Napa 2022 Week 2 Day 10

Napa Week 2 Day 10


Up and pushing bolster. I am always ready for neuro suit and work out… Now is the slide to the side but they are using balls instead of bean bags and I am throwing at a dinosaur target first one was bullseye Second one was 40 points… and then 10 points… 40 points … Lauren had to look that one up… haha… I cheated got caught and had to redo but got 100 on that throw.
50 points for the final on the left foot time for right one …

Time to DANCE Go me I can dance and showing them all… Next to spider Cage to do weight and kick ball.. we did hop scotch and I aced it again … all by myself.. SWING TIME FOR ME AND BU-CEE.. YAY ME….

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT

Inch worm time with Erin meeting me and high five in push up mode. But I AM NOT DOING PUSH UPS !! Nope nope. Next time to practice getting dressed . I put my shirt on and pulled it off and shot puppy at mummy and got her! Bu-cee helped it was funny getting her and Miss Erin.. taking the plunge time … and rope then sleigh.. They have me going in and out of little cones this time. it was a little harder but I did it again!! Go me right…. Back to rope … now time to use the sleigh … I show my muscles with that one for sure .. We pulled sleigh and I have like 40lbs on it and then I have to pull a different way with 15 lbs. The 40lbs I get to pull Bu-cee too. In sensory room we climbed the ladder like normal but she tricked me now I have to go back down the ladder backwards isn’t as easy as up. Bu-cee and I got mum with the puppy shooter it was so funny.. up and down did it again .. Wanted me to swing in the taco and I said BYE.. not going to happy not happening sorry.

DMI Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn had me lifting boxes with my toes that sooo hard … lifting with my toes are hard to do. But when I get to walk on heels with Kaitlyn that is fun. I met my goal on the step up and go down exercise she put cubes to help me know where to step and what foot… side step time.. one foot on the cube.. she had me take off my feet and do the step in and out of the planks … She did one with balls and it was unsteady but I got it done and did good … She loves stacking things and making things difficult although sometimes they are easy but I am not telling her that b/c she then finds something beyond anyones ability… even hers she just says she is too heavy but really she means nobody can do it.. She let me ride the bike for fun Friday but she wanted me to actually ride and do it myself.. uh nope I am riding for fun Friday not to actually work. She really wanted me to try to pedal on my own but she had this!! Maybe later Kaitlyn…..

Hope you all have a nice weekend break I am sure you can’t wait to see what I have to do next week…. I am ready to rest or go crazy one.. been a long week and need to run off some real energy in a kid way!

Love always