Napa Day 1 Well that was interesting to say the least! I am not sure what just happened!!

I had to have a lot of evaluations and played with toys with my speech therapist . I didn’t want to cooperate a lot but I managed to play a little. My speech therapist is Shay she is soo sweet.

Next I went into a therapy room with my OT therapist her name is Rachel she was fun I got to play with balls and basketball and enjoyed it BUT .... then I had to put on a suit it was a little weird Mummy helped keep me calm as we put it on. It is a vest, shorts and knee pads and it connects with cords that are supposed to help my posture and help me to walk and my body align properly. It felt weird I was struggling a little I have to wear it for 80 min each day .

Next I was with Jenn for PT she wanted me to balance on steps but I didn’t want to. I was running off trying to leave but they wouldn’t let me. It was a little rough. She was so nice everyone is ... I am just unsure due to the fact I’ve never done this before.

The morning went really fast and we headed out for the afternoon. Mummy gave me my game for a little while for all my hard work (although I was a monkey). But mummy knew it was new and gave me a little break today. :-)