Napa Day 11

Napa Day 11 Speech Started with my morning vitastim set up. She got that ready and we did my mouth stretches . Had to massage and work my lip out she says, Then she did a new tool for my tongue those were weird I gagged and tried to keep her from doing other side but finally gave in.
Next I got to talk with the device again. I like that !!! I asked her for a book. And asked her to read. Also told her I don’t eat yogurt gross!! I started matching .... I asked for a ball bc I love balls. But also like to play with the device and just want to figure it out . I asked for a balloon. And told her I wanted a blue one!

OT Rachael added the scooter to my routine and threw me off I went thru one cone and parked it and decided to head to the mat for climbing . But I was being silly there too. Then over to my bench for rice feeding to my tennis ball monster .
I went to do the scooter again but decided I’d cheat and run over one cone and just scoot on thru to the mat and when Rachael wasn’t looking I ran up the ramp instead of crawling and laughed. Hehe. Then I crawled down the big on but decided I’d crawl not bear crawl but she made me do a redo so I made her do a wheel barrel I’m so funny!!!! And she can’t help but laugh!!!! I’m funny !!! She put rubber band things on my feet and I had to take them off and then I fed it too my tennis monster . Back to the scooter and I decided ok I’ll knock the cones over (way easier than in and out. Like to scoot but not in obstacle come on!!! Knocking things over is way more fun .. I’m a boy!!! Feed tennis monster. I finally touched the vibrating machine for a little bit today not as scared of it. We played with the sticky sticks today.

PT started with the small then big round blocks then new triangle ones I was a little hesitant for all of it today! Guess the weekend made me not want to work today. But I did it. Playing it all out Ms Jenn just let’s me be silly. She wants me to do it by myself I want to hold her hand! I stacked the triangle steps and helped her clean I try to do my part ! She got the long ones and I pushed her and told her put them up NO Way not today. But mummy distracted me and she put them out anyway. Ugh! I can do this but demand her to hold my hand . I lugged and laughed . She put out and I was being silly and refused to jump. I would step over one and jump over the other just because I thought it was soo funny and they were laughing so I did it more! Mummy said she had to go to the bathroom I know she just wanted to see if I would participate if she left so I did a little but was still being a cheeky little boy today. I guess you can say I’m proud of my silliness although I think it cost me screen time... now to kiss up to mummy!!!