Napa 2022 Week 3 Day 14

Napa Week 3 Day 14


A lateral lunge to single leg stance … or more like Electric Slide in human terms… today I am hitting the 100 on the Dinos showing them how awesome I am .. I slide and grab my velcro balls and am throwing the Velcro balls to the Dinos gonna make today count only one more day after today to make them all love me!!! Got 4 bulls eye’s … and lots of others made them all on figured I threw them all over the place for last few weeks should show them I am capable of getting them where they belong when I want to.
Galileo exercise where I have it on 16 and move one foot back and kick the big red “x” on the wall is fun glad to have some new things to do on the Galileo at home.. Mummy is doing something and not videoing so I yelled ma!!! Cheese!!!

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Buso ring time I am good at balancing now nobody has to hold me I bend down get my ring pretend to drive and put it over my head and up and over and then over Annika ..puppy time… I got the puppy and show Miss Elizabeth… Sloth time I got Miss Elizabeth good!! Did scooter board with just hands on belly and with plunger. Then we did the rope on my back . Next I laid on my back and kicked off on the wall on the scooter board.. Then I was on my belly and pulled myself to the wall and pushed off… then big surprise Galileo kiddy Shakey plate fun with tape on the wall… I wasn’t good about matching but did get it.

Back to sensory room to do the rainbow arch and ladder backward down the ladder she is going to let me do the big swing.. I did the taco swing today and didn’t even get upset. I really enjoy it but didn’t want to tell them but I pulled and enjoyed going high … Bu-cee was with me too…


7 boxes with cubes and alternating. Then sideways up and down without the blocks but I got. It.. So nice Bu-cee shows me how to do things first. He masters then I know I can try. She did the 4” with balls half inflated so they rolled around. We did three round ones and I had to jump side to side the first time was a little hard but after I figured it out. I was like this isn’t so bad! They wanted me to do the flamingo but I decided to go above and beyond and hop on one foot and show Kaitlyn what I learned this morning holding on… hop hop Kaitlyn its more fun to hop that stand ….

Today went by super duper fast I was flirting and doing silly stuff as always.. I made Kelsy laugh and play with me .. haven’t got to play with her as much this visit.

Tomorrow is my last day!! Award time for Bu-cee and I …. Almost time to go home..

Love you all