MAY 2020.... Ive been quite

So life seems like it is super hectic.. this virus from China has caused us to be stuck at home and it definitly wears on you after a while. Liam is done with us paining walls he is ready for his life to go back to normal. What is normal though... we are the furthest thing from normal. I wish people would see what a sweet caring soul he was instead of seeing the disability first. NO he doesn't talk.... YES he communicates! People who are deaf communicate with sign language, blind peole can speak but they use braille to write. So Liam signs, points and he shows you exactly what he wants. You just have to allow him to communicate. So he doesn't communicate like you do! That doesnt mean he is less of a human being and deserves to be treated that way! I don't handle people judging very well. I don't handle people being scared of him or thinking he isn't worth their time to get to understand! It is their loss i know what you are thinking!! That is a great mind set I guess but it doesnt mean it doesn't hurt my heart anymore. He is such a sweet kid. He loves on everyone, he tries very hard to be more like everyone else. He is counting.. not outloud but he will show you 4 cups. He will show you all of the colors as you call them out. He will obey simple task about as good as any toddler! But because he can't talk and he has this stupid DIAGNOSIS people are scare of him and use the phrase "Idon't know what to do with him!!" Well love him, feed him when he is hungry and ask, give him a drink , change him b/c he still doesn't feel the sensation to know to tell you but he is trying! let him color, read a book with him. Oh I guess all of that is way different from a non-special needs child. I don't know my feelings are so hurt and my heart hurts for Liam knowing that his life is going to be full of disappointments that he might never understand or feel but I as a mother will feel all of it for him. Anyway... I guess this is my rant of dealing with a special blessing . People in general are self centered and really don't want to look outside the box to understand the value and the extrondionary love you get from a special blessing!!! Now if this stupid virus will be over already so we can somewhat get back to normal so all these little things will stop getting to me... I am trying to not sweat the small stuff but being stuck inside and at the house is making that not so easy! School at home hasn't been bad other than we have been painting and moving things around and selling things so it has been a little distracted around here.. I can tell Liam is ready for his normal to come back any day now!! he is like ok when I wake up it will be normal again... Then it isn't! Rant over for May month... more to come lots of new things just need a few more weeks and they will be updated!! sending love.... to all Michelle