Napa Day 15

Napa Day 15 Speech I worked on my device today and was doing really good telling what I wanted today. I love I can tell people what I want! I’m getting good... I decided I would play and make silly sentences to show that I can , I mean it’s my last day so I will have to show my full Liam red headed personality!!! Ms Shay was a sleigh and had a bag of what looked like gifts but it was just balloons good thing I LOVE BALLOONS. I asked for them enough today. She would blow them up and I would sign go! Then ask for a balloon again!
I’m going to miss Ms Shay!!!

OT I went potty and ran into gym and danced and acted silly!! Loving on Jenn and Rachael. Rachael put on my suit it was so fun seeing them all in Christmas clothes . Ms. Jenn had on a Santa shirt of course I had to point and show the whole room! Rachael came to put on my suit and mummy went to let daddy come watch me for some of today. I was being very silly!!! I made another picture today and played on the vibrating table I’m not scared of it anymore but it does tickle my hands and makes my ears itch it’s silly. My ears don’t even touch it.

PT I participated today on the obstacles and was trying I figured it’s my last day I better make it count. Daddy was recording and I was playing. I live doing the exercise to catch the ball but she throws a 2lb ball and it’s a lot heavier than my other balls I catch . But hey I can catch like a champ now. It’s been fun playing and learning . I feel I balance better than I used to. Although I still have a way to go but glad to go home and get a break for a little bit today. Even if I have to sit in the car all day I get massive screen time!!!

They took me outside so mummy and daddy could both be there and they gave me a T shirt and award for my hard work! If I had know there was prizes I might not have been soo cheeky but oh well my personality is why they didn’t want me to leave.