Napa 2022 Day 6 Week 2

Napa Day 6 Week 2


Started with my big peanut and tapping with my hands up down up down I get faster but it is hard on the big peanut Now we are 8” box tapping a circle putting my heal inside it .. They love trying to make big challenges but I can show them how good I really am .. I did hop scotch and the cage with my 3lb weight and this time they gave me a mirror to look at myself. I enjoy therapy and learning how to do new and hard things. I get so excited when they get excited b/c I master something new. I am going to get the hop scotch…

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT
 On my boxes do my rings so I can win puppy popping time … love hitting everyone and making everyone laugh I keep playing with the ring pretending to drive and being silly… I shot mummy, daddy and Miss Erin… Inch worm is hard but here we go…. IT is hard but I get it and I can throw balls with puppy that’s fun.
I didn’t want to do it anymore I wanted to do scooter board and feed puppy instead.. Plunging to puppy to feed him and then using a rope to go back on my back.. mummy didn’t think I would do it but I showed her!!! I had help the first two but the last one I pulled myself super fast all by myself across that room and showed them all I rock..

I did the blocks walked to my ladder and climbed over.. I am faster and getting better at moving my hands, legs and body to do this. I made mummy super proud I wanted to swing they told me at the end I could swing I am like lets go … so I am pushing for activities to be over so I can swing. I am working working fast to swing swing swing.. swing time I giggled and had a blast …

DMI Kaitlyn

FIRST EXERCISE WAS AWESOME I got to do it in my socks… Then I went from side to side in and out of the strips.. . next we used circles and I jumped from side to side I did good going to the right but the left is a little more tricky. I helped Miss Kaitlyn Clean up and helped show her what I wanted to do . Love helping set up and put up. Next she got the pipe that rolls ugh.. She ut two boards with a pipe and two big boards and a box on top with the straight boards in the boxes looks like she might make me seriously walk on that not so sure .. I did it and didn’t have her help at all she had her hands to catch me if I fell but I didn’t I am more confident and each time I felt more confident on it… super proud of myself I rocked it (no pun intended) Kaitlynn set up the next on like hop scotch not sure but excited to try .. so jumping isn’t easy in boxes the tape on the floor is way easier. I don’t like trying b/c its hard but I am standing here. Kind of scared don’t want to bust my face everyone says I am so cute but won’t be so cute without my face… I did it but it was hard the first jump is sooo hard. But I got it after. I was glad to help her clean up so I didn’t have to do that again!!! She did give m a easy one next I stood on a box and kicked tubes over one by one… its hard but not like jumping two feet into different boxes .

Lots of learning, growing and lots of hard things but I am trying… Even when im not :)



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