3 years and 7 months

I am 3 years and 7 months. My life is so crazy. School is coming to and end they say it makes me sad I love my friends. I made some neat things for mummy for Mother’s Day! I’m learning so much. I make my mummy smile and watch me all the time. I am able to climb on the bed now they are so surprised I can climb in the car and in my seat but those buckles are super confusing seriously think mummy and daddy struggle with them every time too so they can’t say anything. I didn’t get to travel at the beginning of the month , we stayed home a whole lot mummy got hurt and well to my advantage I got to play my game a little more around the house bc she has been hurt and I didn’t want to make a mess knowing she can’t really clean up so I played games and cuddled with her so she would feel better. I have been a good boy!

My Shae finally got her gallbladder out and I haven’t seen her In Forever I hope she is coming back. Going to work with mummy is boring shhh don’t tell her I said that. I get to play my games but I would much rather be home or outside. I am running better and I have learned how to kick a football. So exciting I was just throwing them but daddy has been working with me and taught me to kick with my feet . Mummy told me my Shae got another job I’m super bummed she was like a big sissy and since mine are so far away it was nice to have her, I don’t have anyone to scream with me, throw things, make big messes, jump on the trampoline, throw me, tickle me or cuddle in the chair with me anymore . Nope I am so bummed, sad and ready to protest. But mummy says she will make more money at H-E-B. It’s just hard bc she has been around for so long it’s like all my sissy move on and go so far away and I miss them all so much. Oh and my big brother walker too. I’m about to have another big brother Nicolas he is so nice. My sisters picked good ones that love me!!! I’m pretty awesome who wouldn’t love me. I just smile and show them my amazing personality and they are all hooked on Liam .

I am able to completely get in my car seat but can’t buckle myself and it is a little hard getting into the vehicle but I’m getting it.

I can now get on my seat for dinner but I can’t get down. I’ve also learned how to get on and off daddy and mummy bed! When I’m ready for bed I can tuck myself into their bed all by myself but for some reason I end up in my bed again!! But I know how to run back lol.

Mummy leg is still giving her trouble but she hobbles around I’ve been trying to behave so she can get better but being cheeky is a lot more fun !!!

So I have officially been to 20 states and 4 countries. I love to travel and love to spend time with my mummy and daddy! Until next month .... love Liam