . Apparently I also have what was called RSV that could make the spasms worse , they got me to a little room gave me a breathing treatment and put my IV in to give me fluids . I also got a weird tasting steroid to help with my cough . all I wanted to do was lay down didn’t even want to play Minecraft . The Resident ENT came in , mummy didn’t like him he was rude she said , all good bc I puked everywhere while he was in there and he looked so scared and backed into a corner and watched as mummy caught the puke he didn’t help with anything just watched , thank God the nice nurse brought a puke bag so mummy didn’t have to hold the trash can alone for me. He finally said well we will probably admit and watch me . Well mum was like ok whatever hope we never see you again!!! He was the least helpful and God I hope we never end up with him as a doctor . Mum said no worries we will just drive to Boston for that specialty bc he was and idiot and had no business at all childrens hospital . Even my doctor said he was not warm and fuzzy even to the staff. Go work somewhere else dude!! Finally got admitted and to our room. Things were quieter upstairs and mummy ordered me food finally , not that I was starving . I basically just played my games and sometimes they would come in for vitals overnight but mummy had to straighten my arm a lot. The night staff never really checked in. Much and didn’t talk to us. Wish we could have just gone home . Mum was basically my nurse overnight . But the next morning my sweet Anna was back. She is amazing and Kenna came by and hugged on mummy she is amazing too. They got my blood pressure bc I make them when they come in. I mean you are checking on me so let’s check me out so I can get out and back to life. Although I do love the carrots the breakfast in this place is awful.
The doctor came by she was super sweet and a whole lot of students were there I just sat and looked at them. They all gave their assessment but I just let them talk. They left said they would be back later in the day with the plan to let me go home or stay.
More sitting , eating . Waiting . Finally they came in and mummy said just let us go home before shift change bc the night people don’t do anything anyway. So they agreed to let us go home with medication just in case . Anna came back and I was showing her how to use the bed . Had her sit on the bed and I showed her how it goes up down, high and low and even sandwiched her and mummy. I almost made mum fall on the floor . It was super funny!!!
Finally we walked down to get my meds and was released to go home !!!! So glad !!! I was back to myself for the most part had to go see doctor Eidson the next day and he released me for school. Thank God bc I was and am bored !!!

I got a cool package from Auntie Teresa and Uncle Stephen in Ireland.. lots of snacks.. Glad daddy was at work b/c I got some of the chocolate and mummy ate the walnut whips fast haha (yes I told on her for not sharing) I got buttons so I don’t care!

Back to school and I got to go shopping at the penguin store for gifts … This was my last day at saddle up , sad because I love Toby and hope I have him next session. But I’m thankful as always for little breaks. Afterwards Miss Stephanie took us to the zoo to see Santa and all the millions of lights. It was a lot of fun … I got to take pics with santa and see the North Pole lights. It was super exciting . We had Chinese food which I love and walked a lot. I was getting a little fussy bc of the cold and the fact I’m just a little kid and it was a lot of walking in the cold. I saw santa and got to go on carousel so I was done! But was glad I got to see santa I can never see him enough!!!!

Santa came to see me at school also!!! This is honestly my favorite time of the year bc I get to see santa everywhere. Had dental appt and love the X-ray machine.. it takes picture of all my teeth and I lost one in the hospital … MY FIRST TOOTH.. DADDY helped get it out mummy was worried I would swallow it.. Dana at the dentist office helped get the other dangling tooth out.. my big teeth were just trying to push them over they wanted to stay .. mummy said I would have more teeth than a shark if I kept them all but that wouldn’t be all that bad… so I thought until I realized I get a new super hero for every tooth I give them.. so they can all come out if I get to go to the RED store for a toy (red store is Target for those that don’t know). Blue Store is Lowes and Orange is Home Depot those are my favorite stores oh and BIG lots 🙂

Well I didn’t go to school long and got sick again! Now I am out till next year.. I am so sick I just want to sleep and not eat… I feel miserable .. really miserable! Daisy came over and she doesn’t feel good either. Took me and Daisy to doctor and I have Flu A and Daisy has Flu A and B .. I don’t want to do anything but stay in my nice comfy bed. Mummy was sad I didn’t feel good and she got all of my santa’s out 🙂. I was so excited to see them been a whole year and I forgot about a few I had.. but oh the fun of playing with all of them again!!!!

We went to Memphis to take Ollie Christmas to sissy and had Japanese food and went to the red store that apparently everyone wiped out the toys I would want so wasn’t very interested in being there . Now the Japanese food that was a win I ate all mummy spring rolls and she ordered more and I ate them too. She said we must have been Asian in another life 🙂 It was good to see my big sister Kaytlynn she lives a ways away so we don’t see her much . I miss Ollie !

Finally I am feeling a little Better and since mummy and I were alone on Christmas Day we decided we would go to my favorite place and see our Buc-ee family!! So happy Santa Buc-ee was waiting at the door to give me a BIG BUC-EE and Liam hug!!! And then Dane was there to give me a BIG hug as well.. it was so much fun.. I got my butterfly gummies and saw my best friend and well just got to hop around and have the BEST time ever!! BEST Christmas for sure… mummy got Brisket, fudge and we got Daddy Jerky and new PJ’s so he could match me!!!
I didn’t get to see my Santa in Pigeon Forge or in Lebonon this year b/c of how sick I was so grateful I did get to go see the one at the zoo. Also grateful for seeing Buc-ee one more time in 2023 … Some people like Disney but I sure feel like that in Buc-ee.. it is my place that makes me sooo happy!

Daddy got home tonight and we got to open up presents I got lots of cool cars and transformers.. I want transformers now!! I love making daddy work them even when I can.. mummy just can’t get it. She isn’t good with puzzles but I am , DONT TELL DADDY.. I love making him do it over and over and when Daisy is here she makes him read books over and over or she puts him in Time out and he goes willingly but think it is for the 5 min break he gets 🙂

Happiest New year to everyone…. My next post will be in 2024…

Love Liam

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