8 years 7 months

8 Years 7 months.

Went to Arkansas…. The BABY is coming…. Sissy Kaytlynn and Bubba Isaac are having another baby…. So finally get to see the BABY.. We got in late as always b/c I had horses and so we didn’t get on the road until closer to 8pm.. but we did make it safe and got a few hours sleep. Got up and went to get breakfast and TEA haha… yes I wanted the TEA store but it worked b/c sissy wanted sonic ICE . Got her ice and went to hospital and she was just in the bed laying there NO BABY mum…. Daddy and I went to the store and got some food and snacks .. Ollie is supposed to play with me this weekend too but he is with his OG right now so daddy and I went to the house to chill and wait for sissy to have baby… Mummy stayed at hospital. Took about 6 hours and we went back to hospital and Sissy was not feeling good then she was crying.. I was confused.. daddy and I went out for about 10 min and came back and there was a BABY.. how in the world did that happen…. I. Don’t know but the baby is here and he is super tiny.. I wanted to look at him and point out hands, feet, nose , ears but I really wasn’t sure about holding such a little thing.. they said I held Daisy and Ollie and I have seen pictures but being older I am just not sure about holding them this week, he could break… Ollie thinks he came from Baby Corp and mum said she is going to get him a baby tux.

Monday I had to go to hospital to have a scope of my chest to check my laryngeal cleft and see if I have any inflammation or issues in my chest. They took a sample and sent off to make sure I am staying well. I feel well but since I always feel cheeky and silly they have to check me a different way .. They also fixed my tubes b/c they were falling out and Mummy didn’t want me to not have my hearing that I now have! IT is nice to hear everyone clearly .. it used to be sooo muffled .. I am still loud though.. Especially to make a point .

The weather has been super beautiful and at Saddle up we have been spending more time outside and riding along the trail we even got to go way back to back of property to see water.. I love my horse and Miss Stephanie and Miss Lyndsey and Leah.

At school this week I got to ride a school bus. It was super exciting… We rode to the high school and they had a lot of high school kids there to play with us. I did the 50 mm run .. I have never done this before but hey they said go and Miss Monica was there and ran beside me .. I laughed and thought it was too funny. Mummy was at the finish line recording as I ran all the way there !!!! Next I got to do a ball throw.. needless to say I can throw but it isn’t always where they want me to throw it but I did it and and they gave me two medals.. I got to see some of my favorite cheerleaders and the girls from the HOSA program from the Special Olympics bowling. It was really a lot of fun. But in the end I was ready to go home!!! Always done when I am done.. no talking lets just get on the road already.. BUT always NOPE have to do this or that first.. Leave it to mummy to volunteer for everything!!! I love my classmates.. I got to meet the new teacher for the bigger kids she is Assistant Chief Sesler Daughter she is really beautiful and I just wanted to hold her hand and hang out with her. Too bad I can’t get them to let her be my teacher …. BUT its all good I will have AnnaLee next year for 3rd Grade.. I have Mr. Greg, Miss Brittany and My Miss Thorah so I am going to be ALRIGHT.. Hope Mr. GREG will move up with me.. I don’t want to lose him… he is my buddy…

We had church Sunday .. church sometimes is long .. I enjoy the praise, worship and even the word… But when it is announcement time I definitely let mum know ANNOUNCEMENTS AND THEN TEA AND TORTILLAS.. .I know after I go up to the Alter for prayer it is about time for announcements and my sweet Terria typically does them..

My device handle broke… That was annoying.. I told Miss Hilary that Miss Brittany did it but actually it fell and broke… .Mummy got it fixed pretty quickly, but It was frustrating not being able to carry it like I am used to.

We had our final bowling night and I got another medal.. I am rocking the medals… got 3 this month between special olympic track and field and bowling…. I am going to miss My friends Thomas and Jack.. Jack was really helping me and showing me how to hold the ball to bowl. We have been on the same team the last two years and have become pretty good friends he is a great helper and his mum and mine have become pretty good friends .. they said they were going to get us together this summer I hope so… mummy is trying to get our pool situated so we can all swim.

I am still doing Tuesday Music with my Miss Kate.. I never want mummy in there … They talk so I tell mummy she can stay on the couch while I have MY MISS KATE TIME!! We play music and she is teaching me the keyboard. We write songs, play games, dance and have sooo much fun!! She is one of my highlights of my week for SURE and I get to do her all year around!!!

