Napa 2022 Week 3 Day 15 Final DAY

LAUREN PT /SAVANNA PT NeuroSuit We used a lot bigger balls today. I just bounced them instead of shooting in the baskets.. I love we are dancing like crazy!!! I am a pirate today last day is fun but sad to have to leave everyone. They let me do jump time in the cage it was a lot of fun and even gave me a trampoline to jump as well. Really liked that … I love I have been able to use the Shakey plate the last few days! I love it! Stand and kick stand and kick .. and they had me lift up and push the bolster.

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Started today on the Bosu rocked back and forth bent got my circle played made fun noises made everyone laugh and finished the exercise and put over Annika head and then of course it was Buc-ee turn!! I love that Buc-ee is getting so much out of this intensive .. puppy sloth time.. I want sloth its stronger . I got mum and then made her run for the other two. I am urging lots like a pirate … dressing up isn’t so bad! At first wasn’t too sure but everyone is dressed up so nice.

Inch worm time go down and high five buc-ee alternating. This is routine and getting a lot easier for me to do. Seems like I learn and work so hard and my brain is on overdrive to learn! WE got on the scooter board and I am using my hands today so I pull myself over and feed my sloth.. I like the sloth a lot it shoots further!!

I got to sit on it and used the rope to pull myself back over to get another snack for my friends ..(Buc-ee, sloth and puppy) I was super fast going this time… the hands are way faster than the plungers!!! Bending legs to sit and pull rope figured I would make them work a little since it is the last day. Back across and I raced back to show everyone how fast my hands are . Tried to cheat a little and they pulled me back … but I got them feed Buc-ee and sloth a hot dog and back to get another snack.
I love making pirate noises .
Obstacle time. Love the rainbow and crash pad! Over the rainbow I go over it and no help got it . I mastered the goal yeah!! So she didn’t make me do but 3 instead of 5 swing time my favorite .. Buc-ee and I both got to swing… then we did the taco swing together… and I had to find the little bean bags (they called it gold) and throw into the buckets after 5 I got good pulls and got to go really high. It was a lot of fun. don’t tell them but I like the taco swing now.. but when we are swinging ….

DMI Kaitlyn

Did a side to side board exercise and then she an little incline I had to walk up. And she put a cube so I have to step over them and then jump on the crash pad. She let buc-ee do it so I knew I was safe if he could do it. I saw her get a squishy ball typically that means an ambulance should be close by. NOT kidding.. Although I haven’t had to call 911 , I am just saying just in case … she always says I am too big but what she really means is I am not ready for an ambulance ride… Large flat board with 2 rolls and I have to ride on it with my foot on a cube! Its fun Friday and this isn’t fun.. I don’t like this one but she said 5.. now its 4 … good grief…

Award time… I am sooo excited Buc-ee got an award too he worked so hard so glad he was recognized we have matching shirts now so exciting…

Everyone was clapping for us it was super exciting then my friend Caysn got his award and my friend Elsie… what a great day with all my team.

I accomplished a lot they say.. I can do hop scotch and climb over the rainbow bridge, I can put a shirt on and take it off … still don’t have pants and mummy has to help get the shirt ready but I can do it. I can lean and pick up things, I am able to balance better on one foot and hop some. I can jump over 4 moving pipes in a row and I could keep going but need more pipe and room lol…. I can move in and out on my tummy on a scooter board and pull myself back with a rope, I can climb backward down a ladder now and crash in a crash pad like a boss. (Their words). I also mastered a major fear and am loving the taco swing!!! Tricked me in but did it three days and loving it now…

What a Great three weeks… so much learned and so much still to learn..

Grateful for a fabulous team, our new friends we met, and the opportunity to be here..

Love ,