3 years and 10 months

I am 3 years and 10 months

Mummy said we were going to Morgan’s I looked at her and got excited bc I thought when she had my swim suit we were going to the pool but nope we went in the car and I wasn’t really happy. I took a little nap and pouted a little which I normally didn’t pout much but I am getting the pouting sad puppy eyes down. (It works on mummy). We finally made it to San Antonio and I love to watch traffic mummy hates traffic ... daddy is always chill think that’s why mummy always wants him to drive. We got to Morgan’s and oh I was finally out of my pout mood and super super happy boy couldn’t get to the water fast enough. Daddy kept running me to this spot where a bucket of water falls on your head he would run me over and he would run away. He didn’t want to get wet but let me be blasted . I liked It though. We stayed in that spot a very long time I was having a blast. I went down the water slide this year and Loved it this time. I didn’t cry and got super excited !! My friend Catherine daddy and mummy told us they were moving we are so sad she’s my best friend and mummy finally had a friend that she could hang around some and of course it’s a perk bc I can play with my bff. I’m going to miss her. I started back to school not too sure about the excessive crowd and not sure about school in general. But I played with puzzles and made the best of it today. My friend Leann wasn’t there and that made me sad . So I don’t have any friends now I just bounce around and try to be happy go lucky. I’m still struggling with school I have a hard time telling mummy bye in the morning. And boy am I happy when 10:45 hits I hit the door running for my mum!!! But then I decide the school bus is more interesting than her once I realize she is there and we can leave and I try to go to the bus so I can talk her into letting me ride it just ONCE!!! She says nope let’s get in mummy truck you can play your game and well that’s all she needs to say GAME and well.... I am game for her truck then!!!! So off we go! My Aunt J is still here helping with me and I love her so much we play play and play she scares me and I love being scared . She is leaving to go back to Arkansas for a while and it makes me sad ... hopefully she will be back. I love sharks a whole lot and my toys I want at the store are getting bigger and harder for me to grab and carry to make them buy it for me, but I’m getting the point across. I’ve been picking out sharks and Batman and robin. But sharks are still the best to get. I love remote control cars they make me laugh watching them go. I have learned how to open the front door , they better watch out because I can go look for bugs without them knowing ... mummy keeps trying to lock me in .. but I’m going to figure out that lock too.... I’m super smart! I climb up and get pretty much anything I want now. I’m not scared of much anymore. I love to rock the rocking chair till it falls over and again Mummy like Liam stop you are going to hurt yourself ... I just laugh bc I never get hurt! She worries too much. I am still not sure about school.. when they drop me off I don’t understand why they have to leave me there. I want them to stay . I miss my daddy and mummy. I don’t like them to leave. It makes me sad. I like reading my books , running around like a crazy boy hiding under the blanket and making everyone laugh way more than going to school where They don’t get me. Everyone knows what I want at home. Feel I’m having to teach these people to speak Liam and it’s hard to teach an adult a new language they just don’t get it as fast as us little people. Life is busy but I’m a happy 3 year old I sure love being in my trying 3’s it’s fun being me.

Love y’all Liam