Renfest and castles oh my, I finally after the last few years of seeing the castle from the road I was able to go to the castle and see it in person. It was BIG .. Wish we could have gone inside like the ones in England but this one someone really lives in full time so they only allowed us in part of the castle .. But that was ok… We rode back over on a school bus to the festival going on and mummy was trying to get me to pee in a portable toilet … I was NOT wanting to those things are weird , hot and you can’t flush. LIKE GROSS… REALLY gross but she got me into a bigger one I did pee and I slammed the lid shut because I honestly don’t want to see what is inside that is sooo gross!!! We went walking thru the festival and I found some girls without feet.. Mummy said they were called mermaids… Well that is ummm NOT real.. I don’t think.. But I am not sure… I really focused on it and looked at them for a while.. Then we left and went walking around they had dragon tails and there was a guy in armor I took a picture with. I honestly wasn’t 100% sure about the place found and older guy I wanted to talk to and went up to, he was so nice… But really didn’t find a lot of people I wanted to be around it was not a very comfortable place for me all of a sudden I wanted to leave. They took me to see the horses and the guys were joisting and IT was ok but really I wanted to leave and get some food I took a few pics for mummy and she let me leave :) compromise pictures to leave it worked!!! .. I was done.. I wanted Chinese food so we went to PF Changs and life was good again…

Mummy always wants me to wear a nice shirt for Church… I want BUC-EE forget the nice polo’s they choke me even when she leaves one button undone it’s like ugh…. But today I work the button up swim shirt it is nice and it buttons so it was a nice compromise… Then we had swim party for my class at Josh, Michelle and my friend Kades house.. all my class mates were there and My teachers.. Mr. Greg wasn’t there and Miss Thorah wasn’t either but Miss Brittany and Mrs Kyrstin were were there. Michelle and Mummy both picked me up I was not really excited and they gently placed me in the pool and Miss Brittany got me and I was happy go lucky after I finally got in with her but wasn’t sure I wanted in at first and was really giving mummy a hard time. After I played a while I got out and was pushing people in and throwing balls and other things in the pool it was a lot of fun … we had pizza, cookies, and meatballs.. I ate all of my meatballs and all of mummy’s .. YUMMY of course Elouise stole the rest so Mummy was upset she needs that recipe big time!! Those are sooo good.

Daddy has been home A LOT this month!!! He fell at work and broke his shoulder so he is sleeping a lot and doesn’t feel well his whole arm and chest have turned from purple to yellow and green I tell him ouch all the time .. I did hit his arm and he screamed like OUCH Liam what was that for.. honestly didn’t mean to but I did laugh…didn’t mean to hurt him but on the flip it was funny how he screamed.

Therapy with Miss Hilary she is making me work on sounds that are not as easy so I keep trying to derail her by either hugging her or getting more toys or pulling the staff pictures down.. She knows she loves me even when I try her patiences.. that is what I am there for to try you and see what you will allow me to get away with and so far they all want to be my favorite so I win!!! Haha.

Miss Deborah is so sweet … I do work hard for her… I am still new with her so I have to work hard and let her know I CAN BE serious not really wanting to make her feel like I am too much work yet.. after she falls in love with me and wants to be my favorite I will be cheeky.. I am learning to tie, button, put a shirt on , zip, play with things I might not like and then she lets me run and play a little… :)

Elizabeth well we already have that connection and she knows I will typically win whether she wants me to or not I just win… we do all sorts of fun obstacles , we ride bike, walk stairs, do balancing, play in the balls you name it we do it.. She says I am doing really well and she should graduate me but I still need to ride a bike first. I will find things she needs to help me on .. She doesn’t really want to lose me I keep her laughing and on her toes.. Although Mummy was talking to her about possible swimming too… Hilary came out during my PT session and was trying to be a PT .. hmm you are supposed to teach me to talk but ok lets play .. Ive got this!!!

We had a surprise visit from Uncle Matt…. He showed up in a RED STINGRAY!! Oh my gosh!! I got to go for a ride in it also… So much fun!!! Top off , front seat and nice air in my hair!!! Love love love it…. I am now looking up Corvettes on YouTube. Mummy is happy I am out of the Hyundai phase and into the Vette Stage..

I know how to write Mr.Greg name and wrote it in his card for him all by myself.. I am doing really good at writing. Although my hand gets tired and mummy made me sign every single card for therapist , principals, office … and TEACHERS… it s a lot… like A LOT.. she didn’t break it up for me either I had to do them all at once…

In Music I am still learning to play piano and learning notes … I am very excited about this.. I love to learn new things and when I figure it out watching the adults get excited makes it all worth it.

This month was saying goodbye to 1st grade, hi to summer and getting ready for a busy summer of travel. I have a lot of appointments in Boston.. it is always fun going b/c we get to see lots of people and things along the way. .

We still go to our sweet church and each week I go up for prayer and help out Sister Blunt I help her know whose turn it is to anoint and show her where to put the oil.. I have learned so much. I love doing the offering, praising and love going for prayer .. I do all of it all by myself.. Slowly winning each person one person at a time with my sweet personality.. I know the order of the service and when it goes out of order I make sure to tell mummy on my talker that is not what time it is … it is Testimony or Announcement time… Why they don’t listen and follow my direction .. I am new and know the order of the service .. Although sometimes God has other plans and well that is ok b/c he is in CHARGE …

May was eventful Daddy, Mummy and me all had to be in hospital for a day stuff, Daddy broke his shoulder, I had to get a scope and tubes again and Mummy had to get a BIG kidneys stone removed from her . I had special olympics, Bowling with friends, horse session ended, School is out for summer and surprise visits from friends.. But seems our life is always a mystery and always something to be surprised with..

See what June has to offer with our fun trip to Boston for my follow-ups and the conference and I get to see Dr. Kleefstra.. so much to do … so little time..

Love you all thank you for following my journey..