2022 Napa Day 1

Napa Day 1 Started out with showing what I can do! I can do a lot I’m showing off. Being cheeky I know what they want but I am showing personality bc they need to fall in love with me and I’m going to see if I’m in charge ! Rolling they wanted me to go up and I showed them I was going to plank and roll but I did somewhat what was asked just trying to make everyone laugh. It works so I’m successful today so far new people gotta figure out where I’m at on everything ! I’m weak on my right side and had no way to fake strength so now I have to work.

Time for OT with Erin and Annika and I have to draw lines, cut and fold. Not sure yet about this but I’m trying. I had to string beads Pick up Penny’s and put pegs into a block. It’s hard work using both hands .

I want to do the timer don’t want to do the cards . Timer is way more fun. We went into a sensory place and I got to swing that was fun. I enjoyed walking on the steps and jumping into the big bag too . Soo fun!!!! Then after I worked I got to swing again. They have a big swing like at the park that mummy says I am too big for now, but this one is made for bigger kids like me. Hate getting bigger where I’m too big for things .

The evaluations stage of napa isn’t fun!!!!

Had a break don’t care for breaks thought it was time to leave but it wasn’t ! Finally I watched Toy story and ate some watsits, fruit loops, and snacks to get me thru.
Finally Kaitlyn came to get me and she had a helper named Hanna again. It was eval time again!!! Ugh! They wanted me to do super man and push ups and sit ups now come on it’s not the Marine Corps. it’s Napa let’s have some box time. I kissed the mirror and looked at myself and rolled around . Then climbed on the table all of the things they didn’t ask me to do I did. Finally they set up a place for me to run!!! Yeah. That was fun all about that, Did my sit ups and was working yoga poses even tho it wasn’t what was asked of me. And finally BOX time. I love the boxes so I settled a bit when it was time to balance and time to actually do DMI. I did really good even tho it was scary. But I balanced and made it. I would jump off and kiss myself in the mirror ! I was excited to master it.

Finally my day was done . I got to play with Buc-ee and ride in the car and go do something . Mummy wants me to listen, I probably should . But being silly making everyone laugh was great fun!!!
Tomorrow Napa here Liam comes !!! Be ready for fun filled adventures and laughs !!!

Love y’all!!! Liam