NAPA 2021 - Part 3

Final Napa post

Week 3

Napa Day 10


Worked on Owe, an, on, ant, up , eye, eat arm and in. I am trying really hard my sounds never sound like hers but I do try.
I went and looked for Blippi today she printed pictures and I used my talker to tell her what I was seeing on the pictures in sentences. I think I did good but was a little tired ..

Nikki DMI

Did my blocks and NO I’m not scared even tho I got hurt the other day. I am brave and I know I can do this!! If I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have attempted by myself and got hurt! I’ve got this! I’ll show you!!

Kaitlyn PT

Vibrating plate here I come !!! Plank time ! I rock it even when I cheat with my tummy I can still plank better than most people! I’m awesome with work outs ! We went to balance and I pick up ball and tap the wall it’s a 4lb ball and I am so strong now I life and tap with no issue. I and don’t the ladder and go back and forth making my puzzle without any difficulties anymore and rocking and balancing is a piece of Cake! I stumble sometimes but it’s just to keep them on their toes!
Everyone needs to be alert!!


Swing and music time oh yeah!!!! Fun times !! She makes me laugh!!! I did. My weights and I am sooo strong I make those weights fly! I did my log pulls and I’m doing so well with the big one but I notice she doesn’t make my friend do the heavy one ! Guess she think I’m stronger bc I’m a boy!

I worked on scooping rice and on drawing my name and other cool things !!! Last week having all this fun. Don’t want to leave they are all so much fun and I get to play with other kids. Have a little girl names Ruby that tried to share her fake smoothie with me she is very cute but I didn’t really want a fake drink I was thirsty for a real drink after all that work but told her thank you. She is super sweet to ! Love having friends . Just wish I had some in Tennessee…… one day. I have Daisy now ! Yay! Until next week hope to play at the lake again this weekend. Two weeks in!!!

Napa day 11


We worked with my device and me asking for what I wanted. Shay was teaching mummy how to model for me. I got to jump on the trampoline and asked mummy to help me ! Also gave her big hugs and miss Shay too!


We did a block exercise like what mummy calls hop scotch it was very hard but I did it. Of course with help

I help miss Nikki get blocks and set up my challenges . I love to help. It’s fun to try these new things mummy hopes I’ll try some new things at playground now.

I had to walk on a very crazy wobble cube thing today it was a little scary but I did it. I really concentrate and think about all of it. She did a piece of whatever it was and I stood barefoot and it tickled soooooo much I laughed super hard!!!!!

I love Miss Nikki I miss miss Jenn too tho.

I love the challenges and love helping her set up and clean up.

Kaitlyn and Hannah

Did the balance squat ball exercise ouch not kidding bend down and four taps on the wall. Wow I’m getting so good at all of this. I get to do vibrating plate after so tap tap tap and off we go to shake shake shake plank plank plank …

Over to my ladder where I get to put a puzzle and go back and forth on a balance beam and going over the ladder. Complicated to explain but I am sure mummy will post video and pics because she never ever stops taking them….

We tilt on the tilt board I showed Hannah what I do… She asked Kaitlyn but I am perfectly capable of showing her how it is done… I like to fall back and see if Hannah will catch me. She has to be really paying attention b/c I am a little cheeky boy that likes to see if you are paying attention .. Hannah did it with me.. I thought it was super funny….. Toe tap time. That is hard for me I do it but it is very very hard!!! I got on the squishy blocks and I fell back on Hannah and I thought it was funny. They lift my ankle and help me tap the top of a cone .. lots of balance which obviously I am getting really good at.


We play all kinds of fun things she is the play therapist for sure! We listen to music , swing, do bench press , weights , log pulls, vibrating plate and then we play connect four and I practice my writing. It’s always fun and I enjoy the silliness. Although she makes me do sit ups and I try to do crunches but she makes me go all the way down. On connect four I try to tell her where to go but she doesn’t listen to me. She beat me today but it’s ok!!! She cheats haha well bot really but I can say she does so you don’t think I lost at connect four. But I rocked my name and shapes! Can’t believe it’s almost time to go home. Ruby and I got to play with shaving cream together to be honest having. A friend to chill was fun shaving cream they could have found a better activity for ruby and I. That was awful!!! But was so glad my friend Ruby was playing with me! I love my classroom and gym!!

Napa Day 12


I did all my “T” and “D” I’m trying all my word cards .. out, any, on , up, “I” , Eat, In

She gets sooo excited when I get it so I do try to get it but I know I have a scavenger hunt in the hall so ready to be done with sounds to go looking for Batman!!!!

Finally off we go to see what I can find! I found Spider-Man down low and Batman up high she is showing me high and low. I can say “hi high..”. All day long!!! I feel I am saying lots more .


Kelsey helped Miss Nikki today. I practiced balancing on two small boards as they moved them. I did well or I think I did! My balance is getting sooo good. She made a box with two flat balls I had to step on and up to top block that was hard but jumping off was awesome ! I jump high!!

Kaitlyn and Hannah we started on balance and my ball taps I got a pink ball today instead of my other one. But I mastered it of course ! Went to shake plate and we sang songs , I balanced and did silly things with Kaitlyn with our voices making funny noises bc of the plate . Afterward we went to the ladder after I picked out my puzzle to do while I go from one side to the other. I am so good at this but I will humor them and do it so much they can smile and cheer for me! I’ve got this!!! They raised thinking they would trick me ! I do DMI and I can do this come on guys!!! I am mastering it all this time . I sit like a big kid and wait for them to get things together! I’d help them clean if they’d let me. Miss Nikki let’s me help


Music and swing time….. yay love swinging , spinning and listening to music! After the calming things off to shake shake shake my bootie on the shaky plate!!! Off we go after to weight lifting Napa Day 13 and Finale’ I have mastered so much these last three weeks I’m proud of myself !!