3 years and 9 months

I am 3 years and 9 months

My Aunt Jamie has been staying with us still . She is still hurting but I love the time I have with her. She’s become one of my sweet cuddle people. My daddy was also sick this month but he is tough so I haven’t taken it easy on him like I have my Auntie J. Daddy can handle it and if I go easy on him he will think I have to always be easy so I push him so he stays active and well. I think he went back to work to have a break. I am cheeky!!!!! I keep everyone laughing . I have started saying 2 new words and mummy , daddy and Auntie J think it’s sooo cute so I say it over and over. I say “Mine” and wait for it ....... “Mad”. Mad mad mad take away my game I say mad...... and I can sign game too, don’t understand why I can sign things and it takes mummy and daddy weeks to figure out what I am saying ... so I have to teach y’all everything.. thought y’all were supposed to teach me. I can see how all of this is going. I am so smart I have to teach my parents and my aunt ...... I still really love my iPad ... of course I love the water a lot still as well. I climbed up when mummy was vacuuming and was trying to splash took me a while to get up there and here comes mummy and grabs me. Why can’t I watch from the deck. Mummy thinks I’m going to go swimming without her and she is jealous but I just wanted to splash!

I can jump and skip and I love to skip. I’m learning new things my new favorite movie is Toy story 3 and I love the Disney Pixar lamps . They are super funny . I am still trying to learn to potty. Don’t know why that is hard for me to know when to tell them I need to go. I have found a way to basically say go there I want that without words of course . It’s been super Hot here so mummy doesn’t let me stay outside very long which upsets me I love playing outside. Mummy makes me laugh when she jumps on the trampoline with me. I am such a silly cheeky little boy I love playing and running away from them. I still love to be scared . I have mastered climbing onto my chair in the kitchen for breakfast / lunch time I can climb in the car but can’t buckle my seat or unbuckle .

I’ve also mastered climbing up on my desk in my room and stealing the remote so I can watch whatever I want. Well so I thought I dropped it and couldn’t find it... the funny thing is mummy had to go on a playback recording of me in my room to find it too. Love making her have to look for things!!!

I still get out of my bed and run to their room I love snuggling with my mummy and daddy. They are my favorite people. My sissy in Japan has been sending me treats and clothes I love my shark shirt and monster shirt she sent me! I wear them a lot. I am picking out my stuff more now but still can’t put things on or take them off.

I love sticking out my tongue and copying mummy. I can touch my tongue to my nose it’s silly!!! And I laugh when mummy does it. Shhh daddy can’t !!! Just mummy and me.

We went to the beach and played and looked for shells. I love the seagulls they will probably always be my favorite part of the beach . They like to come down and play with me . I feed them my left over food and they steal my Cheetos . But it’s all good as long as they play with me I will share.

I’m learning and growing. I’m still behind compared to others my age, but I’m starting to get it.

My favorite foods are sweet potatoes , broccoli, carrots , cauliflower and I LOVE stealing my dads cool whip from his jello (jelly) I still don’t like ice cream Cold stuff is weird to me. I drink water most of the time don’t care for juice a whole lot unless I’m at school and I drink it just to be like the others .

Life as Liam is good... I do get a little frustrated trying to get them to understand sometimes but I am good at getting my point across .

Until next month .... love Liam