8 years 3 months

8 years 3 months

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2024 …

Today I went back to school from Christmas and SICKNESS break! I was having a great day and was line leader at school .. I was proud to be the leader for the class… I love being helpful… I worked really hard today with Mr. GREG!!

Today at school I got to go to the indoor sensory room.. it is too much fun .. Kade and I got to play on the trampolines. I love I get to jump inside without having to go outside in the cold or hot 🙂. I love school but like to make mummy and daddy think I don’t sometimes but they never let me just stay home…

Daisy Birthday party was today and Santa came to see us. He brought both of us toys. Daisy was sooo excited and not going to Lie I was sooooo excited with her . We had cake and she opened presents. I helped a little and Santa helped too. Lots of girl stuff!!! But it was definitely all things that Daisy loves . She was singing ,dancing and having a great time. Uncle David and Grandpa came over .. It was a lot of fun playing with Uncle David. Daisy made him do things like she does to daddy. It is funny b/c Daddy stays in time out when she is here.. I want someone to always help with the transformers and sometimes it is super hard to do them and I get frustrated. Grandpa has tried to help but I don’t know why they are always so hard.. I try hard I even look up pictures and videos to get videos to show me easy ways to do it but it isn’t always easy!!! But I kind of like the challenge. Daddy is good at getting them figured out. Mum not so much.

We have a BIG machine digging a BIG hole in our yard . Think they are drilling to make he center of the earth or something they have been in our yard forever but it’s super cool to watch them work although mummy is getting upset her yard is getting to be a really nasty mess and she said spring is coming and she worries about her baby trees she planted and not being able to mow. It is pretty yucky out there . But I still like watching them work. She said they are digging underground to not mess up everyone’s yard or driveways to place a sewer line but our yard is a massive mud hole. Which would be a lot of fun for Daisy to jump and play in she loves the mud I do to but not one me!!

We went to Arkansas for my nephew Ollie birthday . Daisy went with us so we had entertainment in the car on the way there . My cousin Teen teen and my Auntie Susie was there and my cousin Maci!!!! I also got to see Miss Debbie! Haven’t seen her in a long time was so glad she was there . Mummy and her just hugged and her sweet friend Dewana was there too!. Sissy Kakey had a jump house in her living room. Thought that was cool but I wanted to turn it off to see it go down and back up and they wouldn’t let me . There were a lot of little kids but I had a great time playing with my niece , nephew and cousins . I got to see my Aunt Sarah and my cousin Taylor and I picked up where we left off and played like we have always played . She loves me. Harley played with me too. Bella is older so she didn’t want to really play with us little kids and that’s ok but we did make her get a picture with us!! Issac and Nicholas accidentally threw me in the air and then I kept running back and forth to be thrown over and over . I think I wore them both out. Ollie kept rolling through the leaves and it was a great time with all my family!! We had to get home bc of weather and there was an accident on highway so took us a while to get home. Seems like Arkansas is always the hold up. Wish they had a Buc-ees .. but nope it’s either a nasty restroom or no restroom mum stops at the rest areas bc they are at least clean.
Got home and the next day it started snowing !!! I love the snow I was so excited to!!! Hopefully it will be snowing again in the am !!!

No school therapy or church. Mummy and I watched it on the TV at home so I could dance and jump up and down. Miss seeing everyone but glad I still can listen and watch.

When I look Outside more snow! Not complaining !! I was actually excited and kept showing mummy.

Mummy and I went out to walk around it was very soft and super fluffy. So fluffy we couldn’t make a snow man and was funny bc she couldn’t make a snowball either but that didn’t keep her from throwing it like a little kid! She got me .. yup and I of course laughed. She got the sled out and I was like NOPE I’m done let’s go in. She made me sit on it and I laughed a little bc it went nowhere it sunk into the snow and I sat there so she pulled me around and I was all done ready to go in not fun anymore. I’d rather walk around. It snowed for a few more days … then it was sunny but the snow stayed . Then the rain came in that was yuck but more snowed followed … this created a crunchy snow. ❄️ mummy was sad bc she thought she was going to build a snowman, but nope it was too crunchy on top and soft underneath!! But the sled is now sitting on top of the snow and doesn’t sink not even with mummy and daddy. Sissy came over with Daisy and we rode down the front hill over and over racing . I will be honest it was fun. But then they decided let’s go down the back hill…. Have yall seen the back hill!!! Nope I’m out sissy you go kill yourself I’m going to play the iPad !! Inside I went and they went to back yard and were riding from top of our yard behind trampoline and ended up in Mande and Mikes yard almost into the woods ! They are lucky they didn’t end up on the frozen creek bed!
Honestly they did this for a long time surprised they still had fingers and toes bc it was like 0 degrees and we don’t have clothes for this cold so mummy had 3 pairs of socks and three layers of clothing . They look ridiculous but hey they had fun and I stayed inside in the warm house and watched transformers and played with my transformers and iPad ! Watching sometimes out the back window and it was definitely a funny thing to witness !!!

When I did go outside I got to wear my awesome winter jacket that I probably won’t get to wear ever again because it’ll never be that cold again before I outgrow it!!! We still don’t have school bc the roads still have ice on them. It’s been nice to be home …. But do miss therapy , horses , music school church, and my friends and teachers…

Finally school … didn’t think we were ever going back. But glad to see Mr Greg , Miss Rhonda , Miss Thorah and Miss Kyrstin. I worked but was a little off . I had to go to see Dr Caroline today.. I love her she is one of my favorites she is patient , kind and always checks my ears for me when I ask! We left and went to Columbia to look at a few storage buildings , and then to have dinner at a new place with awesome rolls!!!!
I didn’t want to go to bed when we got home and so when mummy and daddy left I played with my echo and watched things and played with my transformers mummy came in and laid down and I was like bye bye she was like it’s night night Liam I said I love momma and finally she left so I could go back to playing . Daddy came in around midnight and stayed and I guess I’m going to have to try to make him leave !!! Nope he isn’t ugh I have to really go to bed now … I’m not tired . I finally fell asleep close to 2.30 and mummy woke me around 6:45 -7:00 for school she had me do music and I had breakfast and off to school. She was worried I’d have a bad day but I showed her I could stay up all night and still have a rocking day at school.

Friday is finally here… Special Olympics bowling time yay. Best day ever at school .. I got to ride a real school bus ! Yes a big yellow bus with my classmates and teachers from school to bowling alley.

I bowled two games. I had a blast Mr Greg was helping me and I’d just hug him after I chunked the ball down the lane!!!
Next the high school girls from Dickson high came over to encourage and help and Alli became my new bestie and Addie!!! They had a lot a beautiful friends I met them all but didn’t have all their names!! I wanted to hug a lot . I got some group hugs. I like being a ladies boy! My sense of humor definitely wins them… Alli was carrying me around and her and Abbi helped me bowl and I loved hugging them and playin!!! Best day ever!!

Over the weekend mummy and daddy let me stay up a little later . I decided to would FaceTime people on my iPad and take their pictures when they answered ! I thought it was funny !! I woke people up but they can’t be mad when they see me being silly. I make everyone laugh!!!

Church yay! Time to jump, sing , worship and watch Daisy and her friend laugh and praise Jesus. I love church and love Terria and Sis Blunt... I’m making lots of friends at church but Terria is still one of my favorites and sis Tammy bc she prays for me . I really like our new church a lot. Mummy says I have a crush on Terria whatever that is. I just like to hug her bc she is sweet and very pretty. I can tell good people !!!

Miss Elizabeth was out… Little Harper was sick.. hope she feels better soon…. I had Miss Kelly today. We had a great time .. I balanced and got to do an obstacle course and at the end I got to stomp and make cars go racing across it was a blast . Then I balanced on a bolster and was throwing the ball into a basket while balancing I was making points like crazy . She pulled the basket further back and I hopped down and pulled it back closer when she wasn’t really watching . Gotta make it easier lol. Then I decided I’d throw the ball at Rachael who was doing some paperwork and I startled her and it was soooooo funny! She cracks me up. She’s knows I’m a little cheeky. She tried to close the door and I got someone. Else . Mummy said Liam Miss Rachael knows you she doesn’t probably should stick with Miss Rachael. She was playing with me and laughing . I was definitely not doing what Miss Kelly set up but was still balancing , catching and throwing so hey I’m somewhat doing what I was told , just being silly in the process. As long as everyone was laughing with me right!!!!

Finally had speech !! I missed Miss Hilary!! Although I don’t miss having to work. She makes me make the right sounds even when I play.. I made a Monkey in her room today… it was appropriate for the way I behave sometimes but hey monkeys have fun and so do I…. They moved me to new therapist and reversed my schedule but I mastered it again today! Go Liam… high five …. So proud of myself !!

Tuesday music was very different!!! I was in group music this week and I am not 100% sure what I think about not having my kate all to myself. Hoping this is not going to be full time I think bc I like MY Kate time and not sure about all these kids . I do well with older kids and with adults but … seriously now sure just yet!!!

This month I got a few new awesome patches… a friend and customer at State Farm where mummy works is a TX state trooper and they have a friend that is a TEXAS Ranger so I got a trooper and Ranger pass sooooo excited .

Also got Waxahachie, Ennis and Palmer from my cousin Terri with an awesome letter from the chief of police .

I love my patch wall .. thank you all so much for sending me patches ! I love getting mail!!!

Still loving my Buc-ee I sleep in my Buc-ee beaver outfit and with all my beaver pillows every night … love making my inflatable go up and down and playing with my little Buc-ee at breakfast . Buc-ee is the best ! Also nice bc I can say Buc-eeeeeeee!!!

Well January is over ….. so into February ..

Love you all


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