8 years 5 months

8 years 5 months

February was a short month… but I always feel I do so much in a month that it doesn’t always feel short. Time as a kid creeps. Mummy says as you get older time flies .

We had church today. First Sunday of the month we all bring food and eat. Apparently they all love my mums Mac n cheese and banana chocolate pudding . I love praising , dancing and jumping around. It was a very amazing worship service everyone was dancing and enjoying the atmosphere today.
Good time yay we all go and get plates and I picked out what I wanted . The carrot casserole was super amazing!!! I also of course ate a lot of rice and some beans. Then cake! They had sweet tea so I was super happy boy today!!! TEA is my favorite when we are out and about .

It was open house at Saddle up! Open house means I get to show off my skills at brushing, mounting and then getting off and on! And then dismounting. I love to help! They wanted me to sit backwards on the horse and I said NO WAY .. all done if you want me to sit the WRONG way!!! I am doing good to let go of the reigns you drilled into my head all last session to hold. And now they want me to lift my bum and do what is called a 2 point to reach toward Ritas head .. hmm I feel better with my bum in the saddle and riding like a COWBOY!
Miss Stephanie always helps me with everything so it does make it better but sometimes I am a little hesitant to try some of the things they ask b/c it is a little out of my comfort zone. I am getting where I feel more comfortable with my trot now and it is kind of funny !

My Auntie Shelsea was in town again!! (She really should move here as much as she is in Tennessee). But we haven’t gotten her to agree to leave the Hot State of TEXAS yet… I think she is here more than there! Mummy and I cooked dinner for all the beautiful ladies that she brought for The Woman’s conference. I get to hang out with all of them b/c I am cute and they all love me and my funny sense of humor and spirit.. I got the praise and praying stuff down.. I met a lot of new friends at this get together and am so excited to have a new Nana Lois and Auntie Kayla. Mummy made loads of new friends as well… Miss Lulu was another one that I kind of attached to .. honestly I attached to a lot the the ladies… Miss Crystal was so beautiful I was super drawn to her and she is from Tennessee so we can see her more often than once a year!! Hard to remember everyone’s name but we met at least 30 people and I loved them all. I didn’t get my picture with Auntie Victoria she came in and was later than everyone and they all started eating and going into their evening so it was a little crazy…. But I know where she lives and know I will see her again soon. WE listen to her new songs in the car a lot. I like to raise my hands …. Mummy went to the conference Saturday and I stayed with Daddy. We went to the movies and I got to see PANDA… I love panda’s … it was a good movie.. it was nice to get out and have a fun day with daddy and me…. I love spending time with him…

Sunday we had church and daddy was at the firehouse. Church was good as always the music was amazing.. sure missed Terria!! She is out of the country having fun … I miss my travels.. mummy needs to get my passport renewed and maybe we can travel again one day .

Daddy took me to OT and PT today.. Miss Hilary is out for her kids Spring Break so I didn’t have speech. Tuesday we didn’t got to Music b/c Miss Kate asked to move to Wednesday so mummy and I watched the guys that brought the new machine to start working on our yard (they said they would clean up their big mess and we would never know they were there). Mummy said I will know I promise. They had to replace one of our trees they hit and now they are fixing the ground where the big 5 foot hole was that went from one drive way to the neighbors it was BIG.. I always said on my talker big mess!!!

When Mummy picked me up from school of course I told her I wanted TEA… She went to Dairy Queen.. what is she thinking!!! She turned in and I said NO TEA… she is like you said you wanted tea and even said please… she ordered and I told her TEA TRASH!!! And TRASH TEA… I wanted TEA from the TEA store (Sonic). I did drink it after we got home but really wanted good tea not that tea… I guess I need to be more specific when I ask and say , “Mummy can we go to Sonic and get TEA Please?” GEEZ that is a lot of work for TEA … I also got in trouble at school today but to me it isn’t trouble b/c I love TIME OUT.. Mr. Greg told me to go sit in my seat so we could work and I told him NO on my talker.. I am getting good with saying NO… But for some reason when I say NO and when adults say no it works different.. not so sure about this! They say NO and I can’t do it.. I say NO and I have to still do it… something is not right!! Although time out and quiet is GREAT! Daisy puts Daddy in Time out all the time! She says he doesn’t listen to her!

