Napa 2022 Week 3 Day 11

Napa Week 3 Day 11


Starting with bolster I am sitting doing very little and they are making me work. Said you have to work… come on Liam lets go Liam I am like hmm I am tired.. over over slide bring my foot up and throw.. or play with it and they laugh hmmm ok I will throw it…. The slide over pick up ball and throw is hard but. I am getting better at it… I like it when they chant… so I hold it to make them have to chant chant chant…

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT WE started with me balancing on half ball and doing the rings to help me dress. Puppy shoot time . I was excited we went to the obstacle I like plunging and doing the rope.. I am getting good and now I go in and out of cones..
Sleigh time.. They took a ladder and put colors in them for me to make big side steps with my sleigh I had to pull weight and Bu-cee … Arch rainbow time I am doing so good at swapping my feet and getting over the top. I get over and have to go backward down the Ladder… after I did it 5 times I finally was able to swing yay!!!

DMI Kaitlyn
I started on what Kaitlyn said wasn’t what she thought it would be. But I made an exercise out of it and I helped her tear it down and did all sorts of my own work outs … Kaitlyn thought she was going to trick me into the fall one nope nope nope I know what that is and I am not going to do it.. not going to do it not even one Kaitlyn nope nope nope!!! Put it up already or I am going BYE. We had a box with some half blown up balls and a flat box on top and I had to balance as she moved it around.. I did it … I had to stand back on the unstable unsafe box and kick boards back, sideways and forward…

I love how everyone includes Bu-cee so he feels included and it helps me to see how it is done especially since Kaitlyn always says she is too heavy and will break it she can’t tell me they didn’t train on this and learn to use it by using each other as guanine pigs.

This day was Tiring.. Mummy is very tired and falling asleep and she always blames me but I put myself to bed on Saturday night. She said that didn’t count she was letting me go crazy so I would let her sleep… Whatever!!! I am not that bad at least I don’t snore like daddy!

Another Day down we are on the third week and I am mastering goals can’t wait to see what all I have accomplished on my final day Friday.

More tomorrow

Love Liam