Napa 2022 Week 3 Day 13

Napa Week 3 Day 13


Galileo yay!! Knees and then up and put the ring on the pole . I have to pull one up and lean with a ring and put on pole. Sooo here is the big thing today they made mummy do it … oh Good LORD that was awful .. they are trying to teach her to do it at home .. well she is not as good as they are … I was not too sure about her being my spotter .. I had to stand and hold a bar to jump in one place that is super hard. Staying in one place is just not as easy as hopping forward… I did it but when mummy helped wasn’t as easy. She doesn’t have a CLUE what she is doing.. Guess I should be happy she is trying but come on these girls love me and they honestly know what they are doing you should just take notes and record and take pictures b/c I want to watch myself later… I did the hop scotch all by myself and didn’t even mess up.. CRUSHED THAT GOAL .

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Was on the bosu and I got that exercise down …. I pick up the rings put over my head and pull off and put on Annika. That is so easy now!!! I got to shoot puppy and got mummy in the head so funny!!

Next inch worms and high five sloth and puppy …. I was doing really good alternating my hands and doing what I was supposed to without having to think about it so much. I have gotten so much faster!! I got Erin and Elizabeth .. was super funny!!!
Next I did high five with Bu-cee and puppy and sloth watched!!!
Scooter board time I am really learning to pull in and out of the cones and doing Great at it..

DMI Kaitlyn Today we started out and she wanted to trick me again… Well I am smart… I take good brain vitamins and I know for sure that is the exercise you wanted to make me do and scare me … Then again maybe not… She definitely makes me work and gives me big time challenges. I got thru them and these exercises she was teaching mummy how to do things with her DMI things she got me at home. Then here she Brought a super cool crash pad!! I want one of those at the house it is super duper cool… She did some in and out and then jump on the crash pad. Then here comes the one that looks like the scary one. Bu-cee did it so I got up there and I had a crash pad in front of me. She pulled the two and I landed and she said ok its all done you did what I wanted you to do so I don’t need to try again.. well not quite sure what that means b/c I landed on my feet both times it is just a little scary to have a board fall when you are on it. I know it is about balance and landing on my feet but I hope nothing ever falls out from under me like that!! Seriously I love DMI but not so much that part. I danced today and acted like myself love the mirror and getting t see what I am doing. Also love that Bu-cee can do everything with me. What a difference this makes in his coordination and he helps me understand the exercise before I try it so I know that she isn’t pulling a fast one on me!!

Today they are teaching mummy things too so it has been fun but interesting b/c her helping is different .. not sure I want her doing some of these she definitely needs way more training!!!

To the last two days and back home we go. Love Miss Elizabeth is here watching me so she can help me learn more at home!!! She now knows what she is doing she needs to help mummy A LOT bc I don’t want her to drop me or not hold me right. Not that mummy would let me go but these people know what they are doing and mummy DOES NOT !! She is a mum not a kid trainer! She cooks, dresses me, cleans , works, takes me to appointments but training NOPE!

Lets see what the next two days are like and what all Bu-cee and I can learn in the final days!!

Love you all ..