I am getting to were I type full sentences and am writing more than 2 and 3 words on pages..Mr. Greg has been helping me a lot with matching, sequencing and writing… So does Miss Katelyn. She helps me a lot with my fine motor with my pencil and has been helping me not feel so awkward holding a pencil. I have come a long way this year so far… It is hard work trying to learn to do things. I want to sign things I know how … my hand just won’t make the signs the same way they show me. They make it look really easy but it is actually really hard ..

My sister Kaytlynn is having a baby , Tina helped to put a shower on for her and my cousin Terri and Amber came in from Texas. WE drove in and of course traffic was crazy.. (which I love ) so I was laughing most of the trip but her typical 4 1/2 hour drive took us about 6 hours.. I am using the big boy potty so she stopped to let me go to the bathroom and well the pumps went down so the restrooms were apparently down .. So onward to the next one and it took over 30 min to get to it. I did good and held it for mummy.. I still don’t want to use number 2 in the potty it seems weird still not sure about it. But she is glad she doesn’t have other use a lot of diapers anymore and I wear DADDY underwear.. We finally made it to Teen Teens and it was getting late.. Mummy gave my nephew Ollie a little bumper car like Daisy and he rode it all over the place he was having a lot of fun playing with Uncle Vaughn. Mummy still had to cook food for the next day and we went to bed at like 1am. When we got up Auntied Teen Teen made eggs and bacon.. I ate 3 eggs, 3 packs of oatmeal and some of mummy bacon.. she was amazed but I am getting to were I want to try some new things.. After breakfast mummy got everything loaded into the car and we went to the little place they were having the shower and set everything up. Mummy put food in the oven and Teen teen was going to get the cake. I went to Dollar General with mummy b/c I wanted another super hero.. I got a lady bug girl it was all they had at that one that I didn’t have.. Guess Grandma does a lot better b/c Amazon has a lot more than Dollar General…. By the time we got back from what was supposed to be a quick trip people were arriving to the shower … My cousins came and played .and I got to see my Aunt Sarah and my auntie Betsy. . I wasn’t really in a playing mood… Ollie rode his bumper car and I played a game , ate some lunch and of course had some cake.. Betsy helped me out of there and let me go to the car to get away from the chaos and let me wait for mummy to load in peace! I got to see my Aunt Sandy from Texas and My Aunt Rita… my Aunt Susie didn’t come .. said she was not feeling well.. I was sad.. she is my aunt that is almost my size!! By the time we got the place cleaned up it was getting late and we were going to see my Aunt Mel but we couldn’t get ahold of her .. .Mummy said I could see her and Ti the next trip .. we had a good ride home until we got almost home and there was 3 wrecks about 40 miles from home so I laughed at the stopped traffic … told the cars to move and we sat for about hour and half and it got us home around 9pm .. all good no school the next day but we did have church :)

I have been ordering more super heros. I love it b/c when Daddy and Mummy won't take me to the store AMAZON and GRANDMA never fail!! I send her the link and Uncle Steven orders for me ... I love getting packages.. I check every single box that hits my porch to make sure its not mine! MOST are mine I get more mail than most of my family..

I was out on spring break this week but still had therapy. . Mummy has had some issues with her kidney’s again and so I didn’t get to go to speech, OT and PT Monday .. Tuesday Daddy took me to Music … Mummy might have to have surgery to get the stones out of her kidneys she went to a doctor appt and they said she had 6 kidney stones.. how do stones get in your body.. I am trying to figure out if she was eating rocks … but really just want her to feel better … when she doesn’t feel well. I do try to help a little more (well sometimes) she does have to ask.. I am learning how to do more.. Things are still hard but I have a new Therapist for OT that is helping me with my hands. I am able to sign a little better now. But it is hard!

I had to do another sleep study that is annoying. We got there and I ate and kept pointing to my head because I knew what was coming and sure enough he came in and put the things on my head and lots of wires . Wrapped me up like a mummy so nope I’m not moving tonight at all!!! I will lay here sound asleep or wide awake but I won’t move. Had the heart monitoring and guess it’s brain monitoring have no clue what that see or what it tells them but I am definitely not moving. Mum said she was going to wrap my head at home so I would sleep that still here ….. I DONT think so mom!!!

This month has been full of same ole doctor appts and one trip to see sissy for her baby shower. We don’t go many places b/c my therapy is everyday. I do miss travel. But we have the Kleefstra fund raiser and Boston for my follow ups in June …. Can’t wait for EASTER .. I have 8 chocolate bunnies now .. I try to get one when we go to the store. I don’t want to eat them … They are my friends.

Love you all.

Liam xxx www.runwithliam.org