Napa Day 10 Today in speech we are trying another device and Ms. Shay wanted to go for a walk I don’t like to leave my mummy. I am having a little separation anxiety from her. I like my mummy around . I know she won’t leave but it makes me feel better if she is with me!!! We went and got the ball and came back I was better when I saw my mum.
I took the device and shut down the program and found YouTube. And Peppa pig and Santa. She was laughing bc I was sooo cute!!! Although she went back and fixed where I couldn’t . Hmmm I can figure that out . She locked it and I am determined to get into it determined !!! We went for a walk I did a little better ! Still don’t like being away from My Mum.

OT Mummy put deep blue on my legs to help me and my sore legs . I got my suit on and was ready for my obstacle course ...... We did the obstacle and played a game and then the rolling cart on my tummy and a cupcake matching shape game I did ok it was fun and I played with vibrating table it was silly but still didn’t want to sit on it.

PT Started with the big steps I’m good at and the smal after . I was of course ok and lost balance and now don’t want to do it . Mummy did cheeseburger French fries at the end and I was all about doing that!!!! Next was the balance ones they are hard . The taller balance beam is a little easier but still very hard for me to stay on alone . I like going sideways but facing the other way is a little harder . After balance we went into jumping again. I do like to jump but is a little hard . I got that down did fall once but it’s ok I got back up this one doesn’t scare me. But I did make Ms Jenn work to get me to go Next we went into balance beam with half squishy balls and two noodles for me to jump over .
She got out the squshy round thing and I was supposed to stand on it and balance to catch the 2 LB ball. Well I did good but I did bad too I was being so silly but I did what they wanted . She tried a new thing with a cone to put one foot on and I wanted to stand on it but I thought she wanted me to stand and it was scary I can’t even stand on big things and that is small. Mummy showed me but I wasn’t sure. I have definitely decided I can show off my winning personality so if I don’t accomplish goals with work hoping my award winning personality will let me slide! Mummy told me not to count on it. It works with her and daddy 🙄. Well week two is over.... until next week I’m going to chill!!!