Napa Day 2

Today I ran straight into Shay office . She wasn’t ready but I was! Mummy made me go to bed early and I am ready to go so let’s get moving!!!!! I learned Balloon , go and numerous other things . Mummy blew a balloon and would let it go I laughed and laughed... I had to sit in a chair and had a table. Shay did a lot of things in my mouth and helped with my lips and showing me movements and checked my thumb she also used a tool I really liked in my mouth to check some things .

I played with a really cool toy in there that has balls that shoot up and go around and around.

After that I went to Rachel and we found treasure in the rice and she was having me scoop with a spoon to find treasure. I liked to cheat and dig for it with my hands. I got to play on a rolling log and throw bean bags had to match the color. It was fun but throwing them was more fun. I’m a little cheeky but they don’t get mad at me they are so nice .

Next I went with Jenn and we ran back and forth and backward and forward and I kept seeing mummy and she kept hiding. I was having a better day today but staying and listening wasn’t in my mind yet but I’m trying well maybe . Seeing what they will let me get away with !! Jenn was trying to teach me to catch the ball today I like to play. I get a little excited tho. I got to kick the ball too now that I’m good at. There are so many toys I want to play with it’s a little distracting sometimes . I watched as she was evaluating me and watched her write .

Jenn had to evaluate me today so I got out of wearing the suit